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Securities Act of 1933, as amended

Filer: Amcor Limited

Subject Company: Bemis Company, Inc.

Commission File Number: 001-5277




18 April 2019




The Amcor Limited (Amcor) Board of Directors today announced a pro-rata FY19 final dividend of 12.0 US cents per share, to cover the March 2019 quarter. New Amcor (Amcor plc) will declare its inaugural quarterly dividend for the June 2019 quarter at a date to be determined, after the Bemis transaction has completed. As previously announced, the Bemis transaction is expected to complete on 15 May 2019.


This pro-rata final dividend follows the 17 April 2019 announcement by Bemis regarding a normal quarterly cash dividend to be paid to Bemis shareholders, and aligns the periods over which dividends have been paid to both Amcor and Bemis shareholders prior to the combination of the two companies. Declaration of this pro-rata dividend has been agreed in accordance with the Transaction Agreement(1).


The pro-rata dividend will be unfranked and paid in Australian dollars at 16.8 AUD cents per share (converted at the average exchange rate over the five days ending 11 April 2019 of 0.7132). 100% of the dividend is sourced from the Conduit Foreign Income Account.  The ex-dividend date will be 26 April 2019, the record date will be 29 April 2019 and the payment date will be 13 May 2019. The dividend reinvestment plan will be suspended in relation to the payment of this pro-rata FY19 final dividend.


(1)         As announced on 6 August 2018.





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