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Explanatory Note: The following contains a transcript from an interview which aired on CNBC on January 12, 2015. A link to a recording of the interview was included in the below email sent to Actavis employees.




Date:    January 13, 2015
To:    All Employees
Re:    Actavis Featured on CNBC

Yesterday, Brent Saunders, CEO & President, appeared on CNBC and discussed our Company’s recent successes and growth, commitment to long-term customer and shareholder value, and proposed combination with Allergan.

The televised interview was broadcast live from the 33rd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, California, and is available for your viewing HERE.





January 12, 2015 ǀ 12:38 p.m. ET



You have been called the Chuck Norris of Pharma M&A by Matt Herper and Forbes. You have done almost a hundred billion dollars worth of deals in the last year and a half.


Brent Saunders:

That’s about right.



So, tell us about the environment right now for deal-making and how you’re integrating Allergan into your business.


Brent Saunders:

Sure, so it is an interesting time to do deal-making because cost of capital is so low and money is readily available particularly for high-quality credit-rated companies. But I think the issue is you have to be careful of when you do it. We’ve been acquisitive but we’re not really a roll-up and the idea of being acquisitive is a fair label for us. But we’ve been out there looking to further our strategy around growth. And so most of the deals we do are either, in fact all the deals we do, are either accretive to the top line sales number or accretive to our pipeline. And that’s really how we look at it. So each deal has to stand strategically on its own merit and the financial metrics have to be very compelling.



Well tell us about that because a lot of folks are saying maybe Actavis is a roll-up and you snatched Allergan out of the clutches of Valeant, which gets labeled a roll-up as well. So what are you looking for in terms of growth and in terms of research and development? How do you approach that?


Brent Saunders:

So, look, we did, we were a white-knight for Allergan. We weren’t out trying to acquire Allergan or do that transformational deal because we really are focused on organic growth and growing our business through our own pipeline, through our own R&D. The combined company of Actavis and Allergan are going to have about twenty-five plus late-phase programs. All of our models, all of our guidance, all of our expectations and strategy focus solely on organic growth. We don’t build any M&A into our further plans or in models. Now we will do future M&A, I’m sure, but on a standalone basis, we have no pressure because all of our plans and all of our guidance and all of this growth that we have is being driven all organically.


  Activists are here to stay. Obviously, I’ve had a very positive experience with Carl Icahn and have a new but positive experience with Bill Ackman. And I think that there’s some good that comes along with having that pressure out there. It’s forcing companies to manage their balance sheet more appropriately, to stay on their toes, to keep management sharp, and so I think we have to be mindful that they’re out there, they’re going to continue to push and the one balance I would offer is that we have to be careful not to sacrifice the long-term for the short-term. And so if we can find a way to balance making sure we’re satisfying our shareholders short-term while building growth and value for the long-term, then all of this I think works together.


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