The transformation of a beautiful international student into an investor turned out to be this way

Parents always want to give the best to their children. As children, they also need to be considerate of their parents, do their best to handle their own affairs, and lighten the burden for their parents, especially in terms of financial independence. I really suffered a lot in financial investment and economic freedom.

I’m 28 years old and I was born in a happy well-off family. Both my parents are managed by small companies, and their lives are OK. They love me dearly, provide me with a high-quality living and learning environment, and make my life more full without any regrets.

At the beginning of 2012, after careful consideration, my parents decided to send me to study in America. Although economic pressure will impose a certain burden on family life, my parents still hope that I can experience overseas life and have a valuable overseas study experience. Following my parents’ arrangement, I started my overseas study. Studying abroad is a wonderful journey. On the one hand, I meet all kinds of interesting things every day, and enjoy the edification from foreign cultures in college. On the other hand, I am also faced with various challenges from my life.

For example, the high cost of living and studying often makes me feel stressed. Every time I chat with my parents, my parents ask me if I need money. And I always say no. But in fact, in daily life, no matter how frugal I am, I still feel short of money. How can I make use of my spare time to earn some expenses to subsidize many expenses of living abroad without affecting my study? My best friend recommended that I try financial investment.

Because I am a major in finance, and I am also involved in investment, so I have a strong interest in financial investment. After comprehensive comparison in many aspects, I decided to start with foreign exchange investment. Although finance is my major, I am still a little nervous when I apply the knowledge from books to practice, and I will be afraid of all kinds of operations. In order to make my investment safer, I’ll look at the market first. One year has passed. During this period, I paid attention to all varieties and real-time market, analyzed the market evolution stage, and increased my practical ability and operational proficiency. The amount of investment became bigger and bigger, and my operation became bolder. During this period, I made a small profit several times, but I still lost a lot with liquidation, I even lost 50,000, which was unbearable for me as a student. At that time, I felt abandoned by the whole world. This painful lesson made my heart ache, and finally I had to borrow money from my parents to tide over the difficulties.

After this big setback, it feels like a metamorphosis. I still haven’t given up investing in foreign exchange. Instead, I have become more rational in my investment, and I have begun to summarize myself. Every investment will be carefully analyzed. This process is boring, but I always calm myself down. Many quick-tempered friends around me often can’t help but persuade me to do it quickly. And I always respond to them: No hurry, no hurry. Not only do I look at the market carefully, take notes and do analysis, but I will also pay attention to some trading strategies, add some investment groups, learn from some masters and analyze their operations.

Finally, under the guidance of a professional analyst, I successfully sorted out my own trading investment strategy. After five years of continuous practice, verification, summary and optimization, it is quite mature, and it has already reaped rich returns. Now I can get a considerable income in the field of foreign exchange investment every month. My parents’ original 50,000 yuan can be earned back in a week, which not only saves my parents’ money, but also gives my parents a rich life. I still remember, at that time, I sent my mother 500,000 yuan, saying that it was all the money I earned through investment, and she was so excited that she cried.

I want to use my own experience to tell all my like-minded friends. As long as you work hard, you will succeed. It takes patience and skill to invest. Here, I also want to share my experience with you, and I hope that every positive friend can make a success in the investment field. Please contact



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