Final Frontier Builds Rapid Momentum in the Metaverse

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Star Atlas Work In Progress

When it comes to preparation, organization, and structure for guilds in Star Atlas, Final Frontier is by far not a slouch.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Feb 14, 2022 ( - Final Frontier's Momentum is Strong

When it comes to preparation, organization, and structure for guilds in Star Atlas, Final Frontier is by far not a slouch.

Final Frontier is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and professional gaming guild focused on metaverse gaming, digital industrial development, business relations, logistics, metaverse asset protection, and multi-DAO operational security for missions and protocols. Building a safe and structured home for players across the Metaverse. Led by CEO and Battle Commander, Ardo (Rickey Pinkney Jr.), the organization has grown exponentially in memberships, website traffic, and popularity in the Metaverse community. The guild has committed to being under the MUD faction for Star Atlas gameplay and is a member of the United Metaverse Organizations (UMO), a unity within the metaverse created to commerce with, support, partner with, and protect each other within the Star Atlas realm.

Final Frontier believes in embracing the 4 currencies of the world:

Time -- To make the most of each day to learn, progress, and accomplish a task.

Knowledge -- to share this with one another to synchronize our ideas and increase our cup of intellect.

Relationships -- to build partnerships, trust, understanding, respect, and passion for common interests and goals.

Money -- a derivative of the harmony of the first 3 currencies and understanding that if we are going to have financial freedom and success, then we must place the other 3 currencies higher on the priority list of our core intentions.


The Star Atlas Metaverse gives The Final Frontier an opportunity to influence the outcomes of intergalactic conflicts while creating opportunities to earn a real-world income from their contributions by employing teamwork, strategy, and ethos. Also, via forming symbiotic relationships and strategic partnerships designed to increase productivity, outreach, and growth of net worth based upon the theory of the 4 currencies of the world.


A large community of experienced gamers and guild leaders who have made many strategic alliances to increase the productivity and reward generation of all members while also incorporating projects/platforms exterior to the Metaverse to generate rewards for the DAO and its members.

Unique Attributes

Adept rules and regulations governing members in a military-like fashion, yet non-dictatorial in leadership structure. All interested in joining should thoroughly read the Organization & Structure Whitepaper to understand the standard of ethics, behavior, and degree of respect that is required of each member. Due to the hybrid nature of Final Frontier, the organization also has a token to aid in the incentivization and engagement of its community. The FRNT token, a sub-branch governance token of the organization, is set to launch on the Raydium exchange on February 21st.

What are the utilities of the FRNT token?

  • - token rewards related to individual SubDAO activities
    - token rewards related to Final Frontier's overall activities
    - access to exclusive guild-related content
    - access to exclusive content
    - voting in DAO-related matters
  • Staking rewards with an allocation of 100M of a 1B supply of FRNT tokens for staking pools
  • Periodic airdrop rewards for token holders
  • Rewards for events such as hackathons, competitions, and contests

To learn more about FRNT, visit the whitepaper at: FF Economics Whitepaper

Operation Create Change

During a Twitter Spaces event, in which a significant audience of Star Atlas players and Metaverse gamers were awaiting the announcement, Commander Ardo took the stage in a very impactful way. Not only did his team voice their compassion towards women's empowerment and creating change but made a vow to act on it. However, this was not the only announcement to be made. To kickstart the support of the upcoming FRNT token, the Star Atlas mini-games, women's empowerment, and financial freedom for his supporters, Ardo announced the 'Create Change' giveaway, in which three Star Atlas spaceship NFTs were up for grabs. For the 3rd and 2nd place winners, they received a Calico Hero ship NFT, currently valued at around $4,240. The grand prize for 1st place was a Calico Guardian, currently valued at around $49,960. Ardo's model of "service before self" is what drives him and his team to help those around the world within the Final Frontier community.

Metazine & Metapower

Although to no surprise to the Final Frontier community, the organization now has two digital magazines that are the first of their kind within the metaverse and crypto space. The Metazine is a monthly digital publication designed to educate newcomers to crypto and NFTs, present interviews from significant figures in the metaverse, release the hottest buzz around the crypto space, and provide the latest updates from the guild and Star Atlas. Metapower is the publication for women's empowerment in which women from around the world in the crypto space are uniting to share their stories, passions, artwork, promote their businesses and projects, and empower each other whilst setting positive examples for the youth. Headlining the first-ever edition of Metapower was none other than Pan Am Games gold medalist and Olympic bronze medalist in soccer for Team Canada, Lauren Sesselmann, who is also an advocate for equality of pay, a safe environment, and fairness to women in sports. In support of Metapower and Final Frontier's efforts within women's empowerment, is now a women's forum that has direct input and influence on content and activities for the movement and magazine. The front covers of both the Metazine and Metapower can be seen within this article.

A Message from Ardo:

"As we dive into this new age of technology, opportunities of financial freedom, and Metaverse gameplay, I would like to send a warm welcome to anyone considering being a part of the Final Frontier and Star Atlas community! Our goal as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization/Professional Gamer's Guild is to be an innovative force for operational security and logistics. However, the goal doesn't stop there. We also aim to have a focus on industrial development, security protocols, and relationships. As the Commander of our organization, there are several personal-professional goals that I have at heart. Most importantly, is the welfare of my members and the community. I want to assist community members in financially oppressed economies with innovative methods to put food on their tables, pay their bills, or maintain a home to live in. We can accomplish our dreams with time, knowledge, relationships, and the financial freedom that money can provide. We WILL accomplish our dreams together in The Final Frontier! Service before self, and may we are blessed with excellence in all that we do!"

About Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5's Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real-world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit and join a faction at

Join the Final Frontier Community:

Guild Website | Instagram | Twitter | Discord


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