Turning Iron to Gold; High Value Precious Metals Extraction from Iron Ore Tailings – MELDPRO can do it

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Turning Iron to Gold; High Value Precious Metals Extraction from Iron Ore Tailings - MELDPRO can do it
  • Advanced Extraction Process to Deliver Precious Metals from Iron Tailings.

  • Unique, Proprietary Technology Applicable to Available Tailings in the US. 

  • Plant will Process up to 20 Tons of Tailings Per Month in North Carolina. 

  • Revenue Projected to Increase from $2.4 Million in Year One to $11.5 Million in Year Three of Operation. 

As global demand for gold, silver and other precious metals continues to rise at a record pace, a team of experienced financial, management, and technical professionals have formed MELDPRO and they are now ready to launch a precious metal refining and processing facility utilizing proprietary processes. The MELDPRO facility will process up to 20 tons of iron ore tailings per month in a 66,000 square foot facility located Sanford, N.C. A facility that will refine and process precious metals from iron ore tailings resulting in the extraction of gold, silver and other trace metal oxides. 

About the Opportunity

MELDPRO has identified several iron ore tailing piles in the United States which are concentrated mining residuals called “gangue” that are readily available and easy to transport and process. MELDPRO has tested and determined that there is sufficient quantity and quality to support a long term extraction and refining opportunity that is economically viable using its proprietary processes.  

About the Technology and Process 

The MELDPRO technology and processes in extracting and refining precious metals utilize specialized microwave furnaces and other unique proprietary equipment that liberate precious metals in a multi-step process. Tailings are put into a hopper and processed through a microwave furnace operating at 500⁰F where iron-oxide is broken-down to liberate silver and gold. The product is cooled and sized ensuring a small particle size of around 75 microns. The iron is then removed to form a powder metal product via magnetic separation that allows the non-ferrous materials to be screened to remove most of the silica, leaving silver, gold and trace metal-oxides that are processed and prepared for sale. 

About the Business Model 

The MELDPRO business model generates recurring long-term revenue streams from processing iron ore tailings that have been identified in sufficient quality and quantity utilizing proprietary and unique processes. Revenue is projected to start in the 2nd month of operation utilizing a ramp up of production from 0.5 tons per month with smaller production batches and equipment that can be put into place in month one and ramped up to 20 tons per month by month 14 with larger capacity equipment coming online in Month 10 upon its build and delivery. 

The MELDPRO business model is highly efficient, materially automated, labor light, already sourced inputs and with a multitude of offtake sources for the precious metal outputs. The input pricing of the sourced iron ore is inelastic in relation to the output of the sale prices of the precious metal outputs, supporting the ability to utilize a high interest / debt capital structure. 

Financial Projections

Revenue is projected to increase from $2.4m in year one to $11.5m in year three as MELDPRPO ramps up production. A plant utilization rate of 85% has been assumed for the financial projections.  

Gross Margins expands from approximately 70% in year one to 88% in year 3 as a result of high levels of automation and proprietary processes.  

SG&A expenses are lean as a result of minimal required labor support and a process that does not require laborious procurement and or sales support, resulting in an EBIDTA margin of approximately 55% in year one that increases to 79% in year three. 

Net income is projected to increase from $0.19m in year one to $5.9m in year three of operation, representing a net income margin of 51% in year three. 

Closing cash is projected to increase to $9.61m by the end of year three of operation.  

Financing Sought

$3 million, 5-year, secured and collateralized debt against equipment and A/R up to Debt Balance, with a 20% semi-annual interest coupon. Funds to be used for purchase of equipment, preparation of facility, and working capital.

The Market

Iron ore tailings are one of the most common solid wastes globally due to their high output and low utilization ratio. These iron ore tailings are often stored in tailings dams. Whilst the exact number of tailings dams in the United States is not known, in 2019, 46.9 million tons of iron ore were produced in the United States (Source: Statista.com).

It is estimated that there are 7 potential clients within the business defined trading area that are estimated to spend 10 billion US dollars annually or more.

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Media Contact
Company Name: MELDPRO
Contact Person: Nicholas Campanella, CEO
Email: Send Email
Phone: 888-356-1395
Country: United States
Website: www.meldpro.com

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