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P&G/Gillette Transition Planning Update
Transition team leaders Clayt Daley and
Jim Kilts share some of the Transition Steering Committee's initial
accomplishments. DETAILS [link] (Posted on 14-Apr-05)

Integration Team Leaders:
Clayt Daley, Chief Financial Officer -- P&G
Jim Kilts, CEO - Gillette
14 April 2005

Our transition planning for the P&G/Gillette merger is now under way. As you may
recall, we announced in February the formation of TRANSITION INTEGRATION TEAMS
[link] at each company to handle the integration work/planning and contacts
between the companies until the transaction closes.

The leaders of each transition team, who are now part of a joint P&G/Gillette
Transition Steering Committee, met for the first time earlier this month. We
would like to share some of the Committee's initial accomplishments.

We agreed on five principles to guide the integration process:

        thing all employees can do is to focus on sustaining the growth of their
        respective businesses while the transition teams work through the
        government approval process and develop the integration plans. This also
        holds true after the transaction closes as we begin implementing the
        integration plans.

   2.   FIELD THE BEST TEAM. We are committed to fielding the best team of
        Gillette and P&G employees for our combined business. We will seek the
        best talent in every area, function and geography.

   3.   TREAT PEOPLE WITH DIGNITY/RESPECT. Showing respect for all individuals
        at all times is key as we work through how the integration affects
        employees. This includes giving people advance notice about how the
        integration will affect them.

        is essential to create clarity for our people and to capture cost and
        revenue synergies. Consequently, we will strive to make decisions as
        quickly and effectively as possible.

   5.   COMMUNICATE OPENLY AND PROACTIVELY. We will make every effort to inform
        employees first about important news affecting them. We expect to share
        updates after each meeting of the Transition Teams/Steering Committee
        and after key events and milestones leading up to the official closing
        of the transaction. Some decisions and communications will be limited by
        legal and regulatory requirements. We will strive to communicate as much
        as we can on a timely basis. In addition, we will ensure there is
        two-way communication, so employees have a way to get questions

We also made several key decisions about how the combined company will operate.
Overall, we intend to move to P&G systems and processes unless there is a strong
business reason to do otherwise. Specifically:

   o    ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: We will operate within the P&G GLOBAL BUSINESS
        UNIT STRUCTURE [link] (GBU)/Market Development Organization (MDO)/Global
        Business Services (GBS).

   o    GBUS: We will create a new GBU, the GLOBAL GILLETTE BUSINESS UNIT,
        consisting of the Blades/Razors, Braun and Duracell businesses. The new
        Global Gillette GBU will report to Vice Chairman Jim Kilts and will
        include Global Technical & Manufacturing (GTM) -- the manufacturing, R&D
        and engineering functions supporting these operations. Blades/Razors
        will continue to be based in Boston, Massachusetts; Braun in Kronberg,
        Germany; and Duracell in Bethel, Connecticut, for the foreseeable

        Gillette's oral care and personal care businesses will be combined with
        P&G's oral care and personal care/deodorant/Old Spice businesses, with
        their respective locations yet to be determined. The combined oral care
        business will report to Vice Chairman Kerry Clark, while the combined
        personal care business will report to Vice Chairman Susan Arnold.

   o    COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS/MDOS: Our on-the-ground operations will go to
        market as one company everywhere around the world. This means that P&G's
        MDO and Gillette's Commercial Operations will merge into one

   o    SHARED SERVICES/GBS: The combined company will operate under P&G's
        shared services model, incorporating Gillette's shared services, where
        applicable. While the structure of shared services will be P&G's, the
        capabilities will reflect the experience and expertise of both
        organizations. Also, Gillette will adopt P&G's reporting framework,
        moving to a fiscal year that ends on June 30.


We are aware that updates such as this one will generate new questions among
employees. We are committed to providing more, and more specific, information as
soon as we are able. Many decisions are still to be determined.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be held at the end of May, and we'll
share an update shortly after that meeting. Over the next several weeks,
transition team work will continue on developing plans to capture revenue and
cost synergies as well as work on the overall organization design.

In terms of what's next, we expect to mail the proxy about the special
shareholder meetings to approve the deal in May. The proxy will provide all
shareholders with information needed to consider and approve the proposed
merger. Both shareholder meetings will be scheduled within 4-6 weeks of the
proxy mailing; the specific dates will be included in the proxy.

We appreciate your interest and support for the future P&G/Gillette
organization. The most important thing all of us can do today is to stay focused
on growing our respective businesses so that we remain the most innovative
consumer products companies in the world.


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Statement filed by Gillette with the Commission on April 12, 2004.


All statements, other than statements of historical fact included in this
release, are forward-looking statements, as that term is defined in the Private
Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. In addition to the risks and
uncertainties noted in this release, there are certain factors that could cause
actual results to differ materially from those anticipated by some of the
statements made. These include: (1) the ability to achieve business plans,
including with respect to lower income consumers and growing existing sales and
volume profitably despite high levels of competitive activity, especially with
respect to the product categories and geographical markets (including developing
markets) in which the Company has chosen to focus; (2) the ability to
successfully execute, manage and integrate key acquisitions and mergers,
including (i) the Domination and Profit Transfer Agreement with Wella, and (ii)
the Company's agreement to merge with The Gillette Company, including obtaining'
the related required shareholder and regulatory approvals; (3) the ability to
manage and maintain key customer relationships; (4) the ability to maintain key
manufacturing and supply sources (including sole supplier and plant
manufacturing sources); (5) the ability to successfully manage regulatory, tax
and legal matters (including product liability, patent, and other intellectual
property matters), and to resolve pending matters within current estimates; (6)
the ability to successfully implement, achieve and sustain cost improvement
plans in manufacturing and overhead areas, including the Company's outsourcing
projects; (7) the ability to successfully manage currency (including currency
issues in volatile countries), debt (including debt related to the Company's
announced plan to repurchase shares of the Company's stock), interest rate and
certain commodity cost exposures; (8) the ability to manage the continued global
political and/or economic uncertainty and disruptions, especially in the
Company's significant geographical markets, as well as any political and/or
economic uncertainty and disruptions due to terrorist activities; (9) the
ability to successfully manage the pattern of sales, including the variation in
sales volume within periods; (10) the ability to successfully manage competitive
factors, including prices, promotional incentives and trade terms for products;
(11) the ability to obtain patents and respond to technological advances
attained by competitors and patents granted to competitors; (12) the ability to
successfully manage increases in the prices of raw materials used to make the
Company's products; (13) the ability to stay close to consumers in an era of
increased media fragmentation; and (14) the ability to stay on the leading edge
of innovation. For additional information concerning factors that could cause
actual results to materially differ from those projected herein, please refer to
our most recent 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K reports.