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On December 10, 2018, Golub Capital BDC 3, Inc. (“GBDC 3”) held a conference call to discuss GBDC 3's financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2018. The conference call contained information regarding Golub Capital BDC, Inc.'s (“GBDC”) proposed acquisition of Golub Capital Investment Corporation ("GCIC"). The following are excerpts from the transcript of GBDC 3's December 10, 2018 conference call discussing GBDC's proposed acquisition of GCIC.

GREGORY ROBBINS: I will start by providing an overview of GBDC 3’s results for fiscal 2018 as well as for the fourth fiscal quarter. Jon will then provide some closing commentary, including some thoughts about the announcement we made recently, that Golub Capital BDC, Inc., or GBDC, had entered into a merger agreement with Golub Capital Investment Corporation, or GCIC.

JON SIMMONS: Thanks, Gregory. As many of you may be aware, on November 28, GCIC, which is in many ways a predecessor vehicle to GBDC 3, announced an agreement to merge with GBDC, subject to stockholder approvals and other closing conditions.

Similar to GBDC 3, when GCIC commenced operations, the plan that GCIC disclosed to its investors was a plan to build a diversified portfolio of first lien, senior secured middle market loans, to deliver attractive returns during its ramp-up and, once ramped, to evaluate potential options for a liquidity event, including, among other alternatives, a merger with GBDC.

Several months ago, GCIC’s directors concluded that the time was right to begin that process. Since then, GCIC’s board, along with its financial advisor and legal counsel, has gone through a careful methodical process to evaluate options for GCIC, including an IPO, a listing of the company’s shares on a national securities exchange, a merger with various parties including GBDC, and the status quo.

That evaluation process culminated in GCIC’s board concluding that a merger with GBDC was the best option for GCIC’s stockholders. GCIC’s directors believe that the proposed merger is compelling for its stockholders for several reasons and let me highlight a few of them.

First, the GBDC shares to be received in the proposed transaction offer GCIC stockholders a 7.05% premium to GCIC’s September 30, NAV per share based on GBDC’s closing share price on November 26.

Second, the transaction would be immediately accretive to GBDC’s NAV per share by about 3.6% based on GBDC’s and GCIC’s September 30, NAVs.

Third, because the transaction would be accretive to GBDC’s NAV per share, the transaction offers the potential for a GCIC investor for additional value creation assuming GBDC continues to trade at its approximate 15% premium to NAV that that company has traded at on average over the past three years. Under this assumption, the proposed transaction would offer GCIC stockholders the potential for total value creation of an about 11% premium to a GCIC stockholders’ September 30, NAV per share.

The combination of the two companies would create the fourth-largest externally managed, publicly traded BDC by assets based on the fair value of the holdings of each company as of September 30. The combined portfolio is expected to be substantially similar to each company on its own, as there's enormous overlap in each company’s portfolio as of September 30.

The increased scale of the combined company is expected to deliver a number of benefits, including incremental earnings power to support what GBDC’s board announced in connection with the merger announcement, which is an intent to increase GBDC’s quarterly dividend to $0.33 per share after the merger’s closing, provided that GBDC’s board reserves the right to revisit this if market conditions or the company’s prospects change meaningfully.

The increased market cap of GBDC following the merger is anticipated to provide greater trading liquidity, broader research coverage, and a potential for greater institutional ownership than either company would have on its own.

The combined company is expected to have better access to the securitization market than either company would on its own, giving the combined company greater opportunity to optimize its debt capital structure.

And finally, the company expects operational synergies from the elimination of redundant expenses.

To bring this back in the context for GBDC 3, GBDC 3 has stated that it intends to evaluate potential options for a liquidity event within three to four years of its initial closing, which was October 1 of last year. While there can be no assurances as to when, or if, a liquidity event for GBDC 3 will occur, we expect, and it's possible that, GBDC 3’s board would follow a similar process.

As many of you know, GBDC 3 is in the initial stage of its ramp, so any consideration of alternatives of this sort, which is separate and distinct from GCIC’s proposed merger with GBDC, remains a decision for a few years from now.

While GCIC’s merger with GBDC has no bearing on which liquidity event GBDC 3’s board may decide is in the company’s stockholders’ best interest, as disclosed in GBDC 3’s PPM, a transaction like the GBDC-GCIC merger is one of the many options that we expect the GBDC 3 board to consider.

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