First Stable Coins Totally Backed By Bitcoin USDQ and KRWQ By Platinum Q DAO Engineering Now Listed on DEEX Exchange

USDQ and KRWQ are on Deex

USDQ and KRWQ are on Deex

BEACHMONT, KINGSTOWN, ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, June 13, 2019 / -- Platinum Q DAO Engineering has announced a new listing for the stable coins USDQ and KRWQ, the decentralized stable assets that are fully collateralized by Bitcoin. The USDQ token is fully backed by Bitcoin deposits, smart contract and series of token security mechanisms make its price to remain at a 1:1 ratio with the U.S. Dollar. The same applies for the Korean-won version KRWQ. The stable assets are listed on DEEX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the BitShares 2.0 platform, a cryptocurrency exchange marketplace.

The Unhackable Decentralized Exchange

DEEX is a decentralized exchange developed on the BitShares 2.0 platform. The platform was designed as an alternative to using centralized exchanges and therefore avoiding issues such as security threats, unfair competition, dangers of sanctions, political factors, and more. The platform makes use of the blockchain implementation called Graphene. This is an Open Source implementation originally developed as the foundation of Bitshares. The founding team chose this technology as an extremely fast and reliable tech stack without any hacking records since it was created.

The New Generation of Fully Backed Stable Coins

USDQ and KRWQ have similar functions. They are both part of the Q DAO ecosystem of components. These stable assets were created as a solution to moving value anywhere in the world using cryptocurrency but eliminating its inherent and ever-present volatility. Each USDQ and KRWQ issued are fully backed by deposits made by users in Bitcoin which trigger a smart contract that automatically issues the right amount of tokens. These Bitcoin deposits are always held in segregated wallets under a Bitcoin asset control system and become locked positions by the Q DAO smart contract which will only release the collateral once the USDQ or KRWQ tokens are paid back into the system.

"Decentralized exchanges represent the future of cryptocurrency adoption. The fact that decentralization allows users to hold their own keys and trade with higher security standards is key to building a trustless financial ecosystem that is fully digital. Our goal is to have USDQ and KRWQ listed on as many cryptocurrency exchange platforms we can to increase their liquidity and adoption. This is why we were thrilled to make a deal with DEEX to list them on their platform. This will be the first of many more to come”, the Platinum Q DAO Engineering team stated.

The DEEX platform, along with margin trading and spot trading cryptocurrency exchange BTCNEXT, headline the list of exchanges where users can trade USDQ and other Q DAO family stable coins in the future freely taking advantage of its mechanisms against volatility. Crypto enthusiasts and traders can obtain more information about these platforms here and here and can learn more about how USDQ and KRWQ represent a new generation of stable coins that are fully auditable and completely backed by existing crypto.

About Platinum Q DAO Engineering and BTCNEXT

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is an international consulting, promotion, and fundraising company building a future where all assets—from money to commodities to securities—will be digitized and can move instantaneously 24/7. The company's mission is to make people's lives better and facilitate economic growth by developing cutting-edge products that provide trustworthy, safe, and seamless access to any virtual assets.

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BTCNEXT is a next-generation spot and margin trading platform developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering. The exchange is designed for beginners and delivered by experts. In order to protect investors’ funds, BTCNEXT developers have implemented more than 300 security measures that secure funds on every step of the trading process. For information on BTCNEXT, visit their website and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Medium or LinkedIn.

# Q DAO diary { 375, round: 1, 20 days until ieo#2, Q DAO price: $1.99 }
# BTCNEXT diary { 267, daily volume ~$11800k, 25 coins listed, IEO count "3", BNX price $n/a }

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