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                         Lifetime Hoan Corporation
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     99 - Press Release, dated October 30, 2003

Item 12.  Results of Operation and Financial Condition

On October 30, 2003, Lifetime Hoan Corporation ("the Company") issued a
press release setting forth the Company's third-quarter 2003 earnings.  A
copy of the Company's press release is attached hereto as Exhibit 99 and
hereby incorporated by reference.


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                    Lifetime Hoan Corporation

                    By:  /s/ Robert McNally
                         Robert McNally
                         Vice President of Finance and
                           Chief Financial Officer

Date:  October 30, 2003


                           IN THIRD QUARTER 2003

LCUT),  a leading marketer of housewares, today announced results  for  the
third quarter ended September 30, 2003.

Net  sales  for  the quarter increased 37% to a record $44.1  million  from
$32.2  million  in  the  third  quarter of 2002.   Income  from  continuing
operations  increased 135% to $2.9 million from $1.2 million for  the  same
period in 2002.  Earnings per diluted share from continuing operations more
than  doubled to $0.27 per share from $0.12 per share in last year's  third

Jeffrey  Siegel, president and chief executive officer, commented, "We  are
very  pleased with the substantial growth in sales and net income  Lifetime
Hoan  realized  in the third quarter.  As we expected, the  combination  of
exciting  new products and significant additional placements produced  very
positive  results in our lines of kitchen tools and gadgets,  bakeware  and
Kamenstein  pantryware.   Our  new  S'mores  Maker,  which  became   widely
available  at many of our major retail customers at the end of August,  has
been just as popular as we predicted.

"Lifetime's recent acquisition of the business and certain assets of  :USEr
-  Tools  for Civilizationr, a company that creates contemporary  lifestyle
products  for the home, is an exciting step forward for us.  Its reputation
for  design excellence in decorative hardware, mirrors and lighting for the
bath,  as  well as decorative window accessories, is the perfect complement
to  our  existing expertise and will help us expand our product line beyond
the kitchen, as well as enabling us to gain distribution in the strong `do-
it-yourself' category."

Mr.  Siegel  continued, "With the completion of the third quarter,  we  are
updating  our  earnings  guidance for 2003.  We now expect  Lifetime's  net
sales  for the year to total approximately $155 to $160 million.   Earnings
per share are estimated to total approximately $0.75 to $0.80."

As  announced in 2002, Lifetime sold its 51% interest in the businesses  of
each of Prestige Italiana, Spa. and Prestige Haushaltswaren GmbH (together,
the   "Prestige  Companies").   The  loss  from  the  Prestige   Companies'
operations  for  the  third  quarter of 2002 is reflected  as  discontinued
operations on the Company's income statements.

Separately,  the Company announced that its Board of Directors  declared  a
regular  quarterly cash dividend of $0.0625 per share, payable on  November
20, 2003 to shareholders of record on November 4, 2003.

Lifetime Hoan has scheduled a conference call Thursday, October 30 at 11:30
a.m.  Eastern  Time  to discuss third-quarter 2003 results  and  additional
matters.   The dial-in number for the call is (706) 634-1218.  A replay  of
the  call will also be available through Thursday, November 6, and  can  be
accessed by dialing (706) 645-9291, conference ID #3393554.  A live webcast
of   the   call   will   be   broadcast  at   the   Company's   web   site,
www.lifetime.hoan.com.  For those who cannot listen to the live  broadcast,
an audio replay of the call will also be available on the site.

Lifetime  Hoan Corporation is a leading designer, marketer and  distributor
of household cutlery, kitchenware, cutting boards, pantryware and bakeware,
marketing its products under various trade names including Farberwarer  and
Hoffritzr.   Through  the  use  of various  brand  names,  Lifetime  Hoan's
products are distributed through almost every major retailer in the U.S.

The information herein contains certain forward-looking statements
including statements concerning the Company's future prospects.  These
statements involve risks and uncertainties, including risks relating to
general economic conditions and risks relating to the Company's operations,
such as the risk of loss of major customers and risks relating to changes
in demand for the Company's products, as detailed from time to time in the
Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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        COMPANY CONTACT:                   INVESTOR RELATIONS:
        Robert McNally                     Harriet Fried
        Chief Financial Officer            Lippert/Heilshorn & Associates, Inc.
        (516) 683-6000                     (212) 838-3777 or hfried@lhai.com

                         LIFETIME HOAN CORPORATION
                     (in 000's, except per share data)

                             Three Months Ended
                               September 30,
                                                      % Increase
                               2003        2002       (Decrease)
Net Sales                    $44,068     $32,235        36.7%
Cost of Sales                 25,552      17,612        45.1%
Distribution Expenses          5,337       4,885         9.3%
SG&A                           8,163       7,435         9.8%

Income from Operations         5,016       2,303        117.8%

Interest Expense                 189         239       (20.9%)
Other (Income)                  (16)        (18)       (11.1%)

Income Before Taxes            4,843       2,082        132.6%

Tax Provision                  1,956         854        129.0%

Income from Continuing
  Operations                   2,887       1,228        135.1%

Loss from Discontinued
  Operations                       -       (685)

Net Income                    $2,887        $543

Diluted Earnings Per Share
  from Continuing Operations   $0.27       $0.12        125.0%
Weighted Average Shares       10,784      10,536

Diluted Earnings Per Share     $0.27       $0.05
Weighted Average Shares       10,784      10,536

                         LIFETIME HOAN CORPORATION
                     (in 000's, except per share data)

                                Nine Months Ended
                                  September 30,
                                                        % Increase
                                 2003          2002     (Decrease)
  Net  Sales                   $98,302       $83,703      17.4%
  Cost of Sales                 55,982        45,199      23.9%
  Distribution Expenses         14,103        15,543      (9.3%)
  SG&A                          22,742        21,085       7.9%

  Income from Operations         5,475         1,876     191.8%

  Interest Expense                 480           687     (30.1%)
  Other (Income)                  (51)          (47)       8.5%

  Income Before Taxes            5,046         1,236     308.3%

  Tax Provision                  2,038           471     332.7%

  Income from Continuing
    Operations                   3,008           765     293.2%

  Loss from Discontinued
    Operations                       -       (1,029)

  Net Income (Loss)             $3,008        ($264)

  Diluted Income Per Share
    from Continuing Operations   $0.28         $0.07
  Weighted Average Shares       10,660        10,534

  Diluted Income (Loss) Per
    Share                        $0.28       ($0.03)
  Weighted Average Shares       10,660        10,534

                         LIFETIME HOAN CORPORATION
                              (in thousands)

                                   September 30,  September 30,
                                       2003           2002
                                    (Unaudited)    (Unaudited)

     Cash and cash equivalents            $213           $25
     Accounts receivable, net           28,114        18,440
     Merchandise inventories            56,357        53,226
     Prepaid expenses and other
       current assets                    4,497         6,233
        TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS            89,181        77,924

   PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT, net          19,985        21,059
   INTANGIBLES, net                     23,660        24,050
   OTHER ASSETS                          2,120         2,174
        TOTAL ASSETS                  $134,946      $125,207

     Short-term borrowings             $26,500       $27,600
     Accounts payable and trade
       acceptances                       7,482         5,833
     Other current liabilities          20,822        15,507
        TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES       54,804        48,940

   STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY                 80,142        76,267
         STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY         $134,946      $125,207