Waki Relic Museum Enshrine The Relics Of The Lord Buddha And His Disciples Back Home to Bodh Gaya, India

(WAki International Media Center 5th March) On  15 February, 2023 Waki Relic Museum enshrine the relics  of the Lord Buddha and His Disciples in Waki Relic Pagoda back home to Bodh Gaya in India. Bodh Gaya in India is holy place where the Lord Buddha gained enlightenment under the bodhi tree 2,500 years ago. The journey of Buddhism started from this place, where the Buddha found the path to emancipate from the Samsara.

The Enshrinement Ceremony was held under the bodhi tree, Mahabodhi temple. We extend our appreciation to the most respected Chao Khun Phradhambodhivong (Abbot of Wat Thai Bodhgaya (Royal Thai Monastery), Head of Dhammaduta Bhikkhus in India-Nepal) for leading us to chant and circumambulate the sacred relics around the Mahabodhi Pagoda.

It is very auspicious, and the participants were full with dhamma happiness to have this precious chance to accumulate merits by paying homage  to the relics of the Lord Buddha and His Disciples, which included the hair relic of Buddha, the brains and blood relics of Buddha, the bone and skin relics of Buddha, the relics of the Venerable Mongallana, Venerable Sariputta, Venerable Sivali, Venerable Bakula, Venerable Katyayana and five hundred Arahants in Waki Relic Pagoda.

After the buddha had attained nibbana, relics are the holy veneration from the Buddha and his disciples for devotees to enshrine and pay homage.  The late Sayadaw U Kittivara said that the relics of buddha and his disciples represents the ray of light that lights up the whole world and connect the global Buddhists in this new era salute to and recite the great virtues of the Buddha.

The Waki Relic Pagodas have enshrined in many countries such as  Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, America, Norway, New Zealand, England, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Philippines , Germany, Belgium, Vatican in Italy and 22 provinces in Indonesia and India .

The president of WAKi Relic Museum, Dr. Teo Choo Guan strongly believe that when we have completed the enshrinement of the 84,000 Waki relic pagodas in the temples and pagodas all over the world, the teachings of Buddhism will flourish and will bequeath the future generations the chances to enshrine and pay respect to the Buddha Relics.

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