Financial Makeover Course by Kenneth Barnes Helps People to Build Financial Stability

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It is crucial to learn how to manage and build business credit. Since lenders might check the business owner’s credit before authorizing a new account, many small business owners believe that their personal credit history is also crucial. Many parts of small business financial planning are comparable to managing personal money, including budgeting, risk management, tax and investment strategies, and retirement and estate planning. However, there are also some significant differences. The Financial Makeover Course by Premier 1 Benefits company provides a variety of methods and strategies for creating and maintaining long-term financial success.

Kenneth Barnes is the President and CEO of Premier 1 Benefits company.  “I was born right here in this great city New Orleans. And as I have traveled over the years domestically and internationally in business, whenever I go places and mention that I am from New Orleans people always have a story of their experiences in the city. They mention things like Mardi Gars, Bourbon Street, Beignets, and even St. Charles. And even though I know those places very well and love them, my experience growing up was actually five blocks off of St. Charles which was two different worlds from one with the street car. The streetcar side had maids and butlers and the other side had crackheads and murders.” Kenneth Barnes explains his experiences.

“My parents sacrificed to send me to private school, which I am extremely grateful for. But what they did was really exposed to me how poor we really were. I went to school with students that had drop-top BMW s, Mercedes, Porsches you name it. They had it and it was unbelievable that the cars that my parents couldn’t afford. So I asked myself the question, why is it we live in the same zip code but have completely opposite lifestyles and experiences? And what I discovered was the people who had that lifestyle, the difference was they had a high financial IQ, they had the right financial education. This was the biggest difference maker. I really saw this firsthand and discovered it when I apply for my first mortgage. I tried to buy my first home and I was filling out the 1003 loan application. And as I filled the application we are going to get to a section going to ask you about your employment history like where you currently live. They are also going to get to the section that acts about assets and liabilities.” He explains the background story and how he started everything.

Kenneth Barnes says that the above incident was an eye-opener for him. “I was filling out the assets section and it asked about checking accounts, savings accounts. I had $7 in one and $3 in another one. It also asked about life insurance 401 Ks retirement accounts and mutual funds, I was putting 0 in all.” According to his story, he had to answer many questions that he even doesn’t know the actual meaning of. And they had denied Kenneth Barnes from giving the loan. But that experience showed him how bad it was from what people like himself and the people he grew up with. It embarrassed him but it showed him that he needed to work hard to do. I realized that he need to put himself in a financially educated state and financially successful.

For this reason, they developed the Financial Makeover course. Because Kenneth Barnes believed that not only himself but also many people should go through the process and change their financial situations. He made it his mission to change himself better while changing others too. The financial makeover course is the outcome of all of these things. People can change their lives by building a good financial situation by following this course. Every day people change their financial situation and get on the road to financial freedom with that. They are looking forward to taking you on that journey. You’ll discover the art of keeping track of every dollar that leaves and enters your possession, as well as how to appear financially desirable on paper. You’ll learn how to design your financial plan from scratch and position yourself for a long time to manage your success, as well as the Coffee Jar Strategy for achieving financial equilibrium. In addition, you’ll learn how to generate steady cash flow for your short-term objectives and demands.

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