‘God of Musician’ which known as a Metamusic ‘billboard’ leads the Web 3.0 of music NFT

“God Of Musician”(G.O.M) will be officially launched in July.

This project will introduce a new point of view in the music NFT industry with benchmarking the Billboard chart, the most authoritative music chart in Europe and the United States. It will bring a ‘Godboard chart’ on the music Metaverse industry. G.O.M’s ecosystem model is the integration of music and blockchain technology to launch a new NFT+DAO+DeFi music trading platform. G.O.M will provide a decentralized finance to the music industry and the revenue distribution route for musicians. This will allow investors, users and fans to own the copyrights of their favorite music. Also it will be the platform that serves as a generator of making music NFTs for the first time in the world.

G.O.M has been prepared since 2021, and has already laid the groundwork for agreements with the Berkeley College of Music alumni and music-related association. It already draw attentions from the music specialists in the industry. This platform satisfies the agreements between both of creators and participants. The musicians can generate their works into NFTs and share them in the platform. The reward program guarantees them to receive direct compensations under any circumstances. Moreover, the voting and staking for music will be used as a financial investment tool so that the musicians would get some supports from it.

Vision of G.O.M 

G.O.M will build a new decentralized economic model in the music industry that unites blockchain, music producers and investors. It will provide on-chain services for the previous music market and build the world’s largest blockchain music mechanism by moving on-chain traffic to the platform.

The nature of the previous music industry and the blockchain music industry is completely different. Majority of the music market can’t swap to decentralized blockchain system. Their approach is more likely streaming digital sound sources. Many of them are involved in Web2, and there are fewer Web3 users overall.

G.O.M’s Layer2 technology is based on Polygon. It provides a faster and more scalable environment on the platform. It is a new economic model that integrates NFT+DAO+DeFi which has a unique appeal to the music industry.

The reason how G.O.M is able to generate enthusiastic support in the market is because it satisfies the demands of music producers, users, and fans, but also meets the experiences of Web3 users.

Musicians may turn their works into NFTs and share them on G.O.M. User’s staking and voting for the favorite music. These funds will help musicians to develop their business. The highly integrated blockchain, music producers and investors will build a new decentralized music finance model that provides on-chain services for music. We plan to bring on-chain traffic to the platform to create the largest blockchain music application in the world.

G.O.M’s Metamusic project, looking for a ‘rising star’

Apply online : https://forms.gle/vj7y5oLNdAPzxDn16

We are starting the Metaverse Music Alliance Project (Original Musician/Metaverse Musician). More talented, independent musicians, and collaborations to make a Metaverse Music’s “Godboard Chart”. In addition, G.O.M provides an on-chain service for the previous music market so that we are able to support them by one-stop music NFT creation. We support and reward for Metamusic program participants, and discovering “rising stars” to build the world’s largest Metaverse music community together.

G.O.M invests generously in advertising to promote outstanding musicians around the world, expand their influences, and help to build new commercial values for the

Metaverse Music!

G.O.M team

G.O.M is a groundbreaking platform that can judge the value and evaluation of original songs based on blockchain.

CEO Dong-seok Yu, and other executives are taking full control of the preparation for more than 2years.

CEO Yu used to be a global business operation expert who has worked with domestic and foreign IT and global companies such as Garion Consulting Group, Neck School Group, Australia’s Zest One Group, and US Rhythm Nation Group.

(CEO Dong-seok Yu)

In addition, it is taking steps to strengthen security and fairness by acquiring MSB license from the US Department of the Treasury and being audited by CertiK, a blockchain security company. G.O.M is a fair, risk-free, global music business and entertainment.

CEO Yu said, “we plan to focus all our capabilities on maximizing the value of G.O.M, which has continued to grow in a rapidly changing environment. We are looking forward to building a great vision for the G.O.M.”

As of March 2022, the proportion of music NFTs in the global NFT market is only 0.11%.

G.O.M is actively engaged in the development of the music NFT Web 3.0 mechanism and aims to return the positive influences back to the music market through DAO. So that better works can be seen in the market. G.O.M has the ambition to ultimately expand to all music related industries in the world.

Through the combination of NFT+DAO+DeFi, the platform creates a “godboard chart”of Metaverse music and selects the best Metaverse musicians in the world.

Web:www.godmusician.com(launched in July) Email:business@godmusician.com

Twitter: @musician_god Telegram:https://t.me/gom_channel

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