Commission File Number: 000-10849
                                       Subject Company: Allegiant Bancorp, Inc.

                  Filed by National City Corporation pursuant to Rule 425 under
                           the Securities Act of 1933 and deemed filed pursuant
                         to Rule 14a-12 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


News about the Allegiant/National City Merger                    March 31, 2004



We are quickly approaching the April 9 transaction closing date and are looking
forward to having Allegiant employees officially join the National City family.
As we move forward, open and timely communication continues to be a top priority
for our integration team and senior management. We will use the intranet as the
main and fastest way to get you the transition information you need. There will
also be special orientation sessions and other resources to help you get
comfortable in our newly merged organization. Here are some of the key
information resources available to you:

o    TRANSITION NEWS. Transition News will be posted at the middle and end of
     each month. In the beginning, Transition News will be posted on both the
     Allegiant intranet and Gateway, the National City intranet. By mid-summer,
     all Allegiant business units will be converted to Gateway - where a special
     section, the Allegiant Community, is already in place.

o    EMPLOYEE UPDATE. Every quarter all National City employees receive this
     publication featuring company news, employee news, and financial updates.
     You will soon receive the First Quarter 2004 issue via interoffice mail.

o    ORIENTATION SESSIONS. What is National City's strategic direction? What
     employee actions lead to success? National City Institute (NCI), our
     training and development group, will conduct special orientation sessions
     to help you learn about the National City culture and business priorities
     during the weeks of April 19 and April 26. Invitations will be sent through
     interoffice mail.

o    "WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND?" PHONE LINE AND EMAIL. A special phone line and email
     box have been set up for employee questions. You can call (888)287-1245 and
     leave a voicemail message, along with your contact information, and

     we'll call you back with answers. If you prefer, you can send your question
     to KEBOX@ALLEGIANTBANK.COM and receive an electronic response. Responses to
     questions of general interest will be included in future issues of
     Transition News.

Stock Purchase Plans

By January 2005, transition of Allegiant employees to the National City payroll
will be complete. After the transfer, you will be offered the opportunity to
participate in the National City Stock Purchase Plan. Here are a few things you
need to know in the meantime.

If you currently have stock in the Allegiant Bancorp Dividend Reinvestment and
Stock Purchase Plan, you recently received a letter with instructions and an
election form. You must complete your election form indicating whether you want
the consideration for your Allegiant stock paid in cash, National City
Corporation stock, or a combination.

The deadline for returning your enrollment form is APRIL 8. If you miss the
deadline, your payout will be made in cash, which is taxable to you.

If you choose to receive any portion of your Allegiant Plan account in shares of
National City stock, you may elect to have your new stock held in the National
City Stock Purchase Plan and your dividends reinvested. Your National City stock
certificate will be sent to you along with additional information about the
National City Plan.

If you do not currently have stock in the Allegiant Plan, you can join the
National City Stock Purchase Plan in January 2005. The Plan lets you purchase
shares of National City stock, with no broker fees, through payroll deduction.
If you want to own National City stock before then, contact your broker or
NatCity Investments. Any stock purchase you make outside the National City Stock
Purchase Plan is subject to normal broker fees.

In connection with the proposed transaction, a registration statement on Form
S-4 and an amended registration statement on Form S-4/A, containing the final
proxy statement/prospectus related to the proposed merger, were filed with the
SEC. Additionally, the final proxy statement/prospectus and form of proxy were
sent to Allegiant shareholders on March 20, 2004. Shareholders of Allegiant are
encouraged to read the registration statement, as amended, and the final proxy
statement/prospectus because they contain important information about the
proposed merger. Copies of these filings are available at no cost on the SEC's
website at or on National City Corporation's website at