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                         SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934

         Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported) May 23, 2002

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333-21011       FIRSTENERGY CORP.                                34-1843785
                (An Ohio Corporation)
                76 South Main Street
                Akron, Ohio  44308
                Telephone (800)736-3402

                (An Ohio Corporation)
                c/o FirstEnergy Corp.
                76 South Main Street
                Akron, OH  44308
                Telephone (800)736-3402

1-3583          THE TOLEDO EDISON COMPANY                        34-4375005
                (An Ohio  Corporation)
                c/o FirstEnergy Corp.
                76 South Main Street
                Akron, OH  44308
                Telephone (800)736-3402

Item 5.  Other Events

      On May 23, 2002,  FirstEnergy Corp.  announced that it purchased an unused
replacement  reactor vessel head for the  Davis-Besse  Nuclear Power Station and
identified  this as the preferred  option of returning the unit to service.  The
Davis-Besse  Nuclear  Power  Station is owned 51.38% by The  Cleveland  Electric
Illuminating  Company and 48.62% by The Toledo Edison Company (both wholly owned
subsidiaries   of   FirstEnergy).   During  the  past  two  months   FirstEnergy
investigated the viability of installing a replacement  reactor vessel head from
the Midland  Nuclear  Plant in  Michigan,  an  incomplete  nuclear unit owned by
Consumers  Energy.  The  Midland  reactor  head  was  engineered  and  built  to
specifications   similar  to  those  for  the  Davis-Besse  plant  by  the  same
manufacturer, Babcock & Wilcox. Because the Midland plant was never completed as
a nuclear  facility,  the head is not radioactive.  The head is constructed of 6
inch thick carbon steel with a stainless steel liner and is 17 feet in diameter,
7 feet high, and weighs more than 100 tons.

      FirstEnergy completed its comprehensive  visual,  engineering and document
reviews of the Midland  head to ensure that its original  manufacture  meets all
applicable  codes and  regulations.  Also,  FirstEnergy  assembled the necessary
records to verify that the original  certification  for the unit is still valid.
Following these reviews, the unit was purchased from Consumers Energy.

The major work elements at the Midland site will include:
     -  creating an opening in the Midland containment building;
     -  removing the head and preparing it for transporting;
     -  transporting the head to Davis-Besse; and
     -  closing the opening in the containment building.

In   parallel with the work at Midland,  work at  Davis-Besse  will  include:
     -  removing the service  structure and all the control rod drive mechanisms
        from the head;
     -  creating an opening in the Davis-Besse containment building;
     -  installing a head removal and installation transport system;
     -  removing the current head from the containment building;
     -  moving  the Midland  head into the containment  building;  - placing the
        Midland head on the head stand in the containment building;
     -  installing the control rod drives and  service  structure on the Midland
     -  closing the opening in the containment building; and
     -  temporarily storing or disposing of the existing head.

      The contracting firms,  Bechtel and Framatome ANP, are scheduled to assist
FirstEnergy  in these  activities.  Bechtel's  role is to open and  restore  the
Midland and Davis-Besse  containment buildings and transport the Midland head to
Davis-Besse.   Framatome  is  expected  to  continue  assisting  FirstEnergy  in
demonstrating  that the Midland head meets all design and code  requirements and
in preparing the replacement


head for service.  Both  Bechtel and  Framatome  have  extensive  experience  in
conducting work of this type.

      The  containment  buildings at Davis-Besse  and Midland are thick concrete
and steel structures designed to strict specifications. The containment building
at Midland will be restored  only to a  weather-tight  status.  The  Davis-Besse
containment   building   will  be   restored   to  meet  all   original   design
specifications.  Bechtel has performed this type of containment  building repair
many times for other utilities.

      FirstEnergy  needs  concurrence  from the State of Ohio  (pressure  vessel
certification)  and ANI (nuclear  insurance  carrier) for the use of the Midland
head at Davis-Besse.  In addition,  the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will
require that:
     -    the replacement head meets all code and design requirements;
     -    all safety  measures and  requirements  are met while the  containment
          building is opened; and
     -    the   containment   building  is  restored  to  its  original   design

      FirstEnergy   estimates  that  the   incremental   costs  to  replace  the
Davis-Besse  reactor  vessel head are about $55 million to $75 million,  most of
which will be capitalized.  In addition,  FirstEnergy  also expects to undertake
additional projects, such as maintenance or mandated activities scheduled in the
future,  that can be completed during the extended outage, as well as other work
associated  with  restarting the plant.  These projects could include  replacing
components in the feedwater heater and other plant system equipment,  installing
leak  prevention  systems in high- and  low-pressure  condensor  equipment,  and
revising various maintenance and inspection  programs.  This work is expected to
cost an additional $50 million to $70 million, some of which may be capitalized.
These  costs are higher than the  previous  estimate of $25 million to perform a
permanent  welded  repair of the  corroded  area,  most of which would have been

      FirstEnergy  stated that the head replacement and the additional  projects
to support the restart of Davis-Besse are expected to be completed in the fourth
quarter of 2002.  However,  the NRC must approve resumption of operations at the

      FirstEnergy  estimates  that for months  other than July and  August,  net
replacement  energy costs could increase  between $10 million to $15 million per
month and reduce  after-tax  earnings by $0.02 to $0.03 per share per month. For
the months of July and August,  net  replacement  energy costs could increase by
approximately  $20 million per month and reduce after-tax  earnings by $0.04 per
share per month.  FirstEnergy is fully hedged for the on-peak replacement energy
for  Davis-Besse  through August and largely hedged for the remaining  months of

      FirstEnergy   identified   replacement  of  the  reactor  vessel  head  at
Davis-Besse as the preferred option to return the plant to service in a safe and
timely manner and remains  committed to working  closely with the NRC to achieve
this goal.



         Pursuant to the  requirements  of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934,
each  Registrant  has duly  caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned thereunto duly authorized.

May 24, 2002

                                             FIRSTENERGY CORP.

                                          THE CLEVELAND ELECTRIC
                                           ILLUMINATING COMPANY

                                        THE TOLEDO EDISON COMPANY

                                            /s/Harvey L. Wagner
                                               Harvey L. Wagner
                                        Vice President and Controller