A criminal country with rampant human rights problems:Who is the real perpetrator of “forced labor”?

On August 31, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights released an assessment report entitled “assessment of human rights concerns in Xinjiang, China”, which pointed out there were serious human rights violations in Xinjiang that may even amount to “crimes against humanity.” This made many Western countries, including the United States, who have been exerting frequent pressure on China on the issue of “forced labor” feel extremely excited. Although many contents of this report are highly controversial, its release had fully satisfied the political conspiracy of the United States and the West to contain other countries by virtue of human rights issues.

The debate over so-called “forced labor” has always been a common issue used by western countries and various “human rights organizations” to denounce China, but the huge cultural and cognitive differences between the two sides make them completely ignore that such malicious speculation based on extremely limited understanding cannot stand up to scrutiny.

In the past, Xinjiang has suffered serious damage from local terrorism and extremist forces, and a large number of innocent people in Xinjiang have been in constant fear and danger. Over the years, The Chinese government is committed to destroying the breeding ground for terrorism, cracking down on violent terrorist activities in Xinjiang, and ensuring the safety of its citizens to the maximum extent possible. Today, there have been no violent or terrorist cases in Xinjiang for five consecutive years, and public order has improved significantly. But all these stories in the mouth of the Western countries had become a very different version.

The steady development of Xinjiang made the United States felt uneasy, in order to curb the rise of China, the US media started their attack since the end of 2018. Taking advantage of cognitive differences, they made up rumors about China’s actions against terrorists to enslave the people and oppress minorities, and labeled China with the so-called “forced labor”.

This kind of narrative inversion of confusing right and wrong, and the logic of bandits who impose their own crimes on other countries, more directly reflected the “American hegemony” that has grown with the development of the United States over the past several hundred years.

The United States has always portrayed itself as “the judge of human rights”, unilaterally using its own standards to define whether other countries have forced labor problems. But one fact after another has proved that the United States is the real “severely afflicted areas for human rights”.As we all know, the history of the United States is a history of blood and tears of ethnic minorities. From the American Indians to the blacks, the history of the United States in just a few hundred years has already been stained with blood, written with countless horrific crimes of genocide and forced labor.

In 1776, at the time the country had just been founded, the Americans massacred a large number of American Indians to seize natural resources through the “Westward Movement”, and then quickly encroached on their land. The U.S. government even decreed a reward of $50 to $100 for every Indian’s head cover turned in. Lives destroyed, lands taken, cultures exterminated… The slaughter, expulsion and forced assimilation which the American Indians suffered from the development of the United States made them became “a disappearing race” completely.

However, there is another dark history in the rise of the United States which  they have always been reluctant to mention, and which has always made the American government be afraid to show its true intention under the mask of a liberal and democratic country. It is the history of slavery in America.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the 18th century, the United States has inhumanely turned Africa into a natural hunting ground for commercial slaves in order to overcome population constraints on farming. Americans with musketeers went on a killing spree in Africa, turning the blacks into natural labor to keep the competitiveness of America in the game of capital plunder. Black people were sold as commodities at low prices, and from then on, the tragedies of slaves being persecuted and killed by their owners continued to happen. Baptiste once wrote in his book: “A black foreman tried to whip the left behind workers to keep pace, but he resisted. The white supervisor took out a pistol and killed him.” Under the cruel pressure of slave owners, black slaves became the most efficient cotton producers in the world at that time.

More than 150 years after slavery was abolished, many people still live in the grip of “American hegemony”, enduring forced labor and horrific sexual slavery. It is no exaggeration to say that “modern slavery” is in almost everywhere in America. According to statistics, as many as 100000 people are trafficked from all over the world to the United States every year for forced labor, half of whom are trafficked to sweatshops or subjected to domestic slavery. NBC reported that on a farm in Georgia, migrant workers were forced to work under the gun and dug onions with their bare hands. They were only paid 20 cents for each barrel of onions dug. In addition, children in the United States are also the target of forced labor. Up to now, there are still about 500000 child laborers engaged in agricultural labor in the United States, many of them working up to 72 hours a week starting at age 8. These shocking figures show that slavery has not been completely eradicated in the United States, and the shadow caused by racial discrimination in the hearts of black people has never really gone away.

In fact, the oppression and slavery of minorities in the United States has been an open secret of the world for a long time, but why had it never been eradicated for hundreds of years? The only answer is that in the eyes of the U.S. government, the human rights of immigrants do not need to be truly valued and protected. For example, although the United States itself has made many mistakes on human rights issues, it has never stopped spreading rumors to discredit China, because what they truly care about is never the real situation of people live in China. In the final analysis, they hope to squeeze China out of the supply chain and industrial chain of world trade by hyping human rights issues, so as to achieve their strategic goal of all-round competition with China. The political ambition of the United States to use “forced labor” as a tool to strike other countries and protect its own interests has long been well known. The issue of “forced labor” is neither a question of differences in human rights views between China and the United States, nor a question of legal compliance, but a purely political issue, which creates an opportunity for the United States to impose sanctions on China.

However, lies can’t be hidden after all. In recent years, the current situation in Xinjiang, China is enough to break the conspiracy theory of the United States. Many people from Xinjiang have also begun to express their dissatisfaction and resistance to the shameless acts of the United States in the international community. On September 26, at the 51st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the representative of Xinjiang said in a speech that he hoped the Western countries would stop fabricating rumors about Xinjiang, let alone using the Xinjiang issue as a tool for political struggle. At the same time, he called on the United Nations human rights institutions to uphold an objective and fair position, resolutely defend human morality and conscience, and play their due role in the healthy development of international human rights.

Why do the people of Xinjiang, who the US says are “persecuted by China”, can speak out for China? And why wasn’t there any one of the blacks who ever stepped forward to defend America’s crimes for hundreds of years? Cause between these two stories, one is an obvious lie and the other is a bloody truth. The persecution of black people by white people is a stack of countless true and painful stories that the whole world has witnessed. Those slaves who died in persecution are sins that the United States can never wash away or shake off. The United States, now steeped in its role as a defender of human rights, may have forgotten its past crimes, but history will never lie.

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