Exploring the Omnia Protocol: Having a two-folded purpose

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The Omnia Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure protocol for securely accessing the blockchain so that no single point of failure will ever disrupt blockchain applications or wallets integrating with it.

Omnia allows anyone to earn rewards by hosting and maintaining a node on a specific blockchain. Reading and writing to blockchain shouldn’t be centralized or managed but instead performed in a decentralized manner, in which every node should be incentivized to help with the access to the blockchain in a trusted and decentralized way. 

Omnia’s solution is truly decentralized and requires zero technical knowledge. Therefore, everyone can set up their nodes or use the existing ones as shared resources in OMNIA to receive rewards for serving other users’ and applications’ requests.

Omnia strongly focuses on privacy which gives users untraceable access to the blockchain. 

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Omnia Protocol’s two-folded purpose

First: Omnia Protocol can generate secure endpoints for users to use in their wallets or applications when accessing the blockchain, thus maintaining privacy.

Omnia’s infrastructure is comprised of blockchain nodes and privacy relayers that serve as decentralized API gateways to the blockchain. The node owners can register them using an easy-to-use web interface offered by Omnia. As a result, these nodes are indexed by relayers that use mixnets to maintain privacy.

Omnia users can customize their own subscription plans, depending on their blockchain request rate needs. As a result, users receive access to secure RPC endpoints for any of Omnia’s blockchain networks.

Second: Omnia Protocol rewards node owners for sharing their resources by running either blockchain nodes or privacy relayers.

With regards to compensation, Omnia separates them into two groups according to the type of software they run:

  • The blockchain nodes already running and maintaining networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, etc.; and
  • The privacy relayers help mix and obfuscate traffic to preserve privacy.

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By carefully designing the integration between blockchain nodes and privacy relayers with customer-centricity in mind, Omnia provides competitive incentives that have compounding effects on the entire ecosystem.

Omnia’s competitive advantage consists in our ability to identify, extract and integrate value from state-of-the-art research results, thus driving the marginal costs close to zero when it comes to accessing the blockchain.

The team behind Omnia is confident that in a not-so-distant future, Omnia will be the natural choice for accessing any blockchain in a trustworthy and failproof manner, regardless of the network. 

Learn more about Omnia Protocol through its official website to get to know more about the protocol, the future of Omnia Protocol, and its plans moving forward. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/omnia_protocol

Telegram: https://t.me/OmniaProtocol_news

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/Omnia_protocol

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/protocol-omnia/

Medium: https://medium.com/omniaprotocol/omnia-protocol-cd395a7ff3b

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