The 2022 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition Award Ceremony successfully held in Dongguan

Dongguan, China / TimesNewswire / January 15, 2023 – On December 16, the 2022 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition award ceremony and work exhibition were held in Longyizhi Valley, Songshan Lake, Dongguan. The contest was jointly organized by Dongguan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Guangdong Industrial Design Association, Dongguan Branch of Southern Newspaper Media Group and Dongguan Angel Society, and 9,966 entries were collected from more than 10 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Italy and Japan, and more than 20 provinces and cities in China.

Outdoor portable power supply that looks like a handbag, AI smart mattress that “really knows people’s needs”, visual intelligent expansion dock, voice intelligent study desk, droplet shape analyzer … At the awarding ceremony, all kinds of novel and interesting industrial design products lined up in a dazzling array, attracting guests and audiences to experience the charm of industrial design.

The list of gold, silver, bronze and excellent prizes in the seven major special events, product design group, conceptual design group and innovative enterprise group, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan innovative design matching competition and enterprise design proposition special event of “Dongguan Cup” main track was announced for the first time. The award-winning enterprises share a total bonus of up to 1 million yuan, and a single enterprise can receive a maximum of 100000 yuan.

In the past three months, this “grand competition” about industrial design has spread everywhere in Dongguan, and finally this grand event of industrial design has also turned into an ideological feast of integrating applications and innovating ecology. The end of the “Dongguan Cup” also started another “upsurge” of “industrial design”.

Highlight 1: Nearly 10000 forward-looking entries at home and abroad joined the event

This year, the “Dongguan Cup” was once again upgraded to cooperate with Guangdong Industrial Design Association, and 9,966 projects from more than 10 countries and regions and more than 20 provinces and cities in China were collected. Well-known leading enterprises in Vivo, Ampacetech, Quotient Kinematics Machine, Tianji, Derucci and other industries also participated in the competition. Many new fields also participated in excellent design projects, fully reflecting the forward-looking, leading and driving force of industrial design.

Xiao Biliang, director of Dongguan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said in his speech that industrial design is the starting point of innovation chain, the source of value chain, and the new engine of Dongguan manufacturing towards high-quality development. Dongguan will insist on the manufacturing industry as the master and push the manufacturing industry to the high end of the industrial chain value chain. Dongguan will vigorously support the development of industrial design and strengthen the introduction of talents. It is hoped that more industrial designers, design institutions and innovative resources will come and settle in Dongguan and take root in this fertile land of industry.

Hu Qizhi, president of Guangdong Industrial Design Association, mentioned that in terms of industrial design, Dongguan is a low-key, unobtrusive and rich city, which has been written into the No.1 document of the government and trained many young teachers and students for universities all over the country. By providing low-cost and high-value-added information services for small and medium-sized enterprises through Industry-University-Research platform, Dongguan has embarked on a unique industrial design path by injecting humanistic thinking into industrial design and extending from industrial and enterprise levels to social, urban and cultural levels.

Tian Bin, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Center for International Economic and Technical Cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, congratulated the successful holding of this “Dongguan Cup” and the winners, pointing out that design can change lives, design can empower production, cheer for Dongguan design and cheer for Dongguan brand. ”

Zhang Qi, Secretary-General of Beijing Guanghua Design and Development Foundation and Executive Committee of the World Green Design Organization, said that in Dongguan, people can see the connection between design, innovation and high-quality development. Dongguan is a city that has made great achievements in advanced manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation. It is hoped that more design products in Dongguan will empower green industries and more young designers will be at the forefront of leading economic development.

Liu Guanzhong, the first batch of senior professors of liberal arts in Tsinghua University, thinks that the forerunner of industrial design is very important to all steps of industrial layout. Dongguan, from manufacturing to creation, product economy to industrial economy and industrial innovation, relies on strong talents and scientific and technological strength. Dongguan will also strengthen academic and professional research on industrial design.

Highlight 2: Many excellent competing products popped up, and the industrial design made in Dongguan attracts attention

This year’s “Dongguan Cup” is open to the whole world, collecting excellent industrial design works extensively, and paying special attention to good designs that have transformed with Dongguan industry.

This year, seven special events were set up at the main track of the competition, as well as the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan innovative design matchmaking competition and enterprise design proposition special competition. At the main arena, there are three groups: product design group, concept design group and innovative enterprise group. Among them, the seven special events were organized around seven advantageous industries and strategic emerging industries in Dongguan, namely, smart mobile terminals, high-end equipment, pan-home, baby products and toys, medical devices and aging products, textiles, clothing, shoes and hats, and comprehensive categories.

On that day’s activity, the Ampace 600W Portable Power Station portable energy storage power supply of Dongguan Ampacetech Technology Co., Ltd. won the gold medal in the product design group, the Oriental Star, the trend toy of astrology of Dongguan Li ‘ao Toy Trading Co., Ltd., won the gold medal in the conceptual design group, and 10 enterprises including Derucci Healthy Sleep Co., Ltd. won the innovative enterprise award …

“This’ Dongguan Cup’ shows more diverse categories and involves more different industries, which is a good trend.” At the event site, Li Kangrong, the creative designer of Dongguan Li ‘ao Toys, who won the gold medal in the conceptual design group, introduced his own product-Astrology Trend Toys-Oriental Stars.

Li Kangrong said that this IP is based on the long-standing cultural heritage and construction foundation of the ancient village of Tangwei, Shipai. The trend toys include physical products and virtual products, and there are different NFC chips in them. When placed on a specific base, users can hear the story of the characters. They will also project the corresponding stars and enjoy the music played by Wu Xiaochao, a member of Tangwei Artists Union. “More young people are encouraged to join this competition in the future and let the world see more different designs and young people’s ideas. ”

At the scene, Ampace 600 W Portable Power Station portable energy storage power supply, which looks like a handbag, won the gold medal in the product design group. Chen Dahe, the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Ampacetech Technology Co., Ltd., showed reporters the scene of power supply applied to outdoor camping and family emergency.

Chen Dahe introduced that the highlight of the product is a 4812 battery on the side, which has high conversion efficiency and can achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving. The outdoor portable power supply has a 16-fold BMS protection system, and the life safety of users can be protected. Users can also conduct remote real-time monitoring through the app to avoid battery damage. He expressed the hope that Dongguan Cup will continue to provide support for the industry, make it better and better, and move towards the world stage.

This year, Guangdong Solaxtech Technology Co., Ltd. won the silver prize in the product group for the first time. Its designer Zhao Zhang said at the scene that the “7018 automatic wheelchair” in this competition incorporated new technologies-integrated universal wheel and automatic folding structure, which made the wheelchair more convenient and portable while solving the problem of walking. “This competition showed the level of the design competition held in my hometown, which was no less than other industrial design competitions in the world, and everyone was very proud. ”

Highlight 3: Deep cooperation between industry, university, research and enterprise, and industrialization of competition results achieved

This competition focuses on transforming achievements into resources and solving practical problems of enterprises and industries.

The selection matchmaking meeting is also one of the innovative activities of this Dongguan Cup. In the past three months, well-known e-commerce, business platforms, universities, well-known enterprises, such as Tmall,, Deli Watch Group, Guangdong-Taiwan Industrial Science and Technology College of Dongguan University of Technology, and Guangzhou Intellectual Property Exchange Center, have carried out product display, product roadshows, platform docking, Industry-University-Research transferring, etc. with outstanding entries in the competition, providing products design transferring, product mass production landing, product sales opening and other landing transformation services for the competition project.

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and other art colleges have reached a strategic cooperation intention with Dongguan Trendy Toys Enterprise. The organizers of the competition signed a strategic contract with the winners of the competition to explore the incubation of works, promote more high-quality achievements in industrial design, and expand the brand value, promotion effect and influence of the competition.

“Dongguan Cup” is committed to promoting the Industry-University-Research cooperation featuring “Greater Bay Area Co-creation Design Workshop”, integrating the innovative elements resources of Dongguan enterprises, universities and design institutions in Greater Bay Area, promoting the in-depth cooperation of Industry-University-Research with design workshops, and providing guarantee for enterprise design research, project landing and industrialization of competition results.

In addition, “Dongguan Cup” brought industrial design experts to visit “specialization and special new” enterprises to promote enterprises to actively participate in industrial design competitions, provide high-quality entries for industrial design competitions, help enterprises solve industrial design needs, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and enhance the added value of industrial design products.

“Dongguan Cup” is not only a grand event of industrial design, but also a feast of integrating application and innovative ecology.

This is the first year for Dongguan to accelerate its high-quality development at a new starting point of “trillion GDP and 10 million population”. Dongguan has more confidence and ability to make greater contributions to the province’s new journey and create new glories, and to provide strong support for building regional brands of “Made in Dongguan” and “Designed in Dongguan”.

Dongguan Cup creates unlimited opportunities for industrial design, riding the wind of industrial design and breaking the waves in the sea of innovation and development.

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