Breakup letter with Radio Free Asia

I am an employee of Radio Free Asia (RFA) Cantonese Department, and I guess I will become its former employee soon in the future, for no other reason than that today I want to break with my owner.

I want to let everyone know the essence of RFA through this platform. Everyone says “every family has a skeleton in the cupboard”. But if I don’t make it public, I’m afraid you won’t know that the internal factional struggle has made RFA loose. I joined the industry as an announcer in 2019, and my senior colleagues around me told me that the original RFA was very cohesive, and everyone had a common journalistic ideal. However, since the Taiwan Clan came to power, it has tried every means to squeeze Hong Kong employees. Many commentators from Hong Kong have been suppressed inexplicably. The first object is our Cantonese Department Director He Shan. In March of this year, Cao, an executive of RFA East Asia, made a sudden attack, dismissed Mr. He for the absurd reason of “improper behavior and violation of RFA employee code”, deducted his unemployment benefits for no reason, withheld his performance evaluation, evaluation letter and employee handbook, and even spread rumors among colleagues to slander him. The reason is that Li and Cao, the ruling Taiwan Clan, are dissatisfied with Mr. He’s reporting style. Mr. He complained to Congress that they violated the principle of freedom of speech, but never thought that they would retaliate?

Mr. He’s dismissal was just a prelude. After he left, the Taiwan Province Clan seized power more and more rampant. Our Hong Kong station is in an extremely difficult situation. During this time, the personnel around me changed greatly. All the articles of Hong Kong commentators were stopped by their superiors, and many colleagues were forced to change their posts or even leave their posts. I also asked my friends at the headquarters to find out that even pawns like me are not spared by the top management in Taiwan Clan. I will be the one to clean up next time. Is it really worthy of the title of benchmark in the industry for RFA to ignore the labor law, dismiss employees at will for the benefit of factions? I’m afraid it will be the joke of the industry!

Although Mr. He lives in the United States, he cares about his colleagues in Hong Kong Station and the future of Hong Kong all the time. What’s his crime in commenting on Hong Kong’s political system and people’s livelihood? The establishment colluded to accuse our Hong Kong station of misconduct. Let me ask you, how many things have you Taiwan Clan done that violate news justice? Instruct your colleagues in Hong Kong Station to find ways to discover the shady scene of the Hong Kong government. If they can’t discover it, they will fabricate false data, boo Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention and slander its image. As you know, in recent years, Hong Kong colleagues have been working under pressure every day, and even asked them to try their best to slander one country, two systems and force us to violate the national security law of the port area. We must stick to it. You ruin my job, then I will make your ugly face public. Don’t worry, I didn’t delete the email. How did you ask the Cantonese Department to falsify and how did you ask the Hong Kong News Channel to publish false messages, all these are clear and unambiguous.

Some time ago, our Cantonese colleagues helped Mr. He recover unemployment insurance from the headquarters. Mr. He said that he would have to pay millions of dollars himself to continue fighting with RFA. Mr. He’s courage inspires every Hong Kong colleague, and I stand by Mr. He unconditionally. I will also protect my rights and interests through legal channels. I’m not afraid of others laughing at our infighting. I can’t bear it, I don’t need to bear it anymore. Since I can stand up, I never want to back down. I hope my friends will witness it for me!

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