Renowned Marketer Kellen Kautzman Shares Insights on Integrating AI and Prioritizing Love in Business on Business Networking Influencers Podcast

The Business Networking Influencers podcast, hosted by Tim Nifton, recently welcomed Kellen Kautzman, CEO of Send It Rising, as a special guest. In this thought-provoking episode, Kautzman shared his unique perspective on the integration of AI in marketing, as well as the importance of prioritizing love and forgiveness in business.

Kautzman, a former Spanish teacher who found his calling in the world of digital marketing, discussed the profound impact of AI on the industry. “Now that AI is prevalent, I’m on top of it. Marketing in 2024 has to be 100% attached to that. So pay-per-click, SEO, web design, everything touches AI now,” Kautzman explained. “We’re staying on top of it, which makes it a lot cheaper for folks than it used to be.”

Delving deeper into the topic, Kautzman shared his insights on the challenges of distinguishing AI-generated content from human-written work. “I don’t believe that we have a grasp on it because ChatGPT 4 uses Bing search functionality. And so it’ll give you multiple results, and then you can thumbs up or thumbs down it. So it can acquiesce so quickly to the changes that are happening that how could you code something that could determine whether or not that is AI content or not?”

However, Kautzman’s focus extends far beyond the technical aspects of marketing. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing love and forgiveness in business, stating, “Prioritizing the way we make people feel is so important.” This sentiment is reflected in Kautzman’s approach to his own company, where he strives to create a “loving environment” for his employees.

“The most important thing to take away is extreme responsibility for our thoughts,” Kautzman shared. “I do not allow negative thoughts into my head without warding them off. Because I still think negative thoughts for sure. They pop in there all the time. I see them, and I go, ‘Nope.'”

This mindset of positivity and forgiveness has been a guiding force in Kautzman’s entrepreneurial journey. He shared a poignant example of how this philosophy has impacted his work, saying, “I was on the board of Hopelink, and I was sitting down with a C-level executive there, just the other day. And both of us ended up weeping in a business meeting because his son had recently committed suicide. And I am not going to let a boardroom or a what I believe should or should not happen with the context of a business relation stop me from being a human being.”

Kautzman’s insights resonated deeply with host Tim Nifton, who praised the guest’s unique approach. “Kellen’s willingness to go against the grain and share the importance of love and forgiveness in the business world is truly inspiring,” Nifton said. “His insights challenge the traditional notions of success and remind us that true fulfillment comes from prioritizing human connection and compassion.”

The Business Networking Influencers podcast continues to provide a platform for thought-provoking conversations that empower entrepreneurs and business leaders. With Kellen Kautzman’s appearance, listeners were treated to a refreshing perspective on the intersection of technology, marketing, and the human element in the world of business.

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