Cosmetic Dentistry Available At Holistic Dentist In Sydney

NSW based Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is welcoming patients who want to undergo cosmetic dentistry at a clinic that values their overall health. While the term may imply superficial or surface-level procedures, the clinic says any treatment involving the teeth should be approached with high regard for the patient’s complete well-being. Learn more about the clinic and how they care for their patients at the following link: Cosmetic Dentist Sydney.

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre offers patients the advantage of a dentist who takes as much care with their health during cosmetic procedures as they would for more ‘serious’ treatments. Such treatments, the team says, are also of crucial importance given the role they play in elevating a patient’s self-confidence and contentment. Further, many procedures have a dual purpose, shoring up the patient’s oral health as well as improving their smile. The impact of cosmetic dentistry should not be understated, and every patient’s concerns are always treated with the utmost respect at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre.

According to the clinic, a variety of changes can be made to beautify a smile. The treatments and procedures they offer can improve the appearance of a patient’s mouth and smile by adjusting the colour, position, shape, size and alignment of their teeth. Since the clinic considers every patient’s needs from a holistic angle, however, merely improving the appearance of their smile is not enough. They can also help the patient breathe and sleep better, eat more healthily and so on. When they smile, as a result, they can smile with the confidence that their beautiful appearance is backed by excellent oral health and comfort. Cosmetic procedures at the clinic always have a significant focus on the patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

Certain examples of this may be familiar to local residents. For instance, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is pleased to recommend Invisalign clear aligners to anyone who wishes to correct their smile. Invisalign has a well-earned reputation for correcting a wide variety of dental issues, such as misalignments, overcrowding and incorrect bites), all of which can affect the patient’s health and quality of life if not corrected. Apart from causing an appearance the patient may find undesirable, these conditions can make it harder for them to clean their teeth effectively, in turn leading to other dental problems.

The clinic explains on their website, “Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that enables you to straighten your teeth without the need for the infamous metal train track brackets and wires. Instead, the treatment uses a set of near-invisible plastic aligners to gradually move your teeth. Invisalign has spent years researching the materials used to ensure a comfortable, secure fit that can deliver the constant force required to make precise tooth movements. Using computer-assisted planning technology, we plan every step of your treatment, ensuring each tooth moves precisely at every step of the way. The result is a faster, more comfortable and more discreet way to straighten your smile.”

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre considers Invisalign the superior option among all available clear aligner technologies because the team behind it is involved in ongoing research to improve the treatment’s effectiveness. Said research has consistently kept Invisalign in the lead among similar technologies. The clinic also acknowledges that there are more affordable alternatives, but these tend to come with other compromises that can negatively impact a patient’s results. By contrast, Invisalign exclusively utilises state-of-the-art materials and leading techniques, resolving a patient’s misaligned teeth as well as the health problems associated with them.

Other cosmetic treatments and procedures include the Myobrace treatment, teeth whitening, dental implants and veneers, and so on. If it can improve a patient’s dental health as well as their overall wellbeing, it is likely available at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre.

The clinic also has a strong commitment to ensuring that patients always understand the full extent of every option before them, which is why a thorough consultation is required prior to any procedure. In addition to assessing a patient’s oral health, their dentist will go over every treatment that applies and inform them of all potential benefits and concerns. Patients may schedule consultations, check-ups and so on by contacting the clinic’s main office.


For more information about Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, contact the company here:

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre
Robyn Farley
(02) 9221 5800
17/111 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000


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