Authors Loraine Rees and Mary Ross bring an uplifting, enlightening read on reaching one’s inner potential in “Deep Inside The Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light”

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Dubbed as a much-needed roadmap for finding hope, healing, and renewal, "Deep Inside The Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light" is a timely book that provides a wealth of lessons and tools for navigating the difficulties of the post-pandemic world.

Renowned authors Loraine Rees and Mary Ross' top-rated narrative, "Deep Inside The Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light," now available in leading digital bookstores globally, delves deep into the human psyche while providing a unique and impressive philosophy on how individuals can reach their inner potential and release their inner light. 

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, the book serves as a comprehensive guide for those looking to explore the depths of their minds and souls. Acknowledging the complexities of individuals and the mind, it offers a captivating read that resonates with readers globally.

The text delivers wisdom channeled from the spirit world, sent to the authors on how to negotiate life in the new post-pandemic era. Both Rees and Ross, who each endured a brief medical death experience, were told at the time that they were being sent back “for a purpose.” During the pandemic, they were advised it was time to action that purpose by delivering a text narrated from the other side. “Deep Inside the Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light" is that text. The book poses questions with answers, practical exercises, and guided meditations, allowing readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery while assisting them to tap into their inner resources and unlock their inner potential. 

Questions include topics on life after death, guidance from the higher realms, the purpose of life, manifesting one’s future, and how to achieve a personal relationship with God. In the end, the book provides readers with the tools to join a "new direction for humanity" by tapping into their inner light.

In a review, Phil B., one of the readers, said the book serves as an uplifting read for anyone who has lost someone in the past, especially during the pandemic, and is looking for some clarity or meaning from the loss.

"It takes a lot for people to change who they are, to become someone different, or to change their way of thinking. This book offers opportunities to do those exact things and to be a better person as a result. There are two different ways this book can be taken: some will look at this as a ray of light that is meant to comfort those who are hurting, while others will look at this as a cash grab that takes advantages of others' emotions," Phil wrote in a review.

Sanjin, another reader, underscores the book's mission to offer a "beacon of hope and inspiration."

"With a focus on finding new values and meaning in life, it provides a refreshing perspective on how to navigate the challenges of the present. Whether you're seeking solace or looking to deepen your spiritual practice, this book is a valuable resource that will leave you feeling empowered and enlightened," Sanjin wrote in a separate review.

Deep Inside The Mind: Releasing Your Inner Light is available on Amazon and other digital platforms worldwide, including Barnes & Noble and Book Depository

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