Commission File Number: 000-10849
                                        Subject Company: Allegiant Bancorp, Inc.

                   Filed by National City Corporation pursuant to Rule 425 under
                            the Securities Act of 1933 and deemed filed pursuant
                          to Rule 14a-12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


03/24/04--Two important steps have been completed in preparation for the merger
between National City and Allegiant Bancorp. The Federal Reserve granted its
approval on March 15, and the shareholders of Allegiant approved the merger at a
special shareholders meeting on March 19. The transaction is expected to close
on or about April 9, 2004. Following Fed approval, Allegiant employees were
notified about how the merger will affect their job status. Some conversion
activity will begin in April, culminating the weekend of July 30 with the
conversion of operational systems, including deposit and lending systems.
Conversion of Allegiant human resources systems will occur at year-end 2004.

In connection with the proposed transaction, a registration statement on Form
S-4 and an amended registration statement on Form S-4/A, containing the final
proxy statement/prospectus related to the proposed merger, were filed with the
SEC. Additionally, the final proxy statement/prospectus and form of proxy were
sent to Allegiant shareholders on March 20, 2004. Shareholders of Allegiant are
encouraged to read the registration statement, as amended, and the final proxy
statement/prospectus because they contain important information about the
proposed merger. Copies of these filings are available at no cost on the SEC's
website at or on National City Corporation's website at