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Adpost is introducing new options as a buildup to the New Year opening of the fully integrated Web3 Marketplace. The Voting Mechanism in place is a unique opportunity that allows voting members to vote to earn, encouraging timely user response.

Singapore, Singapore Nov 13, 2022 ( - Adpost is introducing a new fully integrated Web3 Marketplace in order to establish a more viable and stable introduction into the Web3 environment. This is all the more important given the recent challenges faced in the fields of cryptocurrencies, the NFT marketplaces, and the Metaverse. 

There is currently a great deal of speculation online about why Web3 technologies have not miraculously saved the world. It took time for society and individuals to adjust to the new challenges of the first Industrial Revolution. So too will the integration of Web3 technologies before they can grow and mature into a more meaningful experience.

In fairness, the introduction of Web3 technologies to the general public has faced literally unprecedented challenges. The digital transformation of society and the digital business model have both been successful to some degree, but other aspects of digital life seem to have stumbled. The ongoing controversy surrounding Meta and the Metaverse is just one example.

NFT Artwork became a craze during the height of the global lockdowns. In many cases, literal clip art was being sold for outrageous fees. Much of this NFT Artwork apparently, was to decorate the new homes and office spaces so many people were buying up in the Metaverse, and all for what purpose?

As a result, far too many people feel as if they may have been misled about the new normal and the technological revolution. It is true that online work and even shopping, playing, and socializing online have all become more commonplace. Still, there are entire virtual realms that remain more scarcely populated than the few ghost towns remaining around the world.

People have been sold a dream of living in the clouds, or within the cloud as it may be, and discovered it to be more illusory than real. Despite this misunderstanding or even deception in some of the more blatant instances, the digital transformation continues. The internet has become an integral part of life and will continue to play an increasingly important role in how society functions.

The full and complete integration of Web3 technologies must be fully implemented before Web5 technologies can be introduced as a benefit to society. It is necessary to give people something to reach for, true. Still, people must also be able to have something that is at least figuratively tangible in nature.

One of the means for accomplishing this has been the introduction of decentralized technologies. A large portion of the global society is collectivist and tends to mistrust centralized authority. This has led to the formation of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO. 

This type of organizational structure is rapidly evolving and the Limited Liability Autonomous Organizations or LAO is the result of this first level of transition. The exact nature of Web5 Technologies may still be hotly contested, but virtually all visions of Web5 place a greater emphasis on user interaction in decentralized systems.

Human Nature has continued to be fickle in such decentralized systems, however. Apathy is perhaps a common trait for people, especially given the controversy currently surrounding Web3 technologies and the digital transformation of society. Add in the empty promises and delusional fads spurred on by the isolation and resulting "cabin fever" of the global population, and the current scenario is understandable.

In order to address the utilitarian function of the Web3 environment, Adpost is currently developing its Web3 Marketplace which it estimates can be open in time for the new year. This will allow people to experience a more practical application of Web3 technology without being sold empty promises.

The ability to actively engage in the purchase and sale of items in an immersive and interactive Web3 Environment is just the opening round for the development team at Adpost. The tokenized systems in place will allow for the creation of decentralized organizations such as the DAO and other decentralized, community-driven advances.

This will provide Adpost community members the opportunity to select their own direction in terms of the practical application of the tokenized system, and limited aspects of the other Web3 and even Web5 technologies. There is still the concern that people may not wish to be actively involved, even when it is in their best interest.

In order to address this issue, Adpost is introducing the Vote To Earn voting mechanism as a means to encourage the timely and active participation of all its community members. The Vote To Earn system, in conjunction with the Smart Contracts, is adjustable in nature, and provides varying degrees of reward for participation.

In some votes, it may be necessary for people to be engaged rapidly if the Web3 or Web5 digital business model is going to remain profitable. In such cases, larger rewards may be given for immediate responses, with the rewards being decreased over the course of time.

In other cases, a more reasoned approach may be required of the voting members. In such instances, rewards may be restricted to those who have selected the winning results from the ballot. Human nature is perhaps the most challenging aspect of any business model, as any Human Resource specialists will readily attest.

The Vote To Earn model will serve not only the Web3 community but also any digital business model that requires a voting mechanism to be in place. This style of voting mechanism will continue to serve the NFT Communities and the current iteration of the decentralized autonomous organizations.

At the same time, the fluid nature of smart contracts allows for this same style of voting mechanism to be introduced beyond the Web3 experience and into the realm of Web5 technologies. The Vote To Earn voting mechanism is currently being tested through a series of "Me In The Metaverse" Art Contests sponsored by Adpost. It is not enough to just introduce an idea, there must be a viable working model in place.

The Vote To Earn system being tested on Adpost is just a smaller version of a much larger system. As more people become actively engaged in working, and even playing games to earn money online, the Vote To Earn model serves as a means to ensure the utilitarian function of the system, the success of the digital business, and the satisfaction of the community or business members. For anyone who is interested in more information about the preservation and continued growth of Web3 and decentralized, community-driven organizations, please feel free to reach out to Adpost for more information. 

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