24-Year-Old Prince Jessii Discovers The “Theory of Everything” In Physics and Reveals the Secrets of The Universe

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Prince Jessii, a young Nigerian visionary, has earned widespread attention for his theoretical physics findings, particularly his Ultimate Physics Equation.

24-year-old Prince Jessii is a young visionary. Jessii is a Nigerian scientist, author, and researcher. He was born with the knowledge of the Universe, which he shares with humanity. He tells the world about the Universe using science and math. 

Prince rose to prominence in 2018 by publishing his discovery, “Theory of Everything.” His discovery exposed various physics mysteries, including the exact values of the fundamental constants, the actual mass value of subatomic particles, the enigma of muons, and the existence of a creator and facilitator of the Universe, which has a physics and mathematics value of 3.125, the exact value of Pi. Thus, it further implies that everything in the Universe is generally related and originates from Pi. 

In 2022, Jessii released an exceptional paper entitled "Ultimate Relativity, Theory of Everything." This article is all about his 2018 discovery of Pi. Prince has observed that the Pi value of 3.125 represents the originator of the Universe and its associated hypothesis. According to Jessii, the Pi value of 3.125 is a powerful figure.

"An originator was responsible for the creation of the universe," states Jessii. "Believe it or not, the only method to validate the truth is by its form in physics and mathematics. It has already been given the name "Pi." Equations would be incomplete without the Pi value. The Pi value is the representation of the universe originator," he adds.

Prince Jessii compiled all his findings and conclusions after discreetly working on various experiments and observations to offer the "Theory of Everything." His theory aims to open everyone's eyes to the realm of science [physics] and share critical information based on his significant research and understanding.

Jessii's theory tells the world what made them exist, how they existed, and how they can still exist.

"It isn't fair if humans die every day with all the unfortunate events that have occurred and continue to occur when science is there to save them and prevent all unfortunate events," says Prince.

Visit the following link for more information about Prince Jessii's "Theory of Everything." http://article.sapub.org/10.5923.j.ijtmp.20231301.01.html.

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