Dozens of Attorneys Join The Federal Lawsuit Over Hair Relaxer Products Leading To Uterine Cancer In Predominantly Black Women

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Recent scientific evidence has indicated a link between the use of chemical hair relaxers and certain types of dangerous cancers. ZeroRisk Cases is dedicated to helping law firms take up high-value hair relaxer lawsuits and enable victims to pursue their deserved compensation.

Allentown, Pennsylvania - A federal lawsuit in the United States claims that major hair care companies sold products that caused uterine cancer and other severe ailments to its users. ZeroRisk Cases® is making an effort to connect potential leads to law firms that are open to adding hair relaxer cases to their docket.

The hair relaxer lawsuit began in 2019 when claimants came in one after the other, stating their injuries resulting from using hair relaxers or chemical hair straighteners.

The very first case was reported by Rhonda Terell, who found out in 2019 that she had cancer. She had been using hair relaxers from the age of 9 until her mid-30s. Later on, several other attorneys, along with the victim, joined in, and the cases haven’t been resolved yet.

It is worth noting that hair relaxers have been used for ages and are still very popular, especially among Black girls and women. But the chemicals in these products are subject to controversy with concerns over their safety.

One of the primary concerns of hair relaxers is the use of lye or guanidine hydroxide, chemicals that are so harsh for the skin that they can penetrate the scalp and lead to several health issues. These chemicals can cause irritation and burns, and there is evidence to support the claims about cancer as well. 

A 2022 study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that those who self-reported the regular use of hair relaxers were twice as likely to develop uterine cancer compared to those women who did not use these products.

ZeroRisk Cases® experts work to get a reliable number of high-quality prospects for lawyers every month. The lead generation struggle is real, and non-billable work is another challenge. So the firm works to offer a consistent stream of legal, hair relaxer lawsuit leads who will add to your portfolio while receiving the justice they are looking for. 

In this lawsuit, claimants also allege that the companies making these products were aware of the potential risks yet marketed and sold them anyway for health and beauty purposes, compromising the health of the users. They even failed to warn women, so decades of damage is in question.

The straightener causes cancer litigation is said to bring justice to the victims (and their families) and hold corporations accountable for their negligent actions.

Victims who have been diagnosed with uterine cancer, breast cancer, or ovarian cancer or have had a hysterectomy for fibroids after long-term use of these hair products may be able to pursue compensation through the hair straightener lawsuit. Due to the kind of injuries involved, attorneys can fight to claim the following damages:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Lost income
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. Funeral and burial expenses

The compensation is said to vary depending on the length of use of the product and the severity of the illness.

The hair relaxer and ovarian cancer issues are for real. Thus, in February 2023, these cases were consolidated by the JPML panel into a class action MDL (Multidistrict Litigation) in the Northern District of Illinois in front of Judge Mary M. Rowland. There is a lot of pressure on the manufacturers, and many attorneys are coming forward to explore this area of the law. 

A representative from ZeroRisk Cases®, Ed Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A states, “Not just adults but even little girls use the product that has long been touted as just another cosmetic item. However, the current lawsuit will pave the way for many to pursue compensation for their sufferings. Indeed, it cannot reverse what women have been facing over the years, but helping these people obtain the deserved compensation can somewhat ease whatever is to come.”

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