Pilates Preacher Offers Free Fitness Assessment

Laura Burdo a.k.a. The Pilates Preacher is offering a free fitness assessment for new clients. By scheduling an appointment with Laura, a Pilates Cincinnati practitioner, a person can obtain an up to date, concise, and frank assessment of his or her health status.

Laura Burdo is leading pilates Cincinnati instructor and wellness consultant. She has also done speaking engagements on topics related to wellness, Pilates, and healthcare. Her pilates studio is located at 4415 Plainville Road where she conducts classes.

Ms. Burdo, a former Miss Ohio, Gold-Certified Health Coach, Medical Exercise Therapist, and Personal Trainer has been in this fitness industry for 30 years now. She is a certified Pilates and Barre teacher.

Pilates is a method of mindful exercise developed by Joseph Pilates. He was the founder of Contrology – the original name for the Pilates method of exercise. Joseph used to say, "10 sessions can make one feel better. In 20 sessions, one will look better. In 30 sessions, one will have a whole new body."

Pilates is a complete conditioning system comprised of movements performed on a mat and/or specific apparatus. Pilates addresses imbalances in the body to restore wholeness. It improves strength, flexibility, control, and muscular symmetry. This system is known for promoting elongated and toned muscles, proper posture, and abdominal integrity. Above all, it connects the mind, body, and spirit.

Ms. Burdo said, "Mr. Pilates touted that we must first train the brain, as it’s the mind itself which builds the body. As time went on, I had the revelation that this is a missing link to so much more of what ails us. This is why I refer to it as inspired integration for the whole being.” She further added, “Many do not know that The Pilated Method not only builds the body, but has a methodology for the mind, and a philosophy for life. It was these fundamental components that established the field of rehabilitation that we use today and has virtually revolutionized the entire world of fitness."

Clients can choose from mat, various apparatus, or private Pilates classes from the comforts of Ms. Burdo’s pilates Cincinnati studio. Their Pilates experience can be chosen from a wide range of customized styles.

Aside from pilates, Ms. Burdo also offers health consulting and personal training. She can share her wealth of knowledge in fitness and healthcare individually, in small group gatherings, and in public speaking. Her physical training programs can also be on individual or group basis and can be staged in home or other designated facility.

"The decision to improve health is one of the most important choices to make. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," Ms. Burdo surmised.

Appointments can be set with Ms. Burdo by contacting this number (513) 633-2225 or simply go to her webpage www.burdostudios.com for online booking.


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