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“Another Dorian LPG shareholder is leaning in favour of BW LPG's $1.1bn acquisition offer for the company, saying a volatile industry such as gas shipping would benefit from the larger scale offered by the combination. Click to read (subscription required) @

Important information about the proposed combination can be found @”



“#bwlpg Another Dorian holder goes for BW offer

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Important information about the proposed combination can be found @”


TradeWinds Article:

Another Dorian holder goes for BW offer

By Michael Angell

8 June 2018

Investment advisory says 'stronger balance sheets and less leverage' would behoove VLGC owner.

Another Dorian LPG shareholder is leaning in favour of BW LPG's $1.1bn acquisition offer for the company, saying a volatile industry such as gas shipping would benefit from the larger scale offered by the combination.

The letter from New York-based Oppenheimer + Close comes almost two weeks after BW LPG unveiled its stock-for-stock offer for New York-listed Dorian LPG. The move would create the largest fleet of very large gas carriers (VLGC) under one owner.

Dorian LPG's board says it is in receipt of the offer, but has declined further comment on its status.

Oppenheimer + Close, which has $217m in assets under management, has been a Dorian shareholder since 2015, starting out with roughly 100,000 shares. The advisor now reports owning 1.3 million shares, just over 2% of the company.

In a letter addressed to Dorian chairman and chief executive John Hadjipateras, Oppenheimer + Close says that "shareholders are competent to evaluate the BW offer and hope that you and your board will recognize that ultimately the shareholders should control their destiny."

The advisor says that in a market with a "clear leader with significant capacity, there have been benefits in fleet optimization." It also says that the cost savings in consolidation, while small, "is a plus given the parlous state of the market."

While its confident that a market recovery will occur, "none of us knows when, and as a shareholder we favor stronger balance sheets and less leverage in businesses that have to cope with volatility in earnings and uncertainty in markets," Oppenheimer + Close says.

Oppenheimer + Close joins fellow Dorian shareholder Robotti & Co as coming out in favour of the BW LPG acquisition.


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