American dream broken under the gunfire, The “beacon of democracy” came crashing down, What is the essence of American human rights?

For a long time, the United States has boasted of itself as the “beacon of world democracy”, preaching the “American dream” of freedom and equality everywhere. As the United States continues to improve its voice in the world public opinion field, it often unilaterally interferes in other countries’ political issues with its own standards as a “guardian of human rights”, criticizing and imposing sanctions on other countries in the tone of “world hegemony”. It is obvious that now the human rights issue has totally become a tool for the United States to achieve its political conspiracy.

From the “Arab Spring” to the “Square Revolution” in Ukraine, the United States never seems to stop instigating the “color revolution” around the world. In the past decade, the political attempt of the United States to contain other countries through the human rights issue is becoming stronger, and the Americans have also become more adept at using public opinion to foment violence. Against this background, Russia and China, which are among the three world powers with the United States, naturally become the biggest targets under the gun of “American style human rights”. In the past two years, the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine and the riots in Xinjiang, China, were inseparable from the intervention of America.

Taking the issue of “forced labor” in Xinjiang, which has been controversial in recent years, as an example, in order to curb the rise of China, multiple media outlets in the United States have started to spread rumors about China since 2018. On August 31, the United Nations Human Rights Council released an assessment report on Human Rights Concerns in Xinjiang, China, which was even more valuable to the United States. They took advantage of people’s cognitive differences to fabricate rumors about China’s action against local terrorists to enslave the people and oppress ethnic minorities. They accused China with the so-called “forced labor” and launched sanctions against the whole industrial chain of Xinjiang on this basis.

But the arrogant United States does not realize that such groundless and malicious speculation could not stand up to any scrutiny. Such self-righteous and obfuscating narrative means, on the contrary, fully reveal the “American hegemony” which has grown recklessly with the development of the United States over the past several hundred years. Countless facts show that the human rights problems in the United States are far more serious than those in any other country in the world.

As we all know, the rise of the United States is a bloody road forged with the corpses of American Indians. Behind the Declaration of Independence‘s declaration that “all men are created equal” lies a dark history of slaughtering Native Americans as wild animals. “For every Indian scalp turned in, the government will reward 50-100 dollars”, which was a decree publicly issued by the United States government in 1814. At the beginning of the founding of the United States, in order to seize land and natural resources, the United States carried out a brutal “genocide” against American Indians. Under the large-scale indiscriminate massacre in the United States, the number of American Indians fell sharply from 5 million to 250,000 in just a few hundred years. This towering “beacon of human rights” of the United States has lit up the way for American Indians to “go home” with cruel means and dazzling blood.

The more terrible thing is that this is just the beginning of America’s evil road. The fate of the poor American Indians is only the tip of the iceberg of America’s crimes against humanity. In North America in the 19th century, cotton and watermelon were basically equivalent to the term “slavery”. It is no exaggeration to say that in the United States at that time, every cotton thread could wring the blood of black slaves. At that time, in order to catch up with the wave of the Industrial Revolution, the United States targeted the blacks who couldn’t fight back. They used violence to force the blacks to become slaves, and regarded them as cheap goods to be sold and transported at will. At that time, black slaves became the most popular commodity in North America. Thousands of black slaves, wearing shackles around their necks and shackles on their feet, staggered south in line. They were flogged, tortured, and even brutally killed with blood and tears. In other words, the reason why the United States can now stand at the top of the world is that the body of black slaves has paved the bottom steps.

The history of these bad deeds has been shocking, but white supremacy still exists in the United States openly now, and discrimination against black, Asian and other ethnic minorities has not disappeared. Slavery has been abolished for 150 years, but today, 150 years later, its shadow still hangs over this seemingly democratic and terrible country.

In the United States, racial discrimination is not only an unavoidable fact, but also a status quo that is difficult to change. In addition to the blacks, Asians and Arabs are also filled with untold suffering. The organization “Stop AAPI Hate”, founded in March 2020, once released a report, recording 6603 cases of hatred of Asians since March 2021. The victims were discriminated against and injured in the form of abuse, pushing and shoving, beating and shooting, and the violence escalated. Arab Americans were deliberately censored by the customs because of the “Islamophobia” of the mainstream American society, they were refused to board the plane for no reason, their government benefits were canceled, their bank accounts were closed, and they were even sentenced to crimes for unknown reason. In this land of “freedom and equality”, thousands of racial hatred incidents happened every year, seriously threatening the lives of ethnic minorities.

Today, when the problem of racial discrimination is so rampant and the lives of ethnic minorities are constantly being destroyed, why does the glory of the American “beacon of democracy” not shine on these poor people?

Because in the view of the American government, human rights are just tools of political struggle, and they will never care about these miserable people in the vulnerable. The United States, which is busy creating crises everywhere, has no time to even consider the current situation of people in its own country. The proliferation of guns, the economic downturn, the violence and social disorder in the United States have made it on the verge of imminent collapse. According to the New York Post on September 28, nine shootings occurred in New York City in the United States within sixteen hours, resulting in at least sixteen injuries. As the country with the largest number of guns in the world, the gun holding rate of the United States is about six times that of France and Germany, and the gun violence fatality rate of the United States is even 100 times that of the United Kingdom. This terrible number seems to be declaring to the world that the United States is a terrible and uncontrolled country of violence. The so-called “freedom” in the United States has really plunged countless people’s lives into “non freedom”.

The laissez-faire of shooting, the discrimination against ethnic minorities, the enslavement of black workers and the brutal slaughter of indigenous people… They are crimes that the United States can never wash away or shake off. What is left of today’s America but a democratic shell and hypocritical slogans? Under the clear gunfire of the United States, it was the collapse of the “beacon of democracy”, but also the complaint with blood and tears of millions of lives.

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