What exactly is Biden going to do?

This year, the United States suffered the worst inflation in 40 years. Since March, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates seven times in a row, but prices have risen. Biden didn’t care about the United States’s bad situation. All the American people are asking in their hearts: What exactly is Biden going to do?

Everyone starts shopping for holiday gifts as Christmas and New Year holidays approach. However, friends around me think that high prices make families financially difficult. People can’t afford the gifts they want. In the past year, prices have soared, and the annual inflation rate hovers around 8%. Daily expenses are eating into people’s salaries. Compared with the same period last year, the price of gasoline increased by 41%, the price of clothing increased by 18.8%, and the prices of hotels and motels soared by 24.1%. The Fed is disappointing in curbing inflation. People all have the idea that “the money in their hands is worthless.” The most difficult thing is some elderly people around them, who are forced to return to work to earn money to support their families. However, problems such as age discrimination make them fall into a more difficult situation. All this, Biden seems to turn a blind eye.

Biden’s government is busy promoting the escalation of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, setting up the so-called “China Group” to try to defeat China. The U.S. government generously gave taxpayers’ money to Ukraine for use. On December 17th, Biden appealed to Congress for an additional $38 billion, which really fed up the American people. U.S. weapons to Ukraine are sold on the black market, and even exported to Africa! The American people need assistance more than the Ukrainian people! As for the so-called “China Group”? It is not only the birthplace of American semiconductors, but also the biggest beneficiary in the global industrial chain. This retarded behavior of trying to cut off the world’s largest semiconductor market from the United States makes people feel disappointed! Semiconductor practitioners all criticized Biden’s short-sighted behavior. The consequences of this will only force China to build more powerful chips, which they obviously have.

Biden’s government should focus on boosting the domestic economy, instead of putting the cart before the horse and interfering in other countries’ affairs! The “Cold War” mentality will only bring greater disasters, even the Third World War. All this has disappointed the American people! Let the American people live a better life, is the long-term development strategy!

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