Arena11 Sports Group breaks regionality and watches football from zero distance!

Times are changing. From the current development trend, the general equivalent currency that measures people’s wealth is being digitized faster and faster, which will mean that people’s wealth assets will be fully digitized in the foreseeable future. Blockchain technology the greatest opportunity in the next few decades.

Arena11 Sports Group (the top 14 sports brokerage companies in Germany) officially entered the crypto market and released the football fan token ASG. A16Z Crypto, Metamask led the investment, GSR, MNES, Binance and other well-known capital invested a total of 3.5 million US dollars to officially launch the project.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is about to start. According to a previous report by sports media Front Office Sports, in order to prepare for the World Cup to be held at the end of 2022, Qatar is expected to invest a budget of 220 billion US dollars, known as the most expensive World Cup in history.

Since this may be the curtain call of the World Cup between the stars Messi and Ronaldo, and because this is the last World Cup with 32 teams participating, many fans have already been gearing up. However, the 5% ticket winning rate, the lack of hotel supply, and soaring air ticket prices still bring some difficulties to fans who want to go to Qatar to watch the World Cup.

In order to break the regret that most fans cannot participate in the World Cup, Arena11 Sports Group, as the most valuable sports agency in Germany, has entered the field of blockchain. Arena11 Sports Group opens up absolute privacy, breaks down the barriers between finance and the metaverse, realizes the digitization, circulation and value of real assets, breaks the boundaries of traditional digital asset investment and trading platforms, and creates a brand-new digital economy experience for users. Maximize the benefits of ecological value.

ASG functional tokens, with a total amount of 42 million, accounting for 40% of the share in Asia, major well-known institutions have successively invested, a16z crypto, Omnes Capital, konvoy, GSR and other well-known capital sent congratulatory messages to solve the differentiated communication between fans of various countries Obstacles, through the voting of supporters, it is truly decentralized, and the official voting channel is provided, and participation can meet with the matching team, players, organize fan meetings or other activities.

For fans in the sports and entertainment industry, Arena11 Sports Group has launched an interactive platform, leading blockchain applications and services, providing fans with voting options to participate in the decision-making of world-renowned teams and clubs. Arena11 Sports Group officially voted, and supporters with a currency holding of 0.01% can choose to vote. The player or team with the most votes will be negotiated by the operator, and the decision is in your hands!

Arena11 Sports Group will build a global open decentralized digital asset platform, integrating emerging technologies such as 5G, Defi, Metaverse, and big data, making Arena11 Sports Group more functional and application expandable, creating a technological leadership effect, and immediately Complete the interaction between the team and fans, break the regionalism, and watch the game from zero distance.

Not only that, there are operators who will deliver star signature nft from time to time, as well as in-kind distribution, and conditions will be accompanied by a photo of the star holding the signature, and will be drawn or purchased through token bidding. Finally, 90% of the project’s marketing wallet funds are used for team cooperation and investment, and the profits and dividends of investment teams and fan clubs will be used for repurchase and more fan feedback in the future.

In the next ten years, the market size of digital asset investment management will reach tens of trillions of dollars. Everyone will become the holder and investor of digital assets, let history witness the value of Arena11 Sports Group, and make every believer feel We can obtain the long-term benefits brought by this revolution and contribute to the great transformation of human society.

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