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LAVAL, Quebec, September 24, 2014 — J. Michael Pearson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc. (NYSE/TSX: VRX), today sent a letter to Allergan, Inc.’s (NYSE: AGN) CEO David Pyott and Lead Independent Director Michael Gallagher. The letter, which follows previous correspondence between the parties, provides an update on Valeant’s expected third quarter results and expresses Valeant’s continued willingness to negotiate a mutually agreeable transaction with Allergan.

The full text of the recent correspondence between Valeant and Allergan follows:


J. Michael Pearson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


2150 St. Elzéar Blvd. West

Laval, Quebec H7L 4A8 Canada

September 22, 2014

Mr. David Pyott

Chairman & CEO

Allergan, Inc.

2525 Dupont Drive

Irvine, California 92612

Dear David,

It has been five months since Valeant proposed a combination with Allergan that would create an unrivaled platform for growth and value creation in healthcare. All noise aside, the arguments for combining our companies are, at this point, obvious and well-known. Simply put, we can create and deliver extraordinary value for our both sets of our shareholders.

While I recognize that takeover battles can become very heated, it is regrettable that the tone of our public back and forth has become acrimonious at times. I have not appreciated what I believe are baseless attacks on our business model, and I am sure there are things that have not sat well with you.

Last week, after much wrangling, you unconditionally agreed to hold a special meeting on December 18. Given that 51 of your major stockholders owning approximately 39% of your company went to great lengths to request a special meeting, we believe that stockholders are strongly supportive of the combination we have proposed and we are confident about the outcome of that meeting. We could be wrong, but we don’t think so.

We are committed to this transaction. While we would much prefer avoiding a three-month proxy contest, we will pursue it if we need to.

It may be too late, but I believe we still have an opportunity to take the temperature down, and come together to see if we can begin a conversation that could lead to even more value for your stockholders, while still being the right transaction for ours. I don’t see how you can properly assess our offer without sitting down and understanding the details of our business. I would think that you, as an astute and well-respected businessman, would agree. We are prepared to meet directly with you and/or your Board to answer any questions they may have about our business. And we are open to seeing any information you may have that would show that there is more value for your company.

I think your shareholders and ours would prefer to see a constructive discussion about value, rather than more mudslinging.

Please consider the olive branch extended. I hope you will accept it.




J. Michael Pearson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

cc:    Board of Directors of Allergan, Inc.

September 22, 2014

J. Michael Pearson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

2150 St. Elzéar Blvd.

West Laval, Quebec H7L 4A8 Canada

Dear Mike:

Thank you for your September 22, 2014 correspondence, which Allergan’s Board of Directors has reviewed and discussed. While we acknowledge your effort as a positive engagement, we continue to conclude that Valeant’s offer is grossly inadequate and substantially undervalues Allergan, from both the outset of this matter and particularly in consideration of the enhancements Allergan recently made to its anticipated business results. Far from being “baseless attacks,” Allergan has relied on its knowledge of Valeant, its deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and the needs of physicians and patients to express legitimate concerns regarding the sustainability of Valeant’ s business model, its opaque financial disclosures and its ability to successfully manage and invest in market leading franchises of global scale. Instead of creating an “unrivaled platform for growth and value creation in healthcare,” as you suggest, we believe that the application of Valeant’s business model to Allergan would erode and ultimately destroy considerable stockholder value. Valeant has not allayed Allergan’s concerns in any meaningful way.

Importantly, we disagree with your statement that stockholder consent for the special meeting correlates with support for a business combination between Allergan and Valeant. Over the past several months, Allergan has maintained an ongoing dialogue with its major stockholders. A substantial number of stockholders who consented to the special meeting have informed Allergan that they share Allergan’s perspectives on Valeant and its offer and have no intention of voting in favor of the proposal to remove Allergan’s directors. To the contrary, their consent related solely to a desire to adhere to best practices in connection with corporate governance and the stockholder franchise, which Allergan respects and appreciates.

We very much look forward to the special meeting on December 18th and to continuing to deliver exceptional value for Allergan’s stockholders.

Very truly yours,


David E.I. Pyott


Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


Michael R. Gallagher


Lead Independent Director

J. Michael Pearson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


2150 St. Elzéar Blvd. West

Laval, Quebec H7L 4A8 Canada


September 24, 2014

Mr. David Pyott, Chairman & CEO

Mr. Michael Gallagher, Lead Independent Director

Allergan, Inc.

2525 Dupont Drive

Irvine, California 92612

Dear David and Mike,

It is disappointing that your response to my letter had the same broad assertions that reflect your strategy of attacking Valeant’s business without any basis. With all due respect, your purported “concerns” about our business are completely unfounded and, in our view, disingenuous. On multiple occasions, you have said that “Valeant’s growth is unsustainable” and that “Valeant’s 3Q14 results will reveal further weakness of true ‘organic growth.’” You have also questioned whether Bausch + Lomb growth rates would continue in the third quarter.

Here are the facts. In the third quarter, we expect our results to be better than consensus on revenue, and better than the guidance we provided in our second quarter earnings call for Cash EPS, organic growth, restructuring charges and adjusted cash flow from operations. We expect same store organic growth (unadjusted for generics) to exceed 15% with double-digit growth across almost all of our major businesses and geographies and Bausch + Lomb continuing to deliver 10%+ same store organic growth (unadjusted). In addition, we expect market share gains in most of our businesses including Dermatology Rx, Ophthalmology Rx, Ophthalmology Surgical, Contact Lenses and Consumer Products, which can be validated by independent sources. We also expect continued strong double-digit same store organic growth in the fourth quarter. We look forward to releasing our 3Q earnings on October 20, 2014.

While we continue to believe it’s in the best interest of your shareholders for you and your team to conduct due diligence on our business, you seem intent on avoiding constructive engagement at all costs. We remain convinced that your shareholders will support a combination of our two companies and that such a combination will create far more value than any alternative transaction or standalone plan.

We remain ready to meet with you and/or your Board to take you through our business and prospects in detail, and to see how we could reach an agreement that is compelling for your shareholders and ours.

Best regards,



J. Michael Pearson

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

cc: Board of Directors of Allergan, Inc.

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