Fintech Based Solutions Provider with New Acquisitions in AI and Advanced Marketing Methods to Deliver Strong Revenue Growth: Xalles Holdings Inc. (Stock Symbol: XALL)

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Fintech Based Solutions Provider with New Acquisitions in AI and Advanced Marketing Methods to Deliver Strong Revenue Growth: Xalles Holdings Inc. (Stock Symbol: XALL)
  • Multiple Subsidiaries Focused on Servicing Fintech Based Opportunities.
  • Acquisition of Private Loyalty Club Servicing California Restaurants began operation 16 Years ago to establish the model. New Technology will make it better.
  • Acquisition of AIgrowthHUB Inc., an AI focused Software Firm with Projected $7 Million Revenue Contribution over the Next 12 Months.  
  • New Payment System Licensing Agreement with Xped Holdings of Australia. 
  • Collaborating with University of California San Diego to Assist Early-Stage Technology Companies. 

Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC: XALL) is a holding company that focuses on direct investments in disruptive fintech companies. XALL actively seeks acquisition targets in which it can invest and accelerate growth, targeting companies with solid management teams and business models, large total attainable markets (TAM), and lucrative exit opportunities. XALL places emphasis on leveraging innovative technologies to provide industry-leading financial solutions, which, over time, will allow for the capture of recurring revenue streams.  

Xalles to Acquire Private Loyalty Club to Enhance the Consumer Shopping Experience

On July 27th XALL announced it will acquire Private Loyalty Club Inc. (“PLC”) in a share exchange agreement. Private Loyalty Club Inc. will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Xalles Financial Services Inc., which is a wholly owned by XALL

Based in Tampa, Florida, with a new corporation, PLC acquired all the assets and continues from the legacy of a 16-year-old business that has been servicing restaurants in California with its unique Private Wine Club offering. PLC has expanded their service offering to include Private Beauty Clubs. These 2 premium membership packages become a nice complementary offering to the XALL subsidiary Global Savings Network and its free consumer membership program.

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XALL to Acquire AIgrowthHUB and Expand AI-based Solutions

On July 19th XALL announced it would will acquire AIgrowthHUB Inc. in a share exchange agreement. AIgrowthHUB Inc. will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Xalles Technology Inc, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of XALL. 

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, AIgrowthHUB provides business solutions that focus on acquiring customers and enriching the customer experience. AIgrowthHUB is bringing proprietary and third-party solutions to the marketplace that enhance the digital customer experience. The machine learning advertising audience software will increase client profitability by 30% in 30 days. AIgrowthHUB sees this as the cornerstone offering, taking advantage of a projected 1.8 trillion-dollar artificial intelligence market by the end of the decade. AIgrowthHUB expects to contribute approximately $7 million in revenue to XALL over the next 12 months. 

XALL and Xped Execute New Payment System Licensing Agreement to Support Global Savings Network

On May 16th XALL executed a new licensing agreement with Xped Holdings Pty. Ltd. of Adelaide, Australia, for its Shomei Payment Platform. 

Global Savings Network Inc. (“GSN”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xalles Financial Services Inc., will customize the Shomei real-time payment platform to create a new payment solution. The GSN business model is to support local not-for-profit organizations through passive fundraising. The Shomei-based GSN system will enable GSN consumers to make mobile payments in-store, which will give the consumers discounts at the merchants plus cash back on their purchases. The system will also provide the merchant with real time payments as well as the not-for-profit organization will also receive their calculated fundraising payments as a percentage of the purchase total in real time.

GSN will upgrade its technology platform and re-launch its extensive merchant and consumer network using the Shomei-based GSN system by October of 2022. 

XALL Studio Collaborating with University of California San Diego to Assist Early Stage Technology Companies

Xalles Studio is expanding the traditional tech accelerator model through its partnership with the US San Diego’s Institute for the Global Entrepreneur

On May 9th XALL announced that Xalles Studio has partnered with the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur (IGE) at the University of Calfornia San Diego Jacob School of Engineering to accelerate early-stage and startup technology companies.

Xalles Studio, a business unit of XALL owned Xalles Capital Inc., is an accelerator program focused on helping early-stage technology companies reach their next financial transaction event. Xalles Studio launched in 2021 with its initial 4 company participants and expects faster growth in 2022 through its newly formed relationship with UC San Diego and IGE.

IGE collaborates with Jacobs School research centers, partners, and resources across campus to help advance innovative technologies from the lab to the global marketplace. To that end, IGE also maintains a strong global network through engagements with university collaborators and industry partners in Japan and Korea, and most recently, with sustainability partners in Europe. IGE startups range from medical technologies to cleantech/energy.

The XALL IGE collaboration seeks to accelerate the translation of technologies and ideas to the marketplace. XALL will sponsor an IGE Accelerator which would include funding for IGE startups as well.

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