Bitcoin Oil Services, LLC Creates Significant Revenue Streams by Executing a Definitive Agreement to Acquire an Oilfield Waste Disposal and Recycling Facility

HOUSTON, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Bitcoin Oil Inc. ( ("BTCO") is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bitcoin Oil Services, LLC ("BOS") has executed a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the assets and associated permits of an oilfield waste recycling facility for $5,500,000. The closing is expected to occur on or before August 15, 2019. BOS, with permits already in place, will be a complete recycling facility comparable to no other in Texas. This trailblazing facility will eliminate antiquated disposal methods of harmful drilling byproducts and contribute to producer profits by eliminating potential liability costs associated with environmental pollutions.

BOS will acquire the permits to operate the oilfield waste recycling facility with the authority to make. This special permit allows the company to offer a "Certificate of Destruction" for the waste delivered by the producer to this facility, the sterile byproduct being sold for road base materials. The State of Texas passed a House Bill 1331 bill in 2016 that gives operators the authority to take their waste to a recycling facility and receive a Certificate of Destruction. The significance to the producer/operator is unquantifiable because the EPA has a rule that the operators are liable from "Cradle to Grave". The rule holds all waste generators responsible for their waste that is put into a landfill perpetually. This simply means that if there is a problem in the landfill at any time in the future that each waste generator will be liable for clean-up according to the volume of waste that they dispose of at the landfill. The BOS recycling facility removes the producer/operators from any current and future liability.

The invaluable capacity to relieve the producer from financial liabilities while recycling oilfield waste into lucrative byproducts like crude oil, diesel fuel, clean cuttings/dirt and road base for BOS. This innovative, multifaceted recycling facility will position BOS at the forefront of environmental remediation.

The BOS recycling facility, unlike most oilfield wastes and solids treating facilities in Texas, is designed for 1) maximum environmental protection for the producer, and 2) will exceed all state and federal regulatory requirements, and 3) will generate multiple streams of revenue for BOS via the salt water disposal and byproduct remediation.

This new facility has an impressive land area, under a long-term lease, consisting of one hundred (100) acres, more or less. Approximately fifteen (15) acres are used for recycling and operational purposes while the remaining acreage will be used for equipment storage, gravel mining, and future expansion with the entire area is fenced. The area also will be fully lighted and continuously monitored by an security camera system. Protection mechanisms and system regulations will be built into the computer architecture to enforce policies and protect from the potential of internal threats.

This location will house two sets of State certified scales, one scale house, one pugmill, one permitted waste receiving pit, two permitted waste treating pits, one, four-bay, truck wash facility, and one frac-tank yard. The facility already has a permitted, commercial saltwater disposal well and tank battery facility capable of handling 25,000 barrels per day of incoming and recycled salt water, frac fluids, and facility produced water. Any oil skimmed from these combined operations will be another source of income.

Furthermore, besides the regulatory permits to operate an oilfield waste recycling facility, BOS will also be permitted to produce freshwater from the Carrizo formation for internal usage and third-party sales, and Railroad Commission of Texas permits to operate a truck wash facility. The produced fresh water from the Carrizo well can be sold to drilling companies via a 50,000-barrel heavily lined, permitted earthen pit.

BOS will also own a Kaolin quarry. The Kaolin quarry is estimated to have 1 million yards of material available. The Kaolin will be used in the blending of road base with the processed solids from the recycling facility. This will make a superior road base using the solids extracted from the recycling facility combined with the kaolin and other additives.

The processing plant will consist of a Thermal Desorption Unit. The unit receives the material via an auger and hopper. The material travels through the rotary drum and is heated to 640 plus degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature vaporizes all water and oil from the cuttings. The water and oil are captured, condensed, then separated. The water and oil are pumped to their respective tanks. The off gas is consumed in a thermal oxidizer. The thermal oxidizer assures the emissions from the plant are clean. The solids are transferred, rehydrated, and cooled via an auger and fresh water cooling system. The solids are transferred to the road base blending area via a roll-off box and loaders for further blending. The road base material is blended via a pugmill. The pugmill has three hoppers and precisely blends the material into the road base.

All waste material is weighed in to the facility and the producers/operators are billed, as a "gate fee", for all incoming waste.

BTCO is projecting a yearly gross revenue in the amount of $13.24 million dollars from nine sources of revenue generated from one, single facility. After deducting for yearly expenses in the amount of $4,1 million dollars BTCO anticipates yearly net cash totaling $9.13 million dollars. After competing the initial facility, BTCO plans to build out four (4) new facilities within two (2) years; all facilities generating a combined yearly revenue exceeding $66 million dollars.

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