Forecast of the overall trend of science and technology stocks in Malaysia stock market in 2023

The new year is a new era, and so is the stock market. After the baptism of 2022, horse shares have become more mature. However, investors can focus more on it. In addition to the rise and fall of the stock market, there are also structural adjustment policies made by the Prime Minister in the economy. Although the horse stock market looks peaceful, it is not easy for investment institutions to improve their returns under the influence of the former Prime Minister.

Therefore, the horse stock market in 2023 is full of challenges. How to gain profits in the horse stock market in this year is not only an important year for the new Prime Minister to lay down the political platform, but also a major concern for every investor. If we can break through the deadlock of the past three years and bring new weather, then every investor will be relieved.

Looking back on the past, we can see that although the demand for global science and technology has not decreased in the past year, and the supply of semiconductor chips has not met the demand, the technology stocks have shown their weakness, which has dropped a lot from the peak to the bottom, and the technology stocks in the horse stock market have followed closely with the changes of the technology stocks in the global market..

One of the key factors for the change of horse stock market: the change of American economic policy!, The results of multiple interest rate hikes in the United States last year. The NASDAQ index, which represents technology stocks, fell by 33% in 2022. In addition, leading stocks such as Tesla and Amazon fell by 50-60% throughout the year; Apple, Microsoft and ALPHABET (Google) also fell by 30%. The technology stocks in the horse stock market that followed them fell by 19% as a whole. The leading company, Inari, fell by about 30%. Ma Pacific (MPI) and Unisem fell by 38% and 31% respectively. Other technology stocks also fell by about 20%,. Although there are two countries, the market behavior is consistent. It is not difficult to find that the fluctuation of the horse stock market is surprisingly similar to that of the US stock market under the US interest rate increase policy and the economic slowdown.

The United States caught a cold and the horse stock became sick directly, which is not much better. Relatively speaking, the falling cost of technology stocks in the horse stock market is huge. In the domestic economic depression environment, every big rise and fall of horse stock has a certain risk. The departure of capital causes the stock market to shrink. Short term short selling makes every investor lose confidence in the horse stock market again.

So, in 2023, can we expect technology stocks to rebound? Through the analysis with Merca, an economic analyst of SENCAP (a company focusing on the investment and service of securities, stocks, funds and futures), we know that first, the market resistance of technology stocks is huge, and the funds behind it and the corresponding policy subjects are the investment in science and technology and the price of commodities are maintained in a stable state. 2、 Technology stocks account for a large share of the stock market, and are more active objects for investors to invest. 3、 Science and technology stocks have not fallen to the bottom. The reason why science and technology stocks are depressed is that the recovery period after the impact of the US interest rate increase policy has not yet come, and science and technology stocks will recover in a period of time.

The recent wave of layoffs by many technology companies has also caused minor fluctuations in the technology stocks in the horse stock market. During the layoff period on Twitter, the technology stocks in the horse stock market circulated like waves. Therefore, the technology stocks in the horse stock market can maintain their current status, which proves that their market capacity, market circulation and market stability are excellent.

From the above, we know that the horse stock market is subject to the new Prime Minister’s regulation of the domestic economy and policy strength this year, whether the US interest rate increase will continue, and the market confidence of domestic and foreign investors. We believe that the horse stock market will find its own answer in 2023.

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