International Investment Congress 2024 - Pioneering the Future of Crypto Trading with Multifunctional Tools Dmitry Konoval, Sean Michael Brehm

CANNES, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2024 / The International Investment Congress Press Conference, held during the Cannes Film Festival at the prestigious Hotel Barriere GRAY ALBION, marked a significant event in the investment world. Organized by Anna Stukkert and Thomas Misse, President of the International Investment Congress Awards, the conference spotlighted key investment trends for 2024 and recognized outstanding contributions within the industry. Esteemed organizations, funds, platforms, brokers, advisers, and professionals from the fashion, PR, and media sectors were honored for their exceptional performance and unique industry contributions.

Dmitry Konoval

Event Highlights

Hosts: Anna Stukkert, Thomas Misse

Main Partner: Strategic Market Expansion of the Node Nexus Network Project

Pioneering the Future of Crypto Trading with Multifunctional Tools

The dawn of the generative AI revolution has elicited a range of responses from full adoption to skepticism. This technology impacts all sectors, shaping our future. Insights were provided by Sean Michael Brehm, Chairman of Node Nexus Network, a pioneering AI company.


Sean Michael Brehm's Vision:

Brehm emphasized the transformative potential of integrating generative AI with Quantum as a Service (QaaS) and ontological language models, combined with distributed quantum ledger database (DQLDB) technology. This integration promises to revolutionize AI, enhancing efficiency, security, and contextual understanding. Quantum computing will empower AI with rapid data processing capabilities, essential for complex and personalized applications, while DQLDB ensures data integrity and security, crucial for precise AI operations.

Brehm stated, "This powerful integration is expected to expedite decision-making, foster innovation, and provide a more robust framework, making AI a dependable solution across various industries, serving humanity effectively."

Node Nexus Network employs quantum-resistant hashes and DQLDB on a decentralized cloud infrastructure, ensuring robust security, data immutability, and transparency. Their quantum-powered solutions offer real-time threat detection and response, significantly reducing cyberattack risks.

The Future of Web 5.0

Brehm highlighted the future of Web 5.0, a user-centric and highly interactive digital ecosystem. By integrating QaaS with Web 3.0 blockchains, cybersecurity solutions, and IoT strategies, Web 5.0 aims to create a highly intelligent digital landscape, enabling accelerated decision-making on key issues such as health, education, and the environment.

Dmitry Konoval's Insights

Dmitry Konoval, Chairman of a leading blockchain technology company and CEO of Node Nexus Network, along with Sean Michael Brehm, CEO of CrowdPoint Technologies, shared insights on strategic mining operations and trading strategies revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market. Konoval focuses on marketing efforts and strategic market expansion for the Node Nexus Network project, aiming to establish it as a prominent player in the global blockchain landscape.

BlackBunny: Pioneering the Future of Crypto Trading with Multifunctional Tools


Key Features:

  • BlackBunny DEX: Advanced wallet with portfolio management, hot token tracking, auto trade, swap, bridges, market access, take profit, stop loss, and trailing loss functionalities.
  • Swap: Quick token exchanges facilitated by Uniswap integration.
  • Staking: Optimized returns through DeFi protocols.
  • Buy Crypto: Direct cryptocurrency purchases using a card.
  • Funds Delegation: Delegate assets to professional traders for potentially higher returns.

Future Developments

BlackBunny plans to create a DEX exchange with a professional interface and proprietary terminal, simplifying trading access and offering advanced analytics powered by AI. Upcoming features include:

  • Proprietary Terminal: Interactive charts and graphs with direct blockchain connections for fast data.
  • DEX Interface: A user experience similar to centralized exchanges.
  • Fastest Trading Tools: Optimized nodes for unparalleled trading speed.
  • Advanced Analytics and Technical Analysis: AI-driven market analysis and strategy development.

Vision for BlackBunny

BlackBunny aims to be the leading platform for traders and investors, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly interface integrating all aspects of the crypto ecosystem. As development progresses, BlackBunny intends to lead innovation and user experience in the crypto trading space.

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