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Excavation Contractors CT knows the ins and outs of drainage systems and how they can keep your property safe during the winter.

DANBURY, CT, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- As New Englanders prepare for a brutal winter, the Excavation Contractors CT is also preparing by letting its customers know why professional drainage systems are an essential part of homeownership, especially when the snow starts to fly. Without proper drainage, homes can easily be flooded by melted snow and moisture once spring comes back around. High-quality water drainage is imperative to keeping one's foundation and framework unaffected by melting snow, ice, and sleet.

Without a proper drainage system, basements are more likely to flood once the snow melts, and this leaves homeowners with a wet, moist area. Mold and mildew are notorious for growing in damp basements and crawl spaces. This can cause respiratory problems, aggravate asthma, and contribute to allergies. The host of adverse health problems from mold and mildew don't stop there and can really wreak havoc on a family's well being.

In addition to health problems, poorly drained landscapes can cause a bunch of structural problems to a home's framework and foundation. It is essential that stormwater drainage in CT be taken seriously by implementing proper systems. When concrete is exposed to water for prolonged periods of time, it can begin to crack and crumble, which leads to the deterioration of the foundation. Before you know it, your windows and doors aren't closing correctly, and cracks are developing on the interior and exterior walls and floors of the basement.

One way that the Excavation Contractors CT are keeping excess water away from homes is by installing footing drains. These types of drains are installed by the exterior footing of your home's walls to keep water from pooling around them. In most cases, we cover the drain with gravel and then pipe it to a catch basin, storm sewer, sump pump, or the surface for it to work effectively. Here's what drain footings do:
-Keeps water out of crawl spaces and basements
-Reduce lateral soil pressure, so less steel is required for building
-Can be installed indoors to prevent damages from harsh weather conditions

The excavators on our team are trained to successfully place footing drains so that your home is no longer at risk for flooding. It doesn't matter how wintery the weather is outside your Connecticut home; our team can install the footing drains under all circumstances, and there is no excavation required.
Another method of drainage is curtain drain installation. This type of system works great when you already have a drainage system installed, but it isn't keeping up with the demand. Many New Englanders and residents of Connecticut have this problem due to those insane nor'easters that plague our part of the world. We feel that curtain drains are among the best water drainage systems.

If there is water pooling in places that it shouldn't be, you have water in your basement, and you want to direct water away from your driveway & retaining walls, a curtain draining system is a great option.

The owner of Excavation Contractors CT had this to say about drainage systems in preparation for winter, "Our contractors can't stress enough the importance of having a rock-solid water drainage system in CT installed before the winter months hit. Homeowners will notice an initial decrease of basement and crawl space flooding while the temperatures remain below freezing, but as soon as things heat back up again, the floodgates will literally open, and they'll notice big problems starting to arise. This is why we suggest professional drainage system installation before winter comes in New England."

French drains are an exceptional way to direct excess water away from your house. Many people think this style of drainage system was developed in France, but it actually got its moniker from a farmer named Henry French. You may want to install a French drain on your property before the snow starts to fall in CT if: If you're building a retaining wall, when water is getting into your basement or crawlspace, if your yard easily becomes water-logged, when surface water is abundant on your driveway, if you're noticing that you have a lot of water in your yard or driveway as it is, this problem will only worsen after winter accumulation begins to melt.

Sump pumps work great in combination with any of the aforementioned water drainage systems. In minor cases, sump pumps can work well all on their own. Our team will install the sump pump into your basement, and it will remove standing water from the area and prevent future flooding. Excavation Contractors CT has been installing sump pumps into homes for many years with total success. They are an affordable and effective way to get in front of the winter weather before it starts to melt and end up in your basement.

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