Marc Cayce is raising awareness to environmental issues in the movie Flint Tale

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The independent film director is paving the way for uprising music artist ,actors and actress to make an impact during the pandemic

Jacksonville, Aug 25, 2020 ( - Film director Marc Cayce is the movie director for the movie Flint Tale. This is a movie that raises several issues. One of the issues is the awareness of environmental issues surrounding the water crisis in Flint Michigan. The Flint water crisis is a public health crisis that started in 2014, after the drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan was changed.  In 2014. Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water sourced from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River. Due to the officials failing to apply corrosion inhibitors to the water. As a result of this lead from aging pipes leaked into the water supply, leading to extremely elevated levels of heavy metal neurotoxin and exposing over 100.000 residents to elevated lead levels. This is an issue that is occurring in African American communities A study conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientists found that minority and poorer communities are disproportionately affected by air pollution relative to the overall population.

 The movie Flint Tale directed by Marc Cayce with Marie Y. Lemelle as the producer which consists of a combination of legendary actors as new inspiring actors. The cast includes: Hawthorne James, Erica Peeples, Tory Monay, Idrees Degas, Marc Cayce, Titus Thorpe, King Wesley, Shacola Thompson, Vernon Elijah Green Jr., Sirelle Wilkerson, Kevin McGaffey, Ocean Emerald, Orlando Peay, Tecoya Harris 

The actors help deliver the finish touches on the movie which touches on several issues other than environmental issues in the story. It touches on the effects of the water crisis, health issues, corruption, the effects of a crisis can have on families, the loss of ones. Also, the impact of a jail sentence can have on a marriage. These are all real-life issues that occur in the world today.  When a crisis occurs it affects people emotionally and financially.  When a person a serves a jail sentence it can result in the spouse cheating.

Marc's vision for the movie didn't just raise awareness, he gave a visual diary of how the aftermath of crisis can affect families, how it affects families and he filmed it Flint so that you can see these issues were occurring in African American Communities. These are world issues that you may not ever see on a major film. But, the appreciation of an independent film telling the story about a disgraced former Police  Chief Daniel Hartwell of Flint, MI, his cheating wife, Poppy Hartwell, and his two adult daughters, Destiny and Chasity during the aftermath of Flint water crisis being in Flint touches on all of these issues. This is a movie for the world to see in the US, and outside of the country. Some may ask why? This is because some 3,000 areas of the United States recorded lead poisoning rates at least double to those in Flint during the peak of that city's contamination crisis. Now that we are currently living in the world there is a pandemic. The pandemic has exposed America's clean water crisis where millions live without access to clean water in the US, and the conronavirus has left them in further turmoil. When you consider all of these issues covered in a storyline it should help you acquire a passion for Indie films.  Indie films are driven by artistic vision, not the box office. They tell stories of the human experience and how we get by in this world we all live in. Their stories dig deep inside of you and make you feel emotions that big-budget blockbusters only scratch the surface of.

Let's face it!  You have the pandemic, and the water crisis, where we need in water in order to practice the safety guidelines recommended. The pandemic is affecting everyone financially. But, in the film and music industry, it's impacting the craft of creativity from being able to educate. However, Marc has found a way to continue to make this happen. It was important for Marc to give audiences the real Flint and illustrate the struggle in the community."  Marc Cayce is a native of Detroit, Michigan and USC graduate. He states the movie is the ONLY feature film about Flint, Michigan that was actually shot on location. He brought hope into Flint by hiring local talent as cast and crew members." 

He is also paving the way for new inspiring actors to launch career in film, and for an independent music artist to make be able to release music on a platform.  Marc will be releasing the Flint Tale Soundtrack from the original motion picture Flint Tale, which feature's the music artist Orlando Peay, Bootleg, Top Authority, KellieKel, Intelligent Diva, and Troy LAZ.

Independent films can shock, amaze, and make you take a second look at the world around you, and are a gift to the world of film. His passion to deliver education about what happens in the world and our communities should be received in a positive way across the globe.

One of the artists, Intelligent Diva shared with us, that she was delighted to be apart of the project because the movie was raising awareness of something that she could relate to. The artist shared with us she was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida near an area which was called the Browns Dump. Browns dump occupies about  250 acres in Jacksonville, Florida. It was located at  4300 Pearce Street. In the mid-1990s, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) discovered moderate levels of contamination in the soil where the ash was deposited. Over the next several years, studies and tests confirmed the presence of lead, arsenic, dioxin,and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in the soil. She lived on a home that sat on this soil built by her grandmother. There were a total of  4 generations who lived in the home. Two generations attended the school Mary Mcleod Bethune which sat on the dumpsite.3 generations who grew up in the home are now closed.  Some homes were condemned and apartments were condemned. Lead poisoning and Asthma are prevalent among children in the United States. Although, health officials would not admit. The artist left Jacksonville, Florida in the early 1990s.  There was a settlement but the artist was out of the country and received compensation. Therefore, she was apart of the project because it's raising awareness of environmental issues. Therefore, it wasn't about the money, it was about having the opportunity to receive another platform to release her music on which affiliated with a cause.

During the pandemic, the water crisis a lot of lives have been lost. In our African American communities, lives have been lost to police brutality. Let's continue to support independent films and independent artist who created a body of work to educate about real-life experiences and world experiences occurring today.  Be on the lookout for the Flint Tale Sound Track release on September 7th.

You can view the movie trailer for Flint Tale on YouTube at the following link below: 

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