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Item 2.02.  Results of Operation and Financial Condition

On March 2, 2006, Lifetime Brands, Inc. (the "Company")
issued a press release announcing the Company's three months
and full year ended December 31, 2005 results. A copy of the
Company's press release is attached hereto as Exhibit 99.1
and hereby incorporated by reference.

Item 9.01.  Financial Statements and Exhibits

  (c)  Exhibits

          99.1      Press Release dated March 2, 2006.


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act
of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be
signed on its behalf by the undersigned thereunto duly

                    Lifetime Brands, Inc.

                    By:       /s/ Robert McNally
                         Robert McNally
                         Vice President of Finance and
                         Chief Financial Officer

Date:  March 3, 2006
                                                     Exhibit 99.1


NM:  LCUT), a leading designer, developer and marketer of a broad
range  of nationally branded consumer products used in the  home,
today  announced results for the three months and full year ended
December 31, 2005.

Financial and Operating Highlights

       Net sales for 2005 increased 63% to $307.9 million.   Net
     income for the year rose 66% to $14.1 million.  Net income per
     diluted share increased 64% to $1.23.

       Net sales for the fourth quarter of 2005 increased 83% to
     $124.4 million.  Net income for the quarter rose 35% to $7.2
     million.  Net income per diluted share increased 28% to $0.60.

       During  the year, Lifetime achieved significant  internal
     growth in all of its major product categories.

       During the quarter, the Company completed its integration of
     the Pfaltzgraff business it acquired in July 2005 and
     restructured Pfaltzgraff's supply chain to reduce the cost of
     products while keeping quality high.

Jeffrey  Siegel, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer,
commented,  "2005 was an outstanding year for our  Company.  Even
before  taking into account the contributions of the  Pfaltzgraff
and Salton businesses we acquired in 2005, our sales and earnings
set records for both the year and the fourth quarter.

"Our  results  for the year, as well as for the  fourth  quarter,
reflect dynamic growth in our cutlery and kitchenware categories,
which was powered by a successful rollout of KitchenAid(R) cutlery,
increased  retail placement of our expanded line  of  Farberware(R)
cutlery and increased distribution of KitchenAid(R) and Farberware(R)
tools and gadgets.

  "Over the past several months, we completed the integration  of
the   Pfaltzgraff  and  Salton  businesses,  which  have   firmly
established  Lifetime  as  a  leader in  the  important  tabletop
category. We have applied Lifetime's extensive overseas  sourcing
expertise  for  Pfaltzgraff,  and  have  made  good  progress  in
reducing the cost of merchandising while keeping product  quality
at the same high level.

"We  expect  that,  in 2006, we will see growth  across  all  the
Company's  major brands, products and customer base. This  growth
will be driven by our relentless commitment to innovation and new
product development.  At the 2006 International Home & Housewares
Show,  to  be  held  in Chicago later this month,  Lifetime  will
introduce approximately 825 new items. For the year, we expect to
introduce  approximately  1,400 new SKUs  -  double  last  year's

"Overall,  we are very pleased with the strength of our business,
and are especially gratified by the strong organic sales momentum
we  achieved in the fourth quarter. As a result, our outlook  for
2006 remains extremely positive. As we announced in January 2006,
we  expect  net sales for the year to range from $380 million  to
$400  million,  and  earnings per share to range  from  $1.45  to

Lifetime  has scheduled a conference call Thursday, March  2,  at
11:00  a.m.  Eastern time to discuss fourth-quarter 2005  results
and  additional matters. The dial-in number for the call is (706)
634-1218.  A  replay of the call will also be  available  through
Thursday, March 9, and can be accessed by dialing (706) 645-9291,
conference  ID  #4201405. A live webcast  of  the  call  will  be
broadcast at the Company's web site, www.lifetimebrands.com.  For
those who cannot listen to the live broadcast, an audio replay of
the call will also be available on the site.

Lifetime  is  a  leading designer, marketer  and  distributor  of
kitchenware,  cutlery  &  cutting boards,  bakeware  &  cookware,
pantryware & spices, tabletop and bath accessories, marketing its
products   under  various  trade  names,  including  Farberware(R),
KitchenAid(R), Pfaltzgraff(R), Calvin Klein(R), Cuisinart(R),
Hoffritz(R), Sabatier(R), Nautica(R), Joseph Abboud Environments(R),
Roshco(R), Baker's Advantage(R), Kamenstein(R), CasaModa(TM), and
:USE(R). Lifetime's products  are distributed through almost every
major retailer  in the United States.

The   information   herein   contains   certain   forward-looking
statements  including statements concerning the Company's  future
prospects.  These  statements involve  risks  and  uncertainties,
including risks relating to general economic conditions and risks
relating to the Company's operations, such as the risk of loss of
major  customers and risks relating to changes in demand for  the
Company's  products,  as  detailed  from  time  to  time  in  the
Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

 Robert McNally                          Harriet Fried
 Chief Financial Officer                 Lippert/Heilshorn &
 (516) 683-6000                          Associates, Inc.
                                         (212) 838-3777 or

                    LIFETIME BRANDS, INC.
                      INCOME STATEMENT
              (in 000's, except per share data)

                                 Three Months Ended
                                    December 31,
                                   2005       2004        % Increase
      Net  Sales                 $124,381     $68,059         82.8%
      Cost of Sales                72,525      40,100         80.9%
      Distribution Expenses        10,795       6,426         68.0%
      SG&A                         28,355      12,378        129.1%

      Income from Operations       12,706       9,155         38.8%

      Interest Expense              1,087         299        263.5%
      Other (Income)                 (34)        (15)

      Income Before Taxes          11,653       8,871         31.3%

      Tax Provision                 4,427       3,531         25.4%

             Net Income            $7,226      $5,340         35.3%

      Diluted Earnings Per
       Common Share                 $0.60       $0.47
      Weighted Average Shares      12,144      11,250

                    LIFETIME BRANDS, INC.
                      INCOME STATEMENT
              (in 000's, except per share data)

                                 Twelve Months Ended
                                    December 31,
                                   2005       2004        % Increase
      Net  Sales                 $307,897    $189,458         62.5%
      Cost of Sales               177,493     111,497         59.2%
      Distribution Expenses        32,966      22,830         44.4%
      SG&A                         72,266      40,282         79.4%

      Income from Operations       25,172      14,849         69.5%

      Interest Expense              2,489         835        198.1%
      Other (Income)                 (73)        (60)

      Income Before Taxes          22,756      14,074         61.7%

      Tax Provision                 8,647       5,602         54.4%

             Net Income           $14,109      $8,472         66.5%

      Diluted Earnings Per
       Common Share                 $1.23       $0.75
      Weighted Average Shares      11,506      11,186

                    LIFETIME BRANDS, INC.
                       (in thousands)

                                        December 31,       December 31,
                                           2005               2004

   Cash and cash equivalents          $      786          $    1,741
   Accounts receivable, net               49,158              34,083
   Merchandise inventories                91,953              58,934
   Prepaid expenses and other
    current assets                        14,356               8,667
      TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS               156,253             103,425

 PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT, net              23,989              20,003
 INTANGIBLES, net                         40,264              31,484
 OTHER ASSETS                              2,645               2,305
      TOTAL ASSETS                    $  223,151          $  157,217

   Short-term borrowings              $   14,500          $   19,400
   Accounts payable and accrued
    expenses                              46,091              28,037
   Income taxes payable                    9,819               5,476
      TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES           70,410              52,913

  LIABILITIES                              2,287               2,072
 DEFERRED INCOME TAX LIABILITIES           4,967               4,294
 LONG TERM DEBT                            5,000               5,000

 STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY                    140,487              92,938
 STOCKHOLDERS' EQUITY                 $  223,151          $  157,217