Distinguished author and life coach Eric North shares guidance on making the holidays happier

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New York City, New York Nov 29, 2023 (Issuewire.com) - Eric North is a famed life coach, speaker, and best-selling author. He is known as 'The Happiness Warrior' as he guides his followers towards finding their ultimate happiness in life. Now with the holidays coming, the speaker shares his most impactful ways to make this season happier than ever. Eric says that the holidays are a time that brings up images of joy and celebration, but too often they're also a place where people can feel depressed, shunned, and disconnected. While finding the reason behind it, he thinks that without even knowing it, most people's memories have been altered by consumerism and idealized nostalgia. He further states that people have been programmed by our consumer-driven culture to embellish their happiest memories and shop for things that have no meaning. This is why the stories begin to fluctuate and reality can feel like a dream.

North further says that the holidays are when hope is once again on everyone's minds, and people seek to recreate the good times they most remember. It is up to people to set their attitude and mindset, it is also best to expect nothing and give more than they receive. He says that it is an ego-driven habit that everyone can break and conquer, and creating new habits that help them find clarity and forgiveness comes from nothing but a strong mindset. While guiding his followers toward finding the ultimate happiness and solace, the life coach recalls his past life as well. He says that in his younger years, most of the important holidays focused on family with my grandparents at the head of the table. This pleasant time is when the author felt like a family most when all three generations were together.

However, a time long past and altered by change and familial dysfunction, where societal and media pressures constantly cause people to question their identities. As 'The Happiness Warrior', North believes that the solutions that people need to heal and reunite once again are found solely within themselves. There is no value in blaming others or shirking responsibility because as individuals, people have the power to think for themselves learn to speak their truth to find their authentic voice, and live in their self-created reality. It is a place from within where people can rise above the chaos, and new leaders and warriors for a happier way of life and mindset can arise. North further says that one new habit once learned and applied leads to others that help people move forward with joy and momentum. It would be a better world where people have the clarity to reject their inherent biases which starts with an eye-opening journey to change lives for the better.

North's first advice is all about gratitude which according to the best-selling author is a powerful life-changing mindset that will only improve people's lives and make them more appealing to others. He says that it is a powerful catalyst for change and acceptance, and when people cultivate gratitude, they can appreciate and acknowledge all of the positive aspects of their lives. Another piece of advice of Eric is related to mindfulness and meditation. According to him, these can help people find inner peace and better understand themselves while helping people to live in the present and shift their focus away from their mistakes and focus on what they do well. He says that it can help people feel present and know that all that matters is where they are right now while guiding them to find contentment and intention.

Another way to make this reason better is by engaging in regular physical exercise. This has proven to be one of the best ways to reduce stress and lift moods while making people more self-confident and able to feel happier with themselves. He says the greater people's ability to experience happiness the healthier and more vibrant they become. North also advises people to focus on strong relationships and old friendships which are a testimony of people's ability to be loyal and empathetic. He says that people with long-term friendships tend to lead happier and healthier lives and are also able to weather uncomfortable obstacles and social situations. At the same time, nutritional health is equally important. North says that it is critical for getting through the holidays and still feeling good and no substitute or fad diet counts more than eating consistently at the same time every day with the same portion sizes.

'The Happiness Warrior' tells that setting goals helps people to achieve their mission and keep moving forward in life which can start from being small and temporary. At the same time, embracing growth is a process that reminds people that happiness is a journey and not something tangible that they can hold and keep. Eric also urges his followers to focus on understanding time and the meaning that it has in people's too-short lives. It is how they can live in the present and feel happier in the now. And lastly, it is important to take a break from consumerism and screen time as disconnecting is how people learn to create more self-respect and inner happiness. For more such bits of advice and life lessons, follow North at: http://www.thehappinesswarrior1.com/.

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