6 Easy Time Management Tips

By: DGI Wire

Aerial View of People and Time Management Concepts

(DGIwire) — Do you find yourself struggling to meet deadlines? Are you able to focus on your work and complete it in a timely manner? Bookstores are filled with literature claiming to have the secret to proper time management, but do we really have to pay to understand the secret of proper time management?

If you pay attention to these tips, you will be able to time manage your way to productivity:

Keep your workplace clean and orderly: Before you can begin, it is crucial to have an organized workspace. If your workplace is a mess, it will be time consuming to dig through piles for what you’re actually looking for and your work may reflect that sloppiness. The benefits of having a clutter-free workspace are extensive, with the ultimate reward being increased efficiency.

Create a list/schedule: Organize your tasks by deadline and allot time for each task. The saying goes ‘time is money’ and the benefit of budgeting your time is priceless. Your organized tasks list will allow you to be aware of the most important tasks, to prevent yourself from being sidetracked, and allow you to complete more tasks than without. Extra Tip–You can organize your tasks in the form of a schedule (to easily organize the time you need) or a checklist (to check off for a sense of accomplishment) or both!

Divide your workload: Utilize your resources. If you can split the workload, then you should consider it. When the workload is divided, people tend to finish faster because they can focus on doing a specific task. This is an especially helpful resource if you work on a team.

Learn how to say no: When asked to help someone, most people have trouble refusing. In the workplace, this means they are confronted with more tasks than they can manage and feel overwhelmed. Before you commit, ensure that you and your schedule can handle the additional task. It is important to prioritize your own schedule and tasks before adding more responsibilities to your list.

Change Bad Time Management Habits: It usually helps to evaluate your current time management process. If you reflect on your everyday activities, you would probably realize that you spend too much time watching too much TV or mindlessly surfing the Internet. It is okay to spend time on leisure, but never when it exceeds the allotted time and becomes distracting to your work. Changing these habits will increase your time to do more meaningful activities.

Setting goals for yourself: Having practical and achievable goals for yourself is an important step in proper time management. Setting goals keeps you motivated to do your job well. Remember that you need efficiency to get things done the right way.

All you need is common sense and discipline. You have to realize the list will never work if you won’t back it up with discipline. When talking about discipline here, it means you have to know your own priorities as well to have them guide you in abiding with the rules that you have set for yourself.

Good luck!

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