DiffuserWorld.com Products Utilized in Recent UC Irvine Study with Remarkable Results

In a recent UC Irvine study, a 226% improvement in testing results on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test was observed in the enriched group. DiffuserWorld.com’s premium diffusers were utilized for the study’s research.

Remarkable Research Identifying the Potential of Aromatherapy Benefits 

Diamante Media Group, Inc., doing business as Diamante Brands and owner of DiffuserWorld.com, was extremely pleased to see its products utilized in a recent UC Irvine study. The study findings were published in the esteemed Frontiers in Neuroscience. The study’s enriched group showed the significant potential for cognitive benefits through the use of essential oils when diffused through Diffuser World’s premium waterless diffusers. Diffuser World’s diffusers are specifically designed to diffuse essential oils without water or other additives. Many other diffusers on the market are humidifiers or diffusers that use water for oils or fragrances to be added to the water. We are taught in fundamental early education that oil and water don’t mix. When selecting an essential oil diffuser, many consumers are misled by inexpensive humidifying or water-based devices. Devices that utilize water with oils and fragrances can temporarily mask odors; however, these diffusers may not diffuse enough pure essential oil to replicate the results of studies using premium, waterless essential oil diffusers. The value in www.DiffuserWorld.com’s premium waterless diffusers for the optimal use of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils remains crucial to replicating studies such as the UC Irvine study.

In-depth Study Outcomes and Implications

The goal of the UC Irvine study was to explore efficient, affordable interventions for cognitive decline. The research focused on the effectiveness of aromatherapy, utilizing the advanced atomizing diffusers from DiffuserWorld.com, which enable optimal delivery of non-diluted essential oils and maintain the premium 100% therapeutic essential oil quality without dilution or other additives. The study's participants experienced a staggering 226% improvement on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, with additional positive changes in neural health, particularly in the left uncinate fasciculus. These results underline the potential of minimal olfactory enrichment, administered nightly, to enhance both cognitive and neural functioning, suggesting a promising, low-effort approach to better brain health.

Detailed Study Findings

The UC Irvine study provides compelling data on the benefits of utilizing premium diffusers from DiffuserWorld.com with 100% therapeutic essential oils. According to the published results in Frontiers in Neuroscience:

Results: A statistically significant 226% improvement was observed in the enriched group compared to the control group on the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test and improved functioning was observed in the left uncinate fasciculus, as assessed by mean diffusivity.

Conclusion: Minimal olfactory enrichment administered at night produces improvements in both cognitive and neural functioning. Thus, olfactory enrichment may provide an effective and low-effort pathway to improved brain health.

These findings underscore the potential for aromatherapy to enhance brain health, cognition, and neuroplasticity, while also enhancing executive function. The staggering results also demonstrate the superior efficacy of DiffuserWorld.com's technology in delivering these benefits. The complete study can be accessed in the July 2023 issue of Frontiers in Neuroscience and is available online at Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Unrivaled in Aromatherapy Technology

Diffuser World's atomizing technology sets the gold standard in waterless essential oil diffusion, standing out from common humidifiers, nebulizers, or ultrasonic diffusers which are made to simply add oils with water, thereby diluting the essential oils. Diffuser World has been a leading provider of patented diffuser technology for more than 20 years. DiffuserWorld.com’s premium diffusers provide the ultimate in therapeutic essential oil benefit potential, which has been a critical factor in aromatherapy research. While this study conducted by UC Irvine has exhibited extremely compelling results, Diffuser World continues to have inquiries for devices to be used in additional research studies. DiffuserWorld.com’s Made in the USA Aroma-Ace™ and Combat Blend were also studied by Dr. Close who published “Nature’s Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold”, and has spoken on the ability to remediate and kill mold through the utilization of specific blend of essential oils and proper diffusion technology, specifically, Diffuser World’s Aroma-Ace™ with Diffuser World’s Viaje Combat Blend.

Leadership & Vision of Diamante Brands

Under the leadership of President & CEO Antone Biondo, Diamante Brands remains committed to advocating for more research on wellness through innovative and natural solutions. "The findings from the UC Irvine study certainly reinforced the confidence we have in our products while reaffirming the effectiveness of the technology we offer through DiffuserWorld.com. This study also resonates with our dedication to research for the benefit of humanity," stated Biondo. He further emphasized the company's ongoing commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology with wellness initiatives. Diamante Brands looks to continue bringing other products to the market through collaboration and distribution of wellness products that we believe will benefit humanity worldwide.

About Diamante Brands

Diamante Media Group, Inc., DBA Diamante Brands was founded by former MLB Player, Emmy-winning color commentator, and MLB Network radio personality, Ryan “Spilly” Spilborghs & seasoned entrepreneur, Antone Biondo. Diamante Brands is a pioneering entity that melds technology, wellness product lines, and media. The company is positioned as a leader in delivering innovative wellness products designed for wellness-minded and health-conscious consumers. Diamante Brands provides businesses with assistance in branding, channel distribution, white-label solutions, and technology sourcing for various products while maintaining a focus on wellness products and marketing development. Diamante Brands continues to broaden its influence, championing wellness initiatives by focusing on modern technology and strategic alliances. If your business has a wellness product, and you are looking to scale, Diamante Brands is always open to new collaborations.

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