Project Babel App launches and publishes as a global user book: the paradigm shift of knowledge field from “atom” to “bit”

Singapore – Project Babel’s Application was officially launched in Google Store and Apple AppStore on August 26th, 2022. Project Babel, as a Web3 entry-level project, hopes to analyze the underlying logic of Web3 in essence, so that users can think more deeply and participate in the construction of Web3.


Project Babel: The shift from the atomic world to the bit world may be the greatest progress of mankind in the 21st century.

Project Babel team believes that the higher the level of bits in society, the faster the overall development will be. In view of the advantages of bit economy over atomic economy, all walks of life are scrambling to transfer their atoms operations to the bits field as much as possible. Bits and atoms are connected by technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality. These two technologies provide access to the bits world, and more and more digital twinning ensures the connection with physical twinning. If atomic physics is a three-dimensional space, then the transformation of bits is equivalent to the introduction of the fourth dimension. Promote the development of the three-dimensional physical world from various aspects, including:

  • Productivity: Strengthens the ability of human beings to transform the physical world.
  • Relations of production: greatly expanded the relationship between people.
  • Means of production: reorganize the means of production more efficiently.

Project Babel believes that human beings may be facing the biggest migration tide in human history, from the atoms world to the information society. Humans in this era began to own two worlds: the physical world and the bits world. If these two worlds form a closed loop and promote healthy development of each other, it may solve some ultimate problems.

From atoms to bits, that is, from the physical world to the bits world, this will be a great progress of human society.

From Web2/Universe to Web3/Metaverse-Project Babel


Project Babel in the form of Web3/Metaverse is a human knowledge base that can span the digital and physical world, private and public networks, and open and closed platforms. With blockchain as the underlying core technology, through the simple physical action of intelligent terminal “QR scanning”, the 3D model with 1: 1 scale in Metaverse is generated by using the multi-dimensional automatic rendering technology of 5D Neural Radiance Fields, and the label organized by DAO is perfected and reviewed to form a digital twin knowledge base that is permanently self-running. It is not a product that a company can develop alone, just like the Internet. Project Babel in the form of Web3/Metaverse will have the following characteristics: 1. Persistent–it will never be “reset”, “suspended” or “finished”, it will only exist indefinitely and never stop; 2. Keep in sync and real-time–just like in “real life”, Project Babel will be a living experience. Everyone can experience it continuously and in real time; 3. A fully functioning economy–individuals and enterprises will be able to create, own, invest and sell digital assets, and they will be rewarded for doing “work” that other users think is valuable. People can earn income by working and investing in Project Babel just like in the real world; 4. It has unprecedented data interoperability: all digital assets/contents can be exchanged and interoperable. For example, users can modify the unified content label on any chain; However, the digital world of Web2 is like an independent island. Users’ digital identities and assets are completely incompatible on different platforms, and each platform has its own standards and thresholds. 5. Content is created by participating users: there will be all kinds of content creators here, who are independent individuals, companies or some non-profit organization. However, they are the main creators of Project Babel, not the platform itself.

Project Babel: From graphic compilation to Nerf 5D Neural Radiation Fields, cross-dimensional communication may become a reality.

Whether it is Web1 or Web2, they all adopt a single form of multi-scattered units of pictures, texts and videos. It took 20 years for human society to evolve from newspapers and books to multi-scattered units of Web2. Nowadays, the evolution speed of technology has exceeded people’s initial expectations. Project Babel’s transformation of knowledge field is not only the change of presentation form, but also the infrastructure of future knowledge form. The future knowledge form can be “consciousness”, “scene” or even “feeling”, rather than a single visual form such as graphic video. Of course, the evolution of knowledge form also depends on the development of various technologies. For example, at present, the forefront of human cognition -Brain Machine technology is the result of technological advancement based on the idea level. If VR/Brain Machine is the infrastructure of Web3 hardware dimension, Project Babel is the infrastructure of Web3 means of production dimension.

When intelligent terminals and Brain Machine have made great progress, Project Babel will achieve “what you see is what you get” and make cross-dimensional communication a reality.

The paradigm shift in the field of knowledge and diversified intelligent terminals enable human beings to seamlessly switch between atoms and bits.

Project Babel, which is an organic combination of Web3/Metaverse, AR/VR and encryption field, will become a combustion promoter, catalyzing the generation of knowledge bit-rich economy that Web2 has not realized. However, with the paradigm shift of knowledge field after embedding encryption economy model, can the law of financial entropy increase under self organization multiverse be improved? Everyone will wait and see about the paradigm shift in the field of knowledge brought by Project Babel.

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Contact: Sandman Ma

Company Name: Project Babel



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