Revolutionary, Disease-Preventing Pet Product Launches on Indiegogo!

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A simple, new oral care product can prevent life-threatening diseases, in pets!

"PETiodontal Diseases" are initiated by periodontal (gum) disease, which affects 80% of dogs and cats, and can be easily prevented, with The GUMLINERS®!

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - Oct. 25, 2017 - PRLog -- Dr. Salvatore DeRicco has recently launched crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo, in support of his GUMLINERS®. Uniquely designed to prevent many serious diseases in cats and dogs, these products target pets' gumlines - to simplify disease-prevention, where it originates.

GUMLINERS® come in 3 sizes, and Dr. DeRicco has launched a crowdfunding campaign for each one, with each geared to raise $18,000 within the next 15 days.

"160,000,000 pets cannot be wrong!  'PETiodontal Diseases' is a term I've coined, to call attention to the fact that periodontal disease ("gum disease") is rampant amongst dogs and cats - an estimated 160 million pets (80%) suffer from the disease, in the U.S., alone!  But periodontal disease can be highly detrimental, as it not only results in 'dog breath', 'kitty breath' and tooth loss, but can also lead to life-threatening diseases - including heart, liver, lung and kidney diseases, diabetes, and even tumors; hence, the 'collective term' 'PETiodontal Diseases', stated Dr. DeRicco.

Unfortunately, though, many pet owners are unaware of these correlations and do not provide routine pet oral care, which can prevent periodontal disease. They believe they would have to brush their pets' teeth as thoroughly as they brush their own teeth, which would be very difficult for both pet and owner, alike.  Also, presently available pet toothbrushes are often too large, stiff, or inadequate for pets' oral care and can pose difficulty and/or discomfort in reaching the gumlines.  And veterinarians complain that no pet toothbrush on the market is even capable of reaching the upper molars - which curve inward, in dogs' mouths. This all results in inadequate pet oral care and the alarming incidence of gum disease and allied "PETiodontal Diseases", in our dogs and cats.

"The revolutionary GUMLINERS® will address all of these issues - to permit simple, efficient, and effective oral care for pets. Since pets rarely get cavities, GUMLINERS® simplify oral care by being designed to target the gumline - where periodontal disease originates. We have three sizes - to best fit all sizes of cats and dogs. Now, we are looking forward to beginning mass production of The GUMLINERS® and, hence, have launched these Indiegogo campaigns. Your generous support will help pet owners to 'Sweep the Gumlines' and assure a healthier life for our furry friends," added Dr. DeRicco.

"The GUMLINERS® are double-ended oral care brushes, designed with much smaller heads than human and pet toothbrushes, and with just a single row of short, soft bristles – for fit and comfort.  Despite pets' teeth being highly variable in height – resembling a city skyline, their gumlines have rather straight, level contours – like the sidewalk of that city – so it's easy to target, 'follow', and 'sweep' them.  Let's get 'SWEEP the GUMLINE!'™ to start sweeping the nation!" exclaimed Dr. DeRicco.

Regarding the history behind The GUMLINERS®, Dr. DeRicco explained that they are modifications of his award-winning Spot Less Brush®, which he designed specifically for his and all orthodontic patients.

"I have consulted with hundreds of veterinarians and veterinary technicians regarding recommended, effective, and easier pet oral care and The GUMLINERS® embody all that I've learned from them.  I have tested the prototypes with numerous pet owners, and each time The GUMLINERS® have passed with flying colors," he explained.

Backers would be rewarded with GUMLINERS® at highly discounted prices.

To show your support for the campaigns, log onto and choose your pet's(s') size(s) or visit:

Dr. Salvatore DeRicco

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