The evolutionary history of the “anthomaniac” female doctor who is frustrated in love and proud in investment.

In other people’s eyes, I am a successful woman, with a high degree of doctor’s degree, and a model for independent women. But without the external aura of female doctor, I am also a very sensitive and fragile little woman, and I also want to get more care and sincerity. But things often don’t go as expected. Two years ago, I went to Australia, full of joy, and wanted to make a positive result with my boyfriend who had been in love for eight years across the country. But I never expected that he had a new lover, which made this emotion that I attached so much importance to end hastily, and it also made me lose control of my emotions several times.

Fortunately, when the mood reaches its lowest point, it will naturally rebound. Under the guidance of friends and relatives around me, I finally let go of this unforgettable injury. But I don’t want to go back to China in this way, so I decided to develop overseas temporarily. Considering the economic problems of my life, while looking for a suitable job, I entered the financial sector and started foreign exchange investment.

In fact, it’s no easier to make a good foreign exchange investment than to run a relationship. At first, I was somewhat blind, disoriented, helpless, bent on my own way, and followed the trend. This has also led to repeated failures of their own investments. In the worst case, the liquidation lasted for more than a dozen times, with a huge loss of one million. Realizing that my investment mentality is not correct, I calm down, study investment knowledge carefully, and follow the investment “masters” in the industry to invest, learn from their practical experience, and make a summary of each investment.

Finally, after two years of hard work, I have been able to master all kinds of operation skills, and have some opinions on some factors that affect the market. The accuracy of foreign exchange analysis and forecast is getting higher and higher, and I can seize the “opportunity” more and more, and my assets are getting richer and richer. Now, I think more and more comprehensively about choosing projects and platforms than before, and my style is more and more stable. I can objectively and patiently select products with lower risk, faster growth and more stable income through diversified comprehensive content. Be sure to remember that “stability” and “sustainability” are the most important things to do in finance! Foreign exchange investment not only makes me earn more and more money, but also makes me in a better state, and I can be more confident in dealing with all kinds of things.

Few tips for friends who want to invest: There is no way to achieve 100% return, but there must be ways to reduce risks. Investors, especially novices, must learn more, see more, practice more, and pay more attention. They can follow the masters and start from the foundation first, one step at a time, so as to seize the best opportunity and gain joy in the financial industry.

For those friends who are frustrated in love, I also want to tell you with my real experience: Nothing is impossible. Losing love is like a cold, and it will get better when time comes. But the good times are gone forever. We can’t just dwell on the present, but the future depends on our own hands! Of course, I am also very willing to share my foreign exchange investment experience with you. I hope to find like-minded friends, and we can learn from each other and make progress.




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