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Explanatory Note: The following contains a transcript from an interview which aired on FOX Business TV on January 26, 2015. A link to a recording of the interview was included in the below email sent to Actavis employees.


Date: January 27, 2015
To: All Employees
Re: Actavis Featured on FOX Business TV

Our Company’s evolution into a leading, global pharmaceutical company continues to be featured in the global business media. Yesterday, Brent Saunders, CEO & President, appeared on FOX Business TV’s Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo to discuss our newly announced deal to acquire Auden Mckenzie, our proposed combination with Allergan, and our strengthened commitment to delivering important medicines for patients around the world.

The televised interview is available for your viewing HERE.



January 26, 2015 | 4:35 p.m. ET


[Host – Maria Bartiromo]:    Actavis this morning announcing its acquisition of UK generics company Auden McKenzie, making it the U.K.’s third largest pharmaceutical company overall. My next guest became CEO and president at Actavis last year. Now he is being called the “deal king of Wall Street”, presiding over $97 billion in deals just in the last 12 months alone. He is Brent Saunders and he joins me right now in a Fox Business News exclusive. Brent it’s good to have you on the program.
[Actavis CEO, Brent Saunders]:    Thank you, Maria. Good morning.
[Bartiromo]:    This must have made you happy. Forbes magazine: “Wall Street’s Drug Dealer”. Obviously they’re trying to be cute there, but the bottom line is, you are the lead guy when it comes to deals. Cover of Forbes magazine. What’s behind all of these acquisitions, Brent?
[Saunders]:    Look, we’re trying to build a company that’s got a growth profile different than others in our industry. And really, we’re focused on being number one or number two in every area in which we compete. So the deals really strategically support that goal of leadership and driving sustainable growth.
[Bartiromo]:    And of course that’s what Allergan does, right?
[Saunders]:    Absolutely.
[Bartiromo]:    So the acquisition and the deal with Allergan takes revenue way up and puts you in number one or number two positions on all of these important areas. Walk us through it.
[Saunders]:    Yeah, so we overlap with Allergan in three of four of their therapeutic areas. So, now we have a leadership in aesthetic medicine, ophthalmology, CNS, women’s health, to name a few. So, the goal really is, as I said, to be number one or number two in every therapeutic area or business in which we compete. That really gives you an ability to grow your business better than your competitors.

[Bartiromo]:    So what’s the vision in terms of growth - America relative to the rest of the world – because we’re talking about population growth and real opportunities outside of the U.S. as well?
[Saunders]:    That’s right and one of the things that Allergan does is it gives us scale, ex-U.S. So we are a little heavily weighted towards the United States as a company today, but our structure now globally is as strong as ever. So we’re weak in Latin America as a stand-alone Actavis. Allergan was very strong. So now we’ll be able to get product flow going into Latin America through that infrastructure so we [interrupted] grow better than the market.
[Bartiromo]:    I’m sorry, pardon me. And this deal today, in terms of the U.K., puts you right up there in the lead, in terms of the top three.
[Saunders]:    Yeah, and the deal today is really a bolt-on. It was really something we’ve been looking at for a while to really add to our strength in the U.K. where we were the number two generic company. Now we’re number one in generics and number three overall. And it really fits beautifully right into our U.K. operation and our global generics business.
[Bartiromo]:    So when you look at the generics business in particular, tell us about the pipeline, you’ve got patent expirations even on the generics side, obviously. And that’s just the normal of the business. So what’s in the pipeline as you approach expirations?
[Saunders]:    Yeah, so we don’t have, the combined Actavis/Allergan has very few patent expirations. We’re dealing with about two of our significant drugs over the next ten years. So most of the drugs we had and the vast majority of our drugs have on average about ten years of life ahead of us, so we have a lot of young, durable assets that are growing. On the generic sides of our business, which in the pro forma company will be about a third of the business, we have the deepest pipeline in generics first-to-files and ANDAs and marketing authorizations around the world. So that business is firing on all cylinders.
[Bartiromo]:    Talk to us about valuations right now. I mean you’ve obviously been a king deal maker in the space, but the deal flow has been really most prominent when you look at overall at the sectors in pharmaceuticals. Are valuations at this point at a rate where you just want to sort of step back or are you still looking for those bolt-on deals right now?
[Saunders]:    Yeah, there’s clearly some categories in our space where valuations are out of whack, I mean they’re just sky high and something we’re not going to compete in. You look at an Auden Mckenzie today where we paid let’s say roughly about two times sales, a little less than four times EBITDA, that’s not a crazy valuation. Allergan was a very fair price. But you’re seeing some companies really chase deals in some of these highly competitive categories, like oncology, or hepatitis, or other areas and that’s just something we’re not going to participate in.
[Bartiromo]:    What’s an appropriate growth rate for the company over the next three years for the investment community to look at?
[Saunders]:    Yeah, so when we look at our growth rate and, what we’ve told our investors, is that we believe our branded pharmaceutical business will grow double digit over the next several years. We believe that based on the long life of assets that we have plus we have over 26 products in late-stage, phase III development and so we’ll be launching a lot of products over the next several years to sustain that growth rate.
[Bartiromo]:    And that sounds just terrific, Brent it’s really great to have you on the program.
[Saunders]:    Thank you for having me.
[Bartiromo]:    Congratulations to you, Brent Saunders joining us right now, we’re going to keep following your story for sure.



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