New Book: Trickle Down For Dummies by Ronald Regain


The United States is flirting with Civil War II.  American Middle Class…This is your wakeup call!  It’s high noon and while you were sleeping you were slowly and softly being annihilated.  WAKE UP!!!

Middle-class wealth has dropped 47% since the 2007/2008 Recession.  Less than ½ of Americans are now considered “middle class”.  Over 10 million families were thrown out of their homes and into the streets in the biggest land grab in history by banks that were touted as being “too big to fail.”

All while the very Bank Executives and Wall Street Financiers that caused the recession were paid millions upon millions of dollars in bonuses for destroying our own countrymen, women, and children.  And then you (the Middle Class) paid another (yes, another) $700 BILLION to bail them out!

Drop any allegiance to your political party as you read this book. It depicts economic terrorism against America’s Middle Class. It depicts terrorism executed by Americans on Americans:

  • For those of you that went to college…you came out of school $100,000 in debt and the only jobs that you can find might pay $18,000 -$20,000 a year.  Why?  Offshore-outsourcing to cheaper countries.
  • Do you know that for each gallon of gas you buy at the pump, $1 goes directly into the pockets of the one-tenth of the “one-percent?”
  • War is BIG BUSINESS!  80% of all war costs go to Big Oil… who, ironically enough, also own many of the companies used to support infrastructure in war-torn nations.
  • The 2010 US Supreme Court decision re-defined Corporations as “people” instead of institutions allowing the wealthiest Americans, big corporations, and foreign money contributors the legal authority to give unlimited money to any President, political party, candidate, judge and/or congressman/woman, on any federal, state or local level they choose.  How can, “one man one vote” ever stand against seemingly endless corporate donations?

We have become a nation, “of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.”

Our nation has become an oligarchy, a nation run by a “ruling class elite” and the rest of us are merely surfs making them richer and wealthier with every purchase we make.

We were taught in grade school that terrorism on one’s own people is treason.  What gives?

Solutions…?  You’ll have to read the book. 

About the author:  Until the age of 39 Ronald Regain raised a family of 6 kids on Long Island, sold IBM computers and managed a software business.  He went on to law school at 41 and became a patent attorney.  He has over 1000 issued patents to his credit that also includes his own Star Wars U.S. Patent No 8,757,552.  After moving to Florida he ran on the GOP ticket for the U.S. Congress in 1986 and is an ex-Marine.  Semper Fi!

Soft cover/8.5 x 11/178 pages ISBN 9781490767277

E Book/178 pages/ISBN 9781490767260

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About Patent Law Office of Rick Martin, PC

Billion-dollar corporations are buying special interests while the American people are being short-changed by trickle-down economic policies that have been practiced for decades.
Are we a nation asleep on our feet? Wake up, America. Learn how trickle-down economics if affecting your and future generations.

Read full release at New Book: Trickle Down For Dummies by Ronald Regain.

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