AXXA highlights future growth plans for 1Myle Crypto Swaps Division, on track targeting up to $20,000,000 in revenue: Exxe Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AXXA)

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AXXA highlights future growth plans for 1Myle Crypto Swaps Division, on track targeting up to $20,000,000 in revenue: Exxe Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AXXA)
  • Acquisition Based Company Operating in Real Estate, Sustainable Technology, Media, Agribusiness, and Financial Services.

  • Currently Strengthening Company Balance Sheet by Reducing Aged Debt and Potential Share Count. 

  • December 2021 Quarterly Revenue Jumped by 53.1% to New Record $14.2M vs 2020 Results. 

  • Net Income Soared to Record $3.4M, Up 41.8% From Dec 2020 Qtr. 

  • Patent Purchase of Revolutionary, Energy Efficient Technology Which Can Deliver Revenue Potentially of $40 Million or More Per Annum.

Exxe Group, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AXXA), a diversified fintech, private equity, and real estate company, is pleased to announce that its 1Myle Crypto Swaps Division has achieved significant operational and infrastructure progress in recent months, affirming it is an attractive resource for customers of all types and sizes. As a result, Exxe continues to target up to $20 million in revenue over the next four quarters, with forecasted favorable profit margins.

Over the last quarter, 1Myle Swaps has essentially been operating in beta test mode. While in beta, 1Myle Swaps elected to limit the number of active clients and hours of operation to ensure there would be no bandwidth or execution issues. In addition, management used this opportunity to test security and transaction speed, along with accurate algorithm processes and seamless integration with multiple platforms and ecosystem participants. As outlined below, 1Myle Swaps achieved other milestones and is positioned to emerge as a notable, active player among leading crypto swaps exchanges. With thousands of customers routinely using the exchange even during the beta stage, 1Myle Swaps appears to be an attractive resource for customers.


During the last quarter:

  • Integrated and tested more than double the number of crypto tokens previously processed.

  • The number of swap pairs on the platform jumped from 20 original pairs to roughly 1000

  • Automated operational availability rose to eight hour daily segments, on the way to 24/7

  • This dramatic increase in the number of pairs significantly expands 1Myle capabilities and enhances the likelihood of a series of quarterly gains in revenues over the upcoming quarters.

  • Transaction security and safety improved w/2-factor authentications and double AML verification

  • Increased activity is also attributed to improved Ethereum(ETH) transaction execution costs

  • More popular tokens on 1Myle added; leading tokens include BTC, USDT, ETH, XMR, SHIB, DOGE, DAI, TRX, XRP, SOL, and more

Upcoming Milestones

AXXAs 1Myle Swaps leadership is focused on growth across the board to meet financial objectives. As a result, the emphasis is to quickly scale the business in terms of revenue, customers, activity, dollar volume, and margins. With a strong back-end and feature-rich front-end, we believe that the company is well-positioned to meet our revenue goal.

In addition to increasing dollar volume and activity, management is focusing on adding new, large customers seeking arbitrage by enhancing our back-end and blockchain integration capabilities. In this fashion, 1Myle Swaps can attract new blockchain networks, add more swaps, and an API to foster e-commerce businesses’ financial transactions growth. The company plans to also add new features to the front-end and other interfaces, driving new customer growth.

1Myle Swaps is not just focused on market penetration and customer activity growth but on operating efficiency as well. For example, early on the company employed a large staff of programmers and support staff to operate a bare-bones system and troubleshoot exceptions and errors. As the exchange has evolved, 1Myle Swaps has been able to reduce the number of staff required to operate and maintain the services. This shift should lead to improved efficiency and reduced expenses, with the objective of improving overall profit margins.

Dr. Eduard Nazmiev, AXXA CEO, stated, “We are very happy with the progress of the 1Myle swaps team. The progress has been beyond expectations. The 1Myle team will help the company to reach the goal of reaching 100 million in revenue this year. As the new fiscal year starts tomorrow 1Myle’s anticipated $20 Million contribution will be very beneficial. In addition, Exxe Group’s strength has always been its diversification and we are extremely happy to see that our digital economy businesses bearing fruit.”


Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC: AXXA) is a diversified fintech corporation focusing on acquisitions in the following sectors: real estate, sustainable technology, media, agribusiness, and financial services. The AXXA strategy is to acquire controlling equity interests in undervalued companies and undertake an active role in improving their performance – accelerating their growth by REAKING News:

  • AXXA Moves to Reduce Debt, Adjust Future Share Count, Enhancing Shareholder Value

On March 9th AXXA announced that it is in the process of strengthening its balance sheet by reducing, eliminating, or adjusting aged debt, thereby increasing equity and shareholder value, along with lessening potential future share count.

AXXA management has identified up to $20 million of aged debt carrying the first half of 2022 maturities that shall be amended via conversion into restricted preferred equity, or into debt with maturities to extend additional 36 months. In conjunction with the balance sheet enhancements, AXXA plans to limit stock issuances during June 2022 quarter. These steps are designed to serve as a positive for AXXA and its investors. First, debt reduction and simultaneous equity conversion should translate into a greater equity value and reduced liabilities. Second, completing a limited stock issuance in one transaction should reduce potential multiple additions to the share count and increase confidence in the overall business model.

As with the debt settlement, the AXXA objective is to eliminate up to $4M of accrued interest and long-term debt. Up to $8M or nearly 10% of total outstanding debt is planned to be converted to restricted preferred equity while only a limited issuance is planned in the June 2022 draft period representing less than 1% of total debts. This event will reduce potential, future share overhangs versus the completion of multiple transactions during the period. AXXA believes that this restructuring of debt will put the company in a stronger capital structure, potentially opening up greater private equity and real estate acquisition opportunities.

AXXA businesses that are targeted for debt recapitalizations or asset reallocations include Hemp and Agribusiness provider Flying Creek division(FCD), energy products provider Lucent Led Tech(LLT), AXXA Digital Communities(ADC), as well as AXXA Autoparts, M MOTO division(AMD). In the coming weeks, management will finalize specific changes for these businesses and possibly other AXXA related divisions. These changes include varying percentages of debt reduction and the remainder converting into restricted preferred equity. The remaining current debt portion terms shall be lengthened into future maturity dates.

  • Record Revenue and Net Income for December 2021 Quarter

On February 16th AXXA announced its three-month and nine-month results for the period ended December 31, 2021.

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Financial Highlights

AXXA generated record quarterly results for both revenue and net income for the period. Revenue for the December 2021 quarter (3Q22) was $14,181,451 as compared with $9,263,526 for the same period a year ago, and $13,279,551 for 2Q22 which ended just ninety days earlier. As illustrated in the table above, revenue jumped by 53.1% year-over-year while net income rose by 41.8% to $3,390,829 versus $2,390,785 last year. Net income enjoyed a 17.2% increase on a sequential basis as compared with September 2021 (2Q22), resulting in a strong 24% net profit margin.

For the nine month period, revenue grew by 62.2% to $38,483,715, up from $23,723,944, while net income jumped by 56.3% to $7,816,993, as compared with $4,999,146.

AXXA also enjoyed a big rise in quarterly gross profit and gross profit margin from the year-ago period. Gross profit in the December 2021 quarter grew by over 114% to $6.7 million versus 3.1 million in 3Q21, which resulted in a gross profit margin of 47.4% versus 33.8% in 3Q21. The gross profit margin also enjoyed a healthy rise from the September 2021 (2Q22) levels as the margin was 45.1% for the prior period. While operating expenses grew to reflect the increase in revenue, operating margin of 26.3% compared with the 10.9% margin for 3Q21.

It should be noted that operating margins of 25% or greater are typically associated with firms largely engaged in fintech, online, and health care businesses, which remain a clear management emphasis. Thus, AXXA believes that these enhanced gross profit and operating performances could continue, given the migration and evolution of AXXA key assets toward a digital, online focus. In general, this performance also demonstrates that the AXXA private equity business model is effective while surpassing internal expectations.

AXXA also enjoyed increases in assets and shareholder’s equity for the fiscal December 2021 quarter. Total assets of $252,140,258 grew by 17%, up from $215,442,113 while shareholder’s equity enjoyed a 25.4% increase to $165,319,067 compared with $131,844,474 in 3Q21.

Business Highlights

In late November, AXXA provided guidance of an estimated $49 million – $53 million in revenue along with 15-20% net margins for the fiscal year ending in March 2022. This estimate assumed $14 million and $15 million in revenue for the December and March quarters, respectively. Given the December 2021 performance, AXXA remains on track to meet or exceed these forecasts.

While AXXA enjoyed solid financial and operating performances across the board, a handful of key businesses served as drivers of operating profit for the Company.

For the period ended December 2021, automotive line M-MOTO recorded approximately $2.7 million in revenue, a 28% jump from the $2.1 million generated in the September 2021 quarter. In addition, EBIT rose by 15% to $1.5 million, as compared with $1.3 million. Product demand and higher customer prices led the rise. The AXXA auto parts supplier unit also enjoyed major growth in the period. Sales jumped to $905,000, up 40% from the $645,000 recorded in the September quarter. EBIT rose by 14% to $130,000, as compared with $103,000, sequentially.

Other notable performers included our agribusiness units, design firm daskonzept group, and MMeditech. The current supply chain challenges continue to serve as a positive for AXXA businesses. Supply shortages and increased consumption and demand have ensured that existing customers, especially hospitals, nursing services, outpatient care, etc. are expanding their stockpiles. Seasonality, recent commercial and government wins, along with the implementation of new, digital utilization concepts such as co-working and profit-sharing models, provide daskonzept group with revenue visibility into future quarters.

Looking Ahead

During the last few months, AXXA elected to take a conservative approach to scaling its 1Myle business to ensure it was optimized for AXXA and potential customers. This approach included rigorous technology testing and troubleshooting of KYC/AML features and anti-theft tools. Plus, AXXA is pleased to have previously announced the addition of dozens of cryptocurrencies to our stable, along with multiple blockchain integrations. Substantial business lies ahead including the integration of these services with the AXXA Metaverse Initiative. 

On the Metaverse side, AXXA believes that its steadfast, direct approach which leverages strengths in real estate, fintech, and design focus will serve as a winning combination as compared with peers utilizing more varied business models. As with 1Myle, AXXA is taking a staged implementation approach to this high growth segment to ensure we achieve our goals vis-à-vis users, activity, and revenue. 

On the real estate side, AXXA continues to consolidate assets into its overall portfolio, bringing a stronger and more diverse asset base in Europe. AXXA believes these future revenue-generating additions should materially add to its overall financial performance.

  • Patent Purchase of Revolutionary, Energy Efficient Technology

On February 8th AXXA announced that it is in the final process of completing the patent purchase of CARBON4000 revolutionary energy-efficient technology. The acquisition of the patents is set to serve as a wide-ranging revenue catalyst for AXXA, with revenue potentially approaching $40 million per annum once the multiphase rollout is implemented from product sales and deployment. This target could exceed the $40 million mark via the potential use of the technology as a utility services model for commercial and residential real estate customers. CARBON4000 manufactures a patented, revolutionary energy-efficient heating paint for use in a wide range of applications, including the building industry in Europe. As a sustainable technology, the incorporation of the technology creates independence from fossil fuels. Given its underlying value for integration and utilization in multiple verticals, management believes that the product is poised to become a game-changer in environmental technology.

The innovative heating technology is capable of operating with low-voltage electricity (radiant heat) based on the utilization of carbon fiber. As a result, the production and distribution of highly efficient and uniform surface heating for walls, ceilings, and floors through photovoltaics is attained. The heating coat can be applied to virtually any type of surface on walls, ceilings, and floors, and attain uniform heating of all of the applied surfaces, fostering fast comfortable temperatures. Keys to innovation include its easy application, low energy consumption with high efficiency and no loss of performance. Plus, it enables dynamic, swift heating, and the low-voltage technology that evenly distributes the heating requires little maintenance.

Once the patents are acquired, AXXA plans to leverage the technology for use in multiple markets and applications.

  • Building, Construction, Renovation Markets

  • AXXA Property Deployment

  • Integration with daskonzept

  • Exposure and Growth via Metaverse Initiative

  • Solar Panels & Utility Model

Today, the revenue run rate for CARBON4000 is around $2 million. However, the European building and construction sector’s desire to incorporate energy-efficient products throughout their projects is driving demand for the product. To leverage this heightened demand, management plans to foster greater awareness and deployment in these sectors across Europe, which should drive major revenue growth.

AXXA plans to deploy the paint technology across its diverse commercial and residential properties in Europe that are set to grow exponentially over the next few years. As broad deployment occurs, rival property owners may need to incorporate the product as well to compete with this highly effective, efficient product, further driving sales growth.

daskonzept group, the AXXA high-profile interior design business, could also incorporate the use of this product for its clients. Considering the multi-million-dollar commercial and government bids in the pipeline and daskonzept’s core business, even just a handful of wins could be worth substantial revenue to CARBON4000. Governments have to meet major energy-efficient guidelines and this product could aid in complying with the mandates. Separately, AXXA believes that consumers will also seek out the product whether it be in the design phase or construction/renovation for its energy-efficient cost savings.

The Metaverse

AXXA is committed to alternative energy and new technologies for reducing carbon output. As such, AXXA stands poised to spearhead a new transition from cryptocurrency mining technologies that consume energy to cryptocurrency mining technologies that create energy. Management is developing a strategy of how to “gamify” NFTs and future 1Myle swap hub tokens to merge with its Metaverse Initiative. The proliferation and utilization of these tokens online could allow a greater amount of energy returned to the grids than the energy consumed. Thus, online users can develop and utilize meta-creations while simultaneously benefitting the real world as well.

Solar Panels & Utility Model

The AXXA roadmap includes the potential acquisition of a solar panel distributor/manufacturer as part of its objective to gain autonomy from the grid. Deploying paint and solar products to AXXA properties and large-scale commercial/government/residential tenants could result in AXXA serving in the role of alternative utility provider as well. This recurring revenue model could substantially boost revenue and save customers on their energy costs as well.

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