Discover Superpowers with Caroline Purvey: A Pioneer of empowerment and transformation.

Caroline Purvey, a visionary with over a decade of passionate, dedication, has spearheaded her unique, scalable, sustainable, cost-effective programme the Total Release Experience®.  As the driving force behind TRE UK® established in 2011, she has garnered international recognition, touching the lives of men, women, and children globally.  Her work empowers her clients to eradicate needless suffering caused by stress, overwhelm, and trauma. Discover more about TRE UK® and Carolines transformative programmes at

A Trailblazing Leader

Multi Award winner, recognised as the 2023 CEO of the Year in Alternative and Natural Health by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), Caroline Purvey is not just a leader but a trailblazer. Her commitment to healing is underlined by an Honorary Doctorate in Natural Medicine from Azteca University International.  She will be honoured with the IAOTP Lifetime Achievement Award in Nashville in December. The credibility of her work is further solidified by her bestselling book, ‘Feel It To Heal It,’ endorsed by professionals spanning doctors, counsellors, therapists, and psychologists.

Validation and Accreditation

What sets Caroline apart is the positive University validation results and FHT accreditation her programme has received.  It has also positively impacted the lives of those in critical services including Fire & Rescue, Police, Military, Prison Services, and the renowned mental health charity, MIND. Caroline’s unmatched expertise is complemented by her unwavering drive and passion.

Collaborative Evolution: Release Recover Discover© Programme

In collaboration with her son, Daniel, Caroline has set up the Release Recover Discover© Community Interest Company (RRD CIC). Their groundbreaking initiative is in fostering collaborations with Charities, Organisations, Health professionals, and the Service Sector aimed at providing free training to schools so that young people can lean a life tool and tool for life reducing the impact of  their past stress and trauma, so they do not carry it into their adult life.  Funded by sponsored volunteers who complete the programme, lead by example and be an Inspiration for the Next Generation.  They provide a measurable and scalable solution to the crisis of stress and trauma’s impact on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of students in today’s world.

Caroline’s Journey: From Trauma Training to Global Healing

In 2011, Caroline Purvey returned from a trauma training Workshop in South Africa with a mission to share this transformative experience in the UK. Armed with a BA Degree in Business, PGCE in Teaching, and a Masters in Education, Caroline qualified in Yoga and alternative therapies, setting the stage for her entrepreneurial venture.

Her trauma training coincided with the opening of her Yoga Studio in Dover, Kent, marking the beginning of a profound journey. From the outset, Caroline discovered the remarkable power of the physical body to heal, surpassing the teachings of conventional modalities. This revelation led her to dedicate her life to refining and evolving her unique programme, The Total Release Experience®.

Recognitions and Achievements

Caroline’s accomplishments speak volumes:

  • #1 Author: ‘Feel It To Heal It’
  • International Award Winner: CEO of the Year in Alternative and Natural Health and Lifetime Achievement
  • Honorary Doctorate: Natural Medicine from Azteca International University
  • Best online Wellness Platform 2024 – South East England

Her leadership and commitment make her a purist in her field, a distinction further amplified by her son Daniel, whose MBA skills have propelled the business to exponential growth, to include multi-language learning globally.

Total Release Experience®: A Four-Module Powerhouse

The Total Release Experience® is a four-module programme delivered over four weeks. Empowering learners with education, session audios, and full support.  The focus is on releasing tension from the Psoas, rebalancing the nervous system, and bringing about freedom from physical, mental, and emotional pain. This cost-effective healing tool is designed for individuals seeking control over their health and well-being to discover their SUPERPOWER.

The recent launch of the Release Recover Discover Community Interest Company (RRD CIC) marks a significant step. Daniel and Caroline aim to inspire 75,000 adults to participate in the programme to become be an Inspiration for the Next Generation. The initiative involves using raised funds to gift the training of teachers in schools to equip them with the tools to share with their students, breaking the cycle of childhood trauma.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of TRE UK®

1. Dedication to Self-Healing Education

TRE UK® stands out as the only company dedicated to self-healing that educates and empowers clients.

2. University-Validated Effectiveness
University-validated data supports the effectiveness of the four-module programme, showcasing a 99% improvement in physical, mental, and emotional health and not by chance. High anxiety and depression levels decrease by over 60%.

3. Global Reach
With the ability to reach out globally to thousands simultaneously, and the ability to deliver in multi-languages, TRE UK® ensures widespread accessibility.

4. Awards and Recognition
Over 12 years in the industry, TRE UK® has received awards and international recognition for their transformative work.

5. Industry Leadership
Having worked in the service sector and prisons for over three years pre-COVID, TRE UK® has established itself as an industry leader.

6. Unique Brand Products
TRE UK® offers unique brand products promoting well-being, adding an extra dimension to their holistic approach.

7. Scalable Solutions for Organisations
For organisations, TRE UK® provides a scalable, cost-effective, sustainable solution for staff well-being.

Positioning in the Marketplace

TRE UK® holds a market leader position, offering a unique programme that continuously evolves. The competitors lack the scalability and purity of approach demonstrated by TRE UK®. The Total Release Experience® stands as a testament to innovation, with the ability to teach through online courses and offer progress reporting for individuals or organisational leaders.

Empowering Through Thoughtful Activation Learn to Thoughtfully Activate the Psoas empty your stress bucket and discover your SUPERPOWER with TRE UK®. This innovative programme enables participants to Release from the symptoms caused by past stress and trauma, aiding them in a journey to Recover from the Root cause/s and Discover a life free of the past. Shine your diamond and be the best version of yourself by Discovering who you are without holding on to the past.


Caroline shares that real healing comes from the inside out, not the outside in. It is time we all start taking responsibility for our health for no one else can. Nature gave us all the power to heal and end unnecessary suffering, we simply have to stop interfering with nature.

The Total Release Experience® offered by TRE UK® is not just a programme; it’s a transformative journey towards healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. As pioneers in the field, Caroline Purvey and Daniel Wood have crafted a unique space where individuals can reclaim their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Embrace the power of self-healing and embark on a life free from unnecessary suffering.

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