Electric Vehicles Acceleration: News Trends in 2022

2022 seems to be the beginning of a recovery for the automotive industry. Automakers now have some prospect of a market recovery after several years of COVID-19-related market decline. According to Euromonitor, unit sales volumes are anticipated to surpass pre-pandemic 2019 levels in 2022 and be approximately 78 million units (+10% over 2021, which is itself up 10% over 2020). This year, OEMs’ profits increased overall, with many posting record highs. The automotive sector is seeing some significant developments as a result of this predicament.

Consumers and manufacturers alike share the belief that electric vehicles will be the future of transportation. Even the government sees this coming. A recent European Union vote to outlaw the sale of new diesel and gasoline vehicles starting in 2023 means that in the future, only electric vehicles will be available. Additionally, we are witnessing a blossoming of electric automobiles from new automotive brands. Tesla has had the pandemic’s fastest growth among auto brands, with a stunning 271% increase in brand value over the past two years. The brand’s remarkable development continued this year, increasing by 44% to US$46.0 billion, moving it up to third place in the Brand Finance Automobile 100 2022 list and from sixth to third place overall. Apart from Tesla, Chinese brands account for eight of the top 10 fastest growing brands in the Brand Finance Automobile 100 2022 ranking. Great Wall is the fastest-growing brand in the list this year, with its brand value rising by an astonishing 109% to US$2.6 billion, outpacing Tesla, which has had the highest increase over the preceding two years of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Automotive suppliers benefit from this developing sector as well as the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market. The major part of an electric vehicle is the electric traction motor. The motor rotates the wheels by converting electrical energy into kinetic energy. The regenerative braking system of an electric motor is a crucial component. By transforming the vehicle’s kinetic energy into another form and storing it for later use, this system slows it down. Shenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZHAOWEI) offers an electronic parking brake (EPB) module geared motor drive system solution to help the manufacturer discover a market potential based on years of research and development in the automobile industry. Based on an examination of the electric park brake system, ZHAOWEI adjusts the gear tooth profile to increase response time and torque under high current conditions. In order to achieve low noise and high torque with a small volume, ZHAOWEI gear motors lessen the impact of noise and vibration on the performance of the gear module. Due to its benefits of small size, low noise level, strong torque, quick reaction, and extended service life, the ZHAOWEI EPB actuator has always been the ideal choice.

The tailgate, a door on the back of a car, also has a crucial function in an electric vehicle. The driver can easily and swiftly realize the thing into the vehicle without having to open the door with too many objects in hand by pressing the button, remote control car key, or using hand or any object induction operation in the appropriate area of the tailgate. Even while it offers a lot of convenience, it still has some shortcomings, such as trouble lifting and a bothersome noise when the tailgate opens and closes. With an inventive car gear system for the electric tailgate, ZHAOWEI enables the future of intelligent control to address these issues. The inner tube and the outer tube make up the spindle driver. The motor of the inner tube and the gearbox transmit the motion of the threaded spindle that rotates on the thread and nut that are fixed on the inner side of the outer tube. The motorized spindle in the pillar of the electric pillar is used to open or close the tailgate in conjunction with the supporting spring. Also, ZHAOWEI is committed to pushrod-style motorized tailgates.

A spoiler is necessary for comfortable and secure driving and helps boost your car’s braking stability. Additionally, ZHAOWEI offers micro drive system solutions. By adjusting the angle of the car spoiler with the help of a worm gear and a linear motor, the car spoiler lift regulator improves stability while driving at high speeds. The auto spoiler can be folded up and stored on the trunk lid when not in use. The worm gear has a high output torque that enables the hovering of automobile spoilers in several positions.

Success in the future automotive field will require players to shift to a continuous process of anticipating new market trends, investigating alternatives and complements to the old business model, as well as investigating new mobility business models and their economic and consumer feasibility. To find and scale up new, appealing business models, smart scenario planning and agility will be needed. ZHAOWEI is prepared to take on the challenge and work with all of its partners to advance the field of micro-drives and build a better and smarter world.

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