What States Had the Most Bed Bugs in 2020? D.C., Illinois Rank at the Top


Pittsburgh, PA, December 29, 2020 – A new report ranking which states have the most bed bugs per capita was released with each US state ranked based on online search traffic.

Online DIY pest control website Bug Lord released a report showing which US states have the biggest bed bug problem. Data was gathered from hundreds of thousands of search queries looking for DIY pest control help, and was compared against state populations to determine which states have the most bed bugs per capita.

Washington D.C. took the #1 spot by a wide margin. The District is much more densely populated than any state which could explain its top spot as bed bugs can more easily spread through apartment walls than it could between standalone homes.

Illinois was next on the list, home of the 3rd largest US city, Chicago. Rounding out the top 3 was the less populated state of Oklahoma where a good portion of the citizens live in Oklahoma City or Tulsa.

Looking at the United States as a whole, it seems that bed bugs are a bigger issue in the Midwest and Appalachia. States like Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia all had a higher share of bed bug relief searches than their population would call for. Comparatively the Pacific Northwest and Northern states like Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Minnesota all ranked near the bottom of the list. This would indicate that while bed bugs are a nationwide nuisance, they are more prevalent in some regions of the country compared to others.

Industry experts are split as to what kind of effect the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the bed bug population in the United States. Travel is significantly down which could significantly reduce the spread of bed bugs. However, those dealing with bed bugs may not be able to afford professional treatment services due to job loss or employment uncertainty, or they may not feel comfortable letting a stranger come into their home.

Bed bugs typically travel between homes by hitchhiking on someone visiting an infected space. Hotels are widely believing to be hotbeds for bed bug activity, and an unwise traveler can easily carry a bed bug home with them if not careful.

When a bed bug infestation is active in an apartment, it can be difficult to fully eradicate them. Bed bugs can slip between tiny cracks and travel along plumbing or gaps in the walls. A bed bug can also survive for months without feeding so a larger complex could be struggling for years.

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